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Visiting Mosques in Malaysia

Posted by on May 29th, 2007
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Malaysia mosques are open to everyone, but do take note of these details when visiting one.

1. Avoid visiting a mosque at prayer time. You can check the prayer times here.

2. Remove your shoes before stepping into the mosque. This is a practical, not a religious requirement: Whenever Muslim worshippers pray, their head, hands and feet will be touching the floor, and will also be sitting on the floor whilst waiting for the prayer to begin or listening to a sermon, so they like to keep the floor clean.

3. Do speak quietly, move slowly. If you take photos, turn off the flash on your camera, and do ask permission before taking photos of people. If you have one, switch your mobile phone OFF, or put it to silent mode.

4. When entering or leaving a mosque, take great care not to walk directly in front of someone whilst they are praying, as this is considered impolite. Walk around or behind them, or wait patiently for them to finish. (Worshippers who miss the designated prayer time may come to complete their prayers later, and so may be in the mosque when you visit.).

5. When visiting a mosque, wear modest, conservative clothing which exposes a minimum of flesh. No shorts or sleeveless shirts on either men or women. Women should wear a dress or blouse and skirt (at least to the knees), preferably with elbow-length or longer sleeves, and a headscarf.

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