Here are tips on transportation in Malaysia by bus, car, train, plane, ship & ferry. For transport from other countries to Malaysia, see Getting to Malaysia.

Malaysia is served by an excellent transport system. Once you are in the country there is always transport available to you to even remote areas. Getting around the country poses little difficulty. There are various modes of travel – air, rail, or road. Each mode is efficient, convenient, and affordable. Traveling by road in peninsula Malaysia is popular as it has well-developed network of roads.

In Sabah and Sarawak, traveling by four-wheel drive is recommended on unpaved roads, and many remote areas can only be reached by air or river-boats. Traveling by rail is also highly recommended as you get to see the countryside.

Naturally the main transportation hub is from its capital, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Buses: Thousands of modern, luxurious buses roar between Malaysia cities and towns daily. This is how most Malaysians travel. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get fares and schedules, but you can do that easily when you arrive in Malaysia. Departures are frequent, and you don’t need advance reservations on most routes (except prior / on public holidays). Here are some sample routes, fares and travel times from Kuala Lumpur to many cities.

  • Cars If you are an experienced driver, and want freedom of movement, consider renting a car in Malaysia. Car hire is easy with the large amount of car rental companies available.

  • Trains: Malaysia trains’ services are somewhat slower than the bus but offer more seating-room and comfort. Most of Malaysia’s trains are older and relatively slow, but still useful and quite cheap.

  • Planes: Malaysia Airlines has flights among major cities which are convenient for longer distances but are relatively more expensive than domestic airlines serving routes between popular tourist destinations. These airlines are Air Asia, Berjaya Air and Transmile Air.

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