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Travel Malaysia Itinerary: 3 Weeks Peninsular Malaysia Tour

Posted by on May 1st, 2007
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Three weeks is enough to pack a fair amount of Peninsular Malaysia, Use Kuala Lumpur as a base for excursions out to traditional Kampungs ( villages ) of Kuala Selangor, the Batu Caves, FRIM, even the hill station of Bukit Fraser. Escape the crowds with a visit to Bukit Larut, Malaysia’s oldest hill station, then pitch yourself back into the fray amid the bustle of Penang’s Georgetown.

Return to KL at the start of your second week, then hit the jungle trails and waterways of Tman Negara or, if you are up for a more off-the-beaten-track jungle experience, head for either the Endau-Rompin or Kenong Rimba national parks. If that’s not your scene, then consider a tour up to the east coast, passing through Cherating, Marang, Kuala Terenganu and Kota Bahru. You could finish up with a leisurely week at Pulau Perhentian.

Then again if you have your fill of beaches, spend your last few days taking the jungle trail near Kota Bahru back south, perhaps pausing at Kuala Lipis en route. Finish up in Melaka, where you can enjoy the mix of cultures, the colonial history, shopping and a fine range of cuisines.

Travel Itinerary:

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