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Transnasional Express Bus

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
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Transnasioanl Bus

Transnasional Express Bus

The biggest and most reliable bus company by far is the Government’s Transnasional Express with offices all over Malaysia. Transnational Express buses are often slower than private companies’, but that’s because they’re safer and more reliable.

Transnasional Malaysia Singapore Express Bus

Official Transnasional Express Bus Website

Telephone: +65 62947034
Executive Class: Three daily departures (9am, 5.30pm, 6pm) Price is RM69.90.
Economy Class: Eight daily departures (first one at 8.30am, last one at 11pm) Price is RM30

Transnational Ekspress operates from Pudu Raya Bus Terminal and Lavander Street, Junction Off Bus Station Kallang Baru. Economy Class departs at 0845, 1030, 1330, 1730, 2200 2359 daily from Puduraya Bus Terminal and arrives at Lavender Street. Executive Class departs at 9am or 6pm from Malaysian Tourism Centre, Hentian Duta Terminal and arrives at Lavendar St.

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  1. hei,

    i have bought a ticket to Kuantan from Klang, at a cost of RM28.00.

    What kind of bus is that? 44 seaters or 27 seaters?

    Your prompt reply is required. thanks

  2. i think TRANASIONAL EXPRESS BUS is the best express bus i;ve been ride .everything just perfect and comfortable.
    most thing i loved is the speed….! no others bus you can have faster and comfortably than TRANASioNAL BUS!
    you never try…? off course you have to try…!

  3. Subject: Boycotting Trans'(vestite)

    mr pack on tour — Stop pretending fool. Why don’t you just admit that you’re working for Transnasional? Only a complete moron would say that this company offers the best service.

    malay gal — Trans(vestite)’s staff are not racist. They are just merely vicious assholes. If you ask me, I would say, being racist is nothing compared to being vicious assholes. Owh yes! malay girl, you can take your racist comment and shove it your backside. 🙂

    For the other readers and future travelers, I would like to implore you to not give in whenever you receive unfair and downright rude treatments from Trans(vestite)’s staff and or employees.

    This rude behavior and ways of conduct have been going on for too many years.

    I used to travel on Trans’ buses before myself. And, although I wasn’t mistreated or disrespected by their staff, I have witnessed on a number of occasions how the other passengers were treated like dirts, if not animals.

    * the fact of the matter is, I succeeded in retaining my self-respect and dignity because I consciously kept all contact and communication between myself and the staff to the minimum level possible. I fully well know that Trans’ staff are scums who are not used to civility and mannerism.

    If the staff reply to you rudely, don’t be shocked. Instead, bark back at them. Yell in their faces if you have to. Don’t be angry though. And do not be afraid to demonstrate your willingness to fight them!

    These beasts don’t understand the concept of customer service at all.

    What kind of service staff would throw money back to the customer simply because the former was asking for clarification?

    And, Mr Joseph. Based on his comment, it’s obvious that he didn’t deserve to be treated with such a beastly attitude.

    Don’t talk about rules and regulations. Trans’ staff could always use more courteous ways to inform the passengers if there is anything that they could not do. eg stopping at normal bus stops or by the roadsides.

    Is it really necessary to call the passengers stupid and brainless??

    Try this for a change, fellow travelers. When the Trans’ staff start insulting you, you insult them back.

    I would personally insult them, their parents, their grandparents and even their dead ancestors! They wanna play stupid games, well, my advice is, we bring the game back to them. Let them have a taste of their own medicine!

    The best solution however, is to simply boycott this God forsaken company. They will never learn. They will never repent. They are born to behave like first class assholes.



    P/S: I want to add one last thing. In case the Trans’ staff or other Malay people who read my comment would want to condemn me for being a racist, I just want to remind you all that I AM A MALAY LADY! And I despise you scums for bringing shames to the bangsa Melayu and Islam as a religion. I will certainly look forward to the day when this company and its employees cease to exist permanently!

  4. why does transnasional booth at sg petani charge half ticket price for changing travelling date to 2 days earlier? I bought a ticket for my son to return to kl on the 26th Sept.but he made a genuine mistake in the date His lectures resume on the 25th after the raya hols.He needs to travel on the 24th. Is this the company policy or are sp ticket sellers making their own rules?

  5. Hi Leez,
    RElax ah!!!y must u get so work out??Hee…Transnasional is STILL THE BEST!!JgN marah..

  6. i felt very dissappointed with the bad services. I bought 2 ways ticket,i reach the station 15mins earlier before the bus depart. After 15mins the bus still not arrive, i was being told that the bus was stuck in jam. I wait about 15mins, after that, the staff told me the bus still in the jam. After 15 mins, i was being told, the bus ALREADY DEPART!!!!! Im very very disappointed! I ask for their refund due to their fault, but they only return me 1/4 of the full amount without giving me the valid reason. One more, their announcement was not clear!

  7. saya merupakan penumpang tetap kl-kedah setiap bulan. saya berpuas hati dengan service dan layanan dari pihak transnasional. kalau dah habis tiket dari transnasional baru cari tiket lain. kalau naik bas lain rasa was2 jer, x bole tido. kalau naik bus transnasional tido nenyak dari kl sampai kedah.. sampai kene kejut dengan pemandu bas hehehe…terima kasih transnasional…

  8. I’ve tried looking on the web for transnational’s online booking or just a functioning telephone number with no luck. When I asked a Malaysian friend if its possible they don’t have such contact/booking details, they said they thought it possible since its government owned. As a foreign tourist who likes a lot about Malaysia, I think its disgusting a government organisation anywhere can operate like that. Shame on the government and ministry responsible – its lazy, corrupt incompetance.

    Its so frustrating and would take so long for me to find a Transnational office, I booked a cheap flight online instead to spend spend the rest of my holiday and money in Thailand.

  9. i felt very dissappointed with the bad services melaka branch. the service at melaka is very bad.

    I had bought 2 tickets to LCCT last week. Due to the changes schedule of the flight, i would like to change the ticket to other time and venue. but the girl name Rina said that the ticket cannot be change and said that she will help me to sold it. Did your company got such rules that the sold out ticket cannot change the date?

    Then, i had told her that if the ticket can’t sold out, pls contact me on the day itself and i would like to take back the tickets and take the bus to LCCT. few hours later, i had go to the branch there and asking abt the status. The other girl working at there said that the tickets had been sold out and the money is taken by Rina and she is not around and asking me to collect it tomorrow.

    After few day, Rina call me and told that the 2 tickets did not sold out. So, i go the branch there to take back the tickets. she just can give me back 1 ticket only. then, i’m asking her how abt another ticket. she simply take a ticket that printed KLIA which is not belongs to me and give it to me. luckily i realise that the ticket is not belongs to me. then, i keep asking. she just told me that the other 1 had been sold out.

    i felt that she is very dishonest. if i’m not going to take back the tickets and i did not realise that the ticket is not belongs to me, i think she will get the money.

    i would like to double check that if they help us to sold the ticket, the money that return to customer will be the half price of the original ticket price?

    i really frustrating to the service that you all provide. I will not buy any tickets from transnational anymore.

  10. Bus transnasional mmg bodoh…….~!!! stupid!very2 stupid!…
    aku ade beli ticket dari KL ke Kuantan melalui bus tu tak lalu jalan tu.pastu dah la x refund my money back….!!!!mmg sial sgt…
    tolong improved u all punye facility ok…kalau mcm ni..mmg bus nie tak bole pakai!
    pekerja2 jual tickrt pun mcm gampang!bodoh sombong!perasan bagus!…AKU TAK KISAH DUIT AKU TAKNAK REFUND PUN TP AT LEAST KORANG TAHU APE YG PATUT KORANG BUAT…!!!!!!!!


  11. Bad experience with Transnational bus service.

    I took ticket from Transnational at segamat station past saturday 19/12/09. I went earlier to get the bus number. The guy at the kaunter (he claimed is name is Firdaus- no uniform – no name tag) gave a wrong number. I waited for the bus, once time, i went back to check he yelled and said the bus left. This agitated me. He refused to acknowledge his mistake. I insist he writes the next bus number. He yelled back at me and said i threw the ticket. Very unprofessional and trying to threaten the customer. I have the audio recording of the conversion and the image of the ticket, gave us wrong number 2 times. When the initial bus were leaving the driver was no where in sight for me to ask, he came in at the eleventh minute and left. There wasn’t any announcement either. I don’t mind waiting for the next bus but their service was absolutely rude.

  12. i feel very angry ,the bus driver is indian man , i want to call he stop just a 2 time he say to me with very angry say me stupid ,what customer service !!!!! i so very very angry ,i don’t want to sit this bus already ….utama express i good service for this tranasional express bus… so bad customer service….

  13. salam/hi..

    dear Mr driver and Mr second driver,please n please respect the customer right.

    I am a regular passenger from KLteluk intan for almost 2yr n half duration. i admit that your service are good and comfortable..but lately (DEC 2009-FEB 2010) i always wonder why the bus driver always said ‘duduk je mana-mana’ (sit randomly)- normally i’ll sit according my number.

    if the passenger for that trip not so many,i think its ok. but if it full, i really disagree with the command.

    6 February 2010 teluk intan.KL,2pm-notes bad experience for like the conductor/second driver let it almost full sat situation,how can the the command-‘SIT RANDOMLY’, announced to the passanger??
    because of it (the command) and he (second driver/conductor). i have to sit on the last role,with men at both my really uneasy and uncomfortable for me. in addition,i am female. not only that,the driver simply drove-langgar je lubang2 kat jalan,bukan nak slow down.

    its ok if i didn’t ask for my right,but what happen was-i ask for my sit politely from that Chinese man with ‘rambut beruban’ who sit on ‘my’ chair.i can’t get my sit. and simply the second driver come and said to me-sit randomly.
    for what i request for single sit?

    i deserve to have single sit bcoz i request for it.i have my right!
    my right to have privacy instead site beside stranger,comfort and save journey.

    its not only my right,but the other passengers too.
    learn to respect the others right.

    hope this will not happen again.i knw u guys try to upgrade ur service,dun because of ur staff didnt knw how to respect other right: u loss ur customers.


  14. So, I think this website has been abandoned. They were 113 comments (about 90% are complaints) since June 2007 until today March 2010, the improvements were very limited. Here goes my case.

    Ticket time: 05 March 2010, 830 pm
    Route: From KL Puduraya to Ipoh
    Plate number: WPQ (characters not sure) 4568
    Complain Target: 3 Malay males with Transnational uniform on-duty at Bus Arrival /
    Departure Information Counter in Puduraya

    On 05 March 2010, about 815 pm, I arrived Puduraya waiting for my scheduled bus from KL to Ipoh on 830 pm. As time passes, those bus heading to Johor Baru, Melaka, Teluk Intan, Lumut, etc had arrived and departed, they were scheduled at 830 pm, 9 pm and 930 pm.

    After an hour of waiting, I asked your staff in the information counter about the reason of delay (in Malay language), they replied it was jam, and I said if it was because of jam, why the other buses coming from different direction heading to different direction can arrived and departed just on time?? And then this rude staff yelled at me “Jam! Jam teruk! Kamu tak percaya boleh ambil teksi pergi tengok bus tu beratur panjang!”

    And then I replied in English, for I’m more familiar with English, no other offence meaning, said “Then why don’t you all do something? Like ask us to get to the bus or ask the bus to stop at the main road so that we won’t wait for an hour just for him to get inside here!”

    Replied soon, louder with jeeringly smile, “Kamu orang Malaysia, jangan guna bahasa orang putih.”

    I was pretty frustrated now. And I changed to Malay language and tell them the same thing again, and they have no other things to say but jam.

    Ok fine, no point to argue with them anymore. I went out to see the road condition. And it is just fine! No long queue, even I can say no queue, it was 930 pm already! Usually the jam peaks from 5 pm until around 8 pm. They are fooling us! I do not know what actually happen to that bus but ended up I got into the bus (plate no. Wxx (not remembered) 4568) on 945 pm and arrived Ipoh on 1230 am!! I supposed to arrive on 11 pm! Hey I took 4 HOURS to travel KL – Ipoh!

    Buy tickey @Transnational = precious time lost + rude services

    Please, next time if the delay is unavoidable, perhaps you can arrange another bus for the earlier scheduled bus passengers? And please educate your employee the art of speaking to the customer, they are the front line staff that will communicate to various level of customers, including tourists not only Malaysian!

    Anyway I will not take your bus service anymore, taking a KTM train departs on 945 pm can arrive just the same time compared to taking your bus, why do I pay to get scolded?? Thanks to god I’m the one who received this bad attitudes but not my foreign friends. This is Malaysia boleh??

  15. Bayar tambang kepada pemandu.

    Saya menaiki bus transnational dari temerloh ke Kuantan pada jam 9.15 am 27 march 2010. Bas bernombor WFN 1533. Saya melihat 2 orang penumpang membayar RM10 seorang kepada pemandu sebelum mereka turun. Seorang turun di Taman Tas dan seorang lagi turun di Terminal Bus Kuantan.

    Soalan saya:

    Adakah syarikat memang membenarkan penumpang tidak perlu membeli tiket dan membayar tambang kepada pemandu? Andainya ia memang dibenarkan, saya juga ingin berbuat begitu pada masa akan datang kerana menjimatkan masa saya tidak perlu bersusah payah membeli tiket dan dapat berjimat 70 sen (Harga tiket Temerloh -Kuantan RM 10.70. Sila jawab soalan saya ini ke alam email yang saya sertakan.

    Andainya ia tidak dibenarkan, saya rasa pihak syarikat perlu bertindak kerana itu 2 kes yang saya nampak. mungkin lebih ramai lagi penumpang yang berbuat begitu. Saya fikir pemandu telah berkompromi dengan pekerja di kaunter tiket kerana sebelum menaiki bas, tiket diperiksa oleh oleh pekerja di kaunter temerloh dan bukan pemandu bas. Mereka telah berpakat untuk menipu syarikat dengan memakan duit HARAM.

    Jika seorang pemandu menipu syarikat sebanyak RM20 setiap trip sehari. andainya di Malaysia ada 1000 trip sehari, maka syarikat kerugian sebanyak RM 20,000.00 sehari, sebulan kerugian sebanyak RM 600,000.00 (0.6 juta ringgit). Setahun syarikat rugi sebanyak RM 7.2 juta akibat dimakan haram oleh pemandu.

    Saya hantar komen ini untuk membantu pihak syarikat dan pemandu. Pemandu diminta berhenti makan duit HARAM. Bila diberi makan kepada anak isteri dari sumber yang haram, maka lahirlah insan yang keras hatinya dari menerima kebenaran. Maka rosaklah umat ini. Ingat! Daging yang tumbuh dari sumber yang haram, selayaknya dibakar oleh api NERAKA. Bagi pemandu Islam, sila rujuk perkara ini dengan ustaz atau guru-guru agama yang berhampiran untuk belajar feqah bab halal haram. Andainya sudah tahu perkara halal haram tapi masih tidak ada rasa takut kepada Allah, belajarlah bagaimana nak khusyuk dalam sembahyang dengan guru Tasawuf yang mursyid. Kerana sembahyang yang khusuk dapat mencegah kita dari berbuat kemungkaran.

    Andainya masih tiada rasa Taqwa (tiada rasa takut untuk melanggar perintah Allah), maka periksa sumber makanan tuan. Mungkin ada sumber yang kurang bersih atau haram yang lain. Hentikan makan haram, baru hati menjadi lunak dan dapat menerima hidayah Allah.

  16. Boleh saya tahu berkenaan bas ekspres transnational dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Bahru dan masa perjalanan serta harga tambang?

    Adakah Bas Ekspres VIP dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Bahru dan masa perjalanan serta harga tambang?

    Sila jawap segera kerana perjalanan saya pada malam ini.

    Terima kasih. JA 1018, TAMAN MUHIBAH, MERLIMAU 77300, MELAKA.

  17. assalamualaikum… my name is haziq.. ok.. straight to the point… i bought ur tiket on thursday.. it was a tiket from melaka central to seremban terminal 1 (10a.m.) & a tiket from seremban terminal1 to melaka central (3.30 p.m.).. both tiket is on saturday(31st march 2012)… i am really2 disappointed with ur service.. i came on time for my 10 a.m. bus.. but they told me the bus broke down so i hav to ‘menumpang’ bus on 10.30 a.m. ok fine.. but when i want to go back to melaka which is the 3.30 p.m. bus, they told me the bus broke down again.. dun u think this is very2 funny? rosak?? come on laa… do u expect me to believe u? ok.. myb im wrong but tis is maybe what REALLY happened.. correct me if im wrong… the REAL story is tat the bus is fine.. but u told other people the bus broke down bcoz the bus is not full and u want to cut cost, u want the 10a.m. people and 10.30a.m. people go with only 1 bus.. correct? same thing to 3.30p.m. and 4.30p.m. bus… so if there only 3.30p.m. and 9.30 p.m. bus, do u expect me to wait for 6 hours?? u sold the tiket on 3.30 p.m., do it on time… dun b selfish.. u r wasting other people time jz for ur own good.. what if tat person had an emergency like he has to arrived on time to see his father b4 funeral?? think of other people b4 ur self benefit.. ur COOPERATION will be appreciated.. thank you very much and i do believe ur “broke down’ bus story.. assalamualaikum and have a good day..