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Port Dickson Accommodation Listings

Posted by on Sep 8th, 2008
Filed Under: Accommodations, Negri Sembilan

Need help in deciding where to stay in Port Dickson? Here are the accommodation listings of Port Dickson.

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  1. Johor Bahru – beware of the following as booked through- Booking .com- Okid Cottage is a 20 minute taxi ride from the city in an indusrtrial area, even too far out for Back packers, maybe suitable for workers in that area, not tourists so we did not stay.

    Another Internet Booking I made with a Booking Agent was at the Vista Melati Hotel .in Johor Bahru and on arrival after 7pm they had no knowledge of our booking made for 3 nights . We had to pay for one nights accommodation first but at a higher the rate quoted to us when booked on the Internet. My room 606 was filthy , dirty carpet, stained walls and the light globes would not work nor the TV nor the air conditioner. I had to ring the office and a chap came to put new globes in the lights and they still would not work or the TV and air conditioner. I was transferred to another room on the next floor where the window opened onto a light well and the sound of air conditioners in the small area was too noisy to get any sleep
    I may add I was travelling with my son so transferring me to another floor was away from his room .
    The whole place was filthy and not a good area as I was too afraid to go in the lift so sat in the foyer waiting for over an hour for my Son to return from the Internet Room which was advertised as in the Hotel whereas it was down the street.

    We booked into the J.A.Residency Hotel for the next two nights ,it was clean and as a Hotel should be and was the same rate as the dive we had stayed the previous night. I would recommend this Hotel to anyone.
    I gave all this information to the Malaysian Tourist Office in Melbourne, Australia and am wondering if they have done an inspection of the Vista Melati Hotel

    I might add I have travelled in Malaysia since 1970 ,at least 8 visits and I do not think the accommodation has been inspected before it is published in the Accommodation Guide and it should be as false information is being printed re distance and area where these place really are.

  2. Johor Bahru – beware the following booking made with Booking -Com Okid Cottage is a 20 minute taxi ride from the city in an industrial area, even too far to travel for Back Packers, maybe suitable for workers in that area but certainly not tourists. There were no shops open and no taxis in the area. We finally rang for a taxi to go back to the city.

  3. Accommodation in Malaysia is not checked to see what is provided. The Accommodation Place writes a glowing Report of its accommodation which is false. I have travelled in Malaysia since 1970 .Last year had to stay in sub standard accommodation as I prebooked and arrived late afternoon , after travelling for 3 hours and with luggage I was too tired to get a taxi to find another hotel.
    Malaysian Tourist Authority should have some control on what is being printed in their Hotel Guide.