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Malaysia Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign

Posted by on Dec 13th, 2007
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According to the 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, life on Earth is disappearing fast and will continue to do so unless urgent action is taken.

In Malaysia today the survival of wildlife often takes second place to human activity.

Does saving these endangered species and taking necessary actions for those who are on the brink of extinction means anything to you?

Malaysia Wildlife Conservation
image credit: WWF Malaysia

Here at Malaysia Travel Guide, we seek to promote Malaysia Tourism in the right way.

Our first campaign revolves around the conservation of Malaysia wildlife. We seek to increase public awareness and knowledge of the value of biodiversity, its threats, and actions that will conserve wildlife and natural areas in Malaysia.

We believe that Wildlife conservation begins with education; The World Conservation Strategy states that until people understand why they should safeguard ecosystems and species they will not do so.

It is to address this lack of understanding that Malaysia Travel Guide introduced The Malaysia Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign.


Malaysia Wildlife Conservation

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa.

Wildlife conservation begins with each of us – and each of us can make a difference. The best way to raise awareness is simply talking about it.

What can YOU do?

    There are a number of options.

  • Blog / Write a post that relates to the Malaysia wildlife conservation. It can be to do with your usual topic or totally just about a Malaysia wildlife conservation issue.
  • Inform other people about this campaign and explaining it in terms they understand.
  • Support the campaign: Add our banner to your site and spread the word.

How will this help?

    When you talk about an issue on Malaysia Wildlife Conservation, your readers will take notice, and if they blog about it, this will create a huge chain reaction; effectively improving the awareness for Malaysia wildlife conservation.

    Together we can reach out to millions about the need for wildlife conservation in Malaysia.

Email: TravelMalaysiaGuide@Gmail.Com with your Blog URL. Together we can make a difference!

This is a reply to one of the questions in the comments section – as in why i wanted to start this campaign:
When i was writing on Sabah and Sarawak, I came across the Sumatran Rhinos, and decided to do a little more read up on them and it really hit me hard that these Rhinos are facing extinction. The more I dug into it, the more i realize the severity of the problems we are facing, not only for the Sumatran Rhinos.

I have the sudden urge to do something about it, and the end product is this “Malaysia Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign”.

If what I’m doing here, can make just one more person realize what is happening to the Wildlife in Malaysia, I already felt that the numerous hours I put into this campaign is already worth it.


I might miss out some of the participating articles, do drop me a comments here, so that I be able to add you in.

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Malaysia Wildlife Conservation 2008
Malaysia Wildlife Conservation
Support The Campaign

The easiest way to put the campaign banners on your website is simply to copy and paste the following code into a blog post / sidebar.

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  1. […] can get all related facts and figures at Giving Hands. Support this campaign. Put the banner on your site and spread the word. The awareness will only exist if more and more people are talking […]

  2. I hope I can really help in this campaign. I love nature. It is a sad thing they are disapearing from this earth. Next thing we knew we are disappearing too… SO EVERYONE PLEASE HELP IN PRESERVING THESE WILDLIFE!

  3. Sorry… Actually that is not my email. I don’t have one. I simply type in…

  4. For sure I support this campaign.

    I don’t eat shark fin soup, I eat mushroom soup.
    Turtle’s egg taste yeakkkk uwekkk, don’t eat laa, rich cholestrol.
    Don’t hate Orang Utan just because they never buy petrol.
    Stay away from tiger or ….

  5. i like a animal.. and i pround with u coz Our first campaign revolves around the conservation of Malaysia wildlife. We seek to increase public awareness and knowledge of the value of biodiversity, its threats, and actions that will conserve wildlife and natural areas in Malaysia.

  6. I’ve just placed the banner in my blog too! =)

  7. first time im in kk i just know that i like the view and the places here…. furthermore im student in one of the institution here that is UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH and im taking hospitality course……actually im interesting in tourism course but i didnt pass the interview….. heheh but my point is i love the beuty of the nature and i want to take care of this heritage…..for sake of our life and future generation…. peace

  8. “Wind of Change : Towards enhancing the standard of Wildlife Conservation in Malaysia ”

    3rd April 2010

    In Malaysia, wildlife as a whole is currently under the purview of the Protection of Wild Life Act 1972.

    Despite recent concerted efforts in the arrest and prosecution of wildlife offenders, there are perceived weaknesses in the underlying legal framework within the boundary of the Protection of Wild Life Act 1972 for a number of reasons.

    The Malaysian government has taken cognisance of this prevailing sentiment from both local, international calling and NOG’s rambling and will pass a new law ie the proposed Wildlife Conservation Bill which is anticipated to tackle all outstanding issues in the protection of wildlife equation in Malaysia.

    The public is advised to forward all recommendation and feedback to the Attorney-General’s Office and/or the relevant government agencies/authorities before the Wildlife Conservation Bill is passed by Parliament somewhere in June this year ie 2010.

    In the light of current advances in the illegal wildlife marketplace, there is a need to further peruse the detailed provisions in the proposed Wildlife Conservation Bill so as to avoid the inconveniences of further amendment to the said bill at a later stage.

    Jeong Chun phuoc
    and an advocate in Strategic Environmental Intelligence(SEI)
    He can be reached at