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Sri Maju Express Bus

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
Filed Under: Bus, Transport

Sri Maju Express BusSri Maju Malaysia Singapore Express Bus

Official Sri Maju Express Bus Website
Telephone: +65 6294-8228 (Singapore) | +605 2535367 (Malaysia)
Price: RM 65.10.
Super VIP Coach: Six daily departures (first one at 8am, last one at 10pm)
Sri Maju Express operates from Puduraya Bus Terminal and 5001 Beach Road, #01-17, Golden Mile Complex. You may purchase the ticekt at the counter at Puduraya Bus Terminal.

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22 Responses »

  1. I was about to send the consumer association or the government department a complaint letter as when i bought a sri maju ticket back to kedah which should cost RM30 but was sold at RM35.

    then it is so bad that when i went onto the bus , it was not sri maju. then we should give back our tickets to the guy who will then give us another ticket which written the name of the bus company which was not SRI MAJU. and the price written on the ticket was RM35!

    bull shit! a company which cheats!

  2. I always back and forth from Ipoh to Singapore and vise versa.
    I’m very unsatisfy the phone-call booking service everytime i’m taking the booking bus ticket.
    The phone acceptionists are very unfriendly and very rush to off the phone everytime. It is very rude and unpleasant service.

  3. i have been trying to contact the ticketing office no. given as 20701279 at puduraya since a few days back but till today nobody seems to pick up the call. What happen to the ticketing staff. Dont tell me we customers have to go personally to find out whether there is any tickets available for future travel?. Please explain d the situation.

  4. Why is that when i buy ticket from Ipoh ke Butterworth after 08.00 am i am asked to pay the fare to Sg nibong Pulau Pinang when i am boarding for Butterworth I am a regular traveller by Sri maju to and from Ipoh and butterworth weekly

  5. Bloody rude driver….

  6. That day I went buy tiket to S’pore in Pudu Raya bus station KL. I bought the tiket that was shown KL- Alor Star, I was feel weird how come the tiket is frm KL to Alor Star, then I called to Sri Maju, Ipoh phone tiket booking officer to asked, she told me that “my tiket is frm agent, that’s not sure whether is using under Sri Maju bus or not, but should be got bus to bring you to S’pore on that day”! (so danger) (U know, nowadays so many bus accident case happened, we just want to make sure the bus company provide the bus is in good condition and for our life safety.) After that I ask her, “if got anything happen, will their company will responsible”, she said “no”. (watlau) Then she ask me better go and get the “actual” tiket with the name of “Sri Maju”, then I ask her again . Then after that I go back to ask the agent to give me the “actual” tiket, then I get my “actual” tiket but the depart time and seat no. all exactly change already.

    Sweat!! Lucky I got check with the officer, if not I do not know what kind of bus that I take. The bus tiket price was RM30, and I request is VIP seat, but after the tiket change, I have no idea the bus is VIP seat or economic type, because I haven’t depart yet.

    For my case, I just want to complaint is why got the agent to sell the bus tiket behalf on their company “Sri Maju”, but using others bus. Sri Maju doesn’t take serious on this. That is something like cheating on customer! Make me lose confidence already!!

  7. This number is given to call Sri Maju counter at Puduraya, 03-20701279, for enquiries and booking.

    NOBODY picks up the phone ever!!!!!

    Sri Maju’s Puduraya customer service SUCKS big time!!!!


  8. Hi LOH, i had faced the same problem as u last month, but my ticket is RM40, much more worse…

  9. I agreed with most of the comment given here. I used to travel from and forth KL-SG and if we bought a ticket at Pudu Raya, most of the time, (not only Sri Maju, even Konsortium and others bus company), you will found the company name indicated on the ticket is not the same as what you suppose to get, and even the price.
    I did have experience that pay RM35 with the ticket only indicate RM30, or RM40 which the ticket only put the price RM35 after we get into the bus. Some of the agent or staff even did mark up the price to RM60 for the same tour outside the counter! (From KL-SG).
    I’d feel like been cheated and lost my trustworthy against them! When come to the worse, I might consider taking train back to SG, eventhough need to take longer time ( and they also used to delay for hours), at least, the price is fix!

  10. What a rude driver!!
    i’m always travel KL-Sg.Petani once a month.My home just near to the mainroad after Tol Sg.Petani Selatan.But when i asked the driver to stop at the nearest bus stop he said all have to stop at Sg.Petani main bus station at town.It’s quite far to go to town and turn back to my home.And i realized only one driver who insist to stop at the bus stop near the roadside.I didn’t asked to drop me in front of my house just to the bus stop at the roadside.Biadaps btul!!!

  11. I am a regular commuter travelling by express bus almost weekly. I view Sri Maju and Konsortium as the more reliable companies operating in the country. Even the extra $ charged during festival periods are not so unreasonable unlike some of the other operators. The main fault in our transport system is due to the bad management by relevant authorities. The public’s problem is never addressed except when personal interest is at stake unlike in Singapore where there’s strict enforcement and law and order.

  12. Sri Maju is owned by Michelle Yeoh father …. buat malu

  13. I am regular commuter travelling by express bus. On the 13th of Oct, I bought two tickets to Ipoh worth of RM58 each. The most disappointing over here is the bus in extremely bad condition at all times from JB. The seats are not well secured untill it keeps bouncing, cockroach roaming around in between seats and smelly. The tickets
    are so expensive but the facilities are so bad yet I have to suffer all the way 8hrs journey. Don’t you think that customers satisfaction comes first which will lead good
    business for Sri Maju? Customer service at Sri maju JB counter really sucks at most of the time. I can say that these girls are uncivilised barbarians till do not know how to deal with commuters. Think of improving of service and bus condition instead of increasing the price of tickets.

  14. My advise is all the Malaysian Bus company are “Suck” . They don’t know what is hospitality. I hope one day a new comer company with good quality of customer service. Grab their market share and give them a lesson…

  15. I traveled regularly between JB-Ipoh. I had tried using Sri Maju. They are sucks! The bus drivers are rude! and they used the old truck road from JB-Kulai and exit from Bidor toward Ipoh.

    It is much faster…. taking a non-stop bus from JB-KL and change another bus from KL-Ipoh!!!

    Most important…. I doesn’t like to pay to get insulted!!

  16. i from sitiawan perak,work at spore,im a regular customer of sri maju,normally sri maju gave me the good services last time,but tis time,SUCK!!!i go back on 4 march 2009 night,walau…the bus so lousy,noisy n bad smelly,shit!!!after tat,the bus driver drove very fast at express way,before the tuas checkpoint,the tyre broke,the we wait around 40 min at checkpoint…waste my time only,then still ok is changed to a new double decker bus…
    then i’m came back on last night,8 march,walau!!!i boarding at sri manjung,how come?
    the bus also lousy la,very noisy,until i cant sleep all the way…shit!!!super tired!!!then reached skudai,tun aminah,the bus suddenly stopped engine at traffic light,then air con also not available,wtf!!!bus express no air con,after tat the driver still start the engine n drove until petro station,they jus do their own things,n inside the bus no air con,they also no explain to us,i donno wat they do there???
    i really super fed up,when i reached woodland checkpoint,a lots of ppl,i queee there for 1 hour le…shit!!!
    wat the sri maju???
    wat the michelle yong’s father company???
    wat the bus they provide???
    i think next time i need to change to another bus company lo…

  17. I have no choice but to buy the 25 seater aircon coach from Sri Maju because my sister needed to go back to home town Chenderiang, from Singapore to Chenderiang/Kampar S$38.00. Only Seri Maju sell tickets to Chenderiang. Upon reaching was told by driver the bus is not going to Chenderiang. Departure date from Singapore is 8th Mar 09 9.30 pm and the bus no. 9758. Seat no. 13,14 ,16 & 17. Upon receiving call from my sister, my brother-in- law rushed down to Kampar to fetch my sister as it was midnight 4.00 am.

    6294-8228 this no. no one answer my call 🙁

    Please do not sell Chenderiang ticket if your bus is not going there.

  18. it is very very bad attitude from ipoh sri maju reception to phone call ticket booking service.i dun understand y they all act like that?if dun want service customer then go back and sleep…bad

  19. hi can i get number to call the ipoh bus station coustom service???

  20. hi……the driver are very rude and also fussy….
    i bought ticket until Golden Miles but the bus driver left us in woodlands….as usual the queeeeeeeeeeee there…and we are first time going to Singapore and the driver never inform about the white card……
    i get fed up is he left us in woodland…what a shit man….

  21. Becareful if you buy ticket at pudu,those counter beside KFC,all bull shit. Once i bought a super vip,so need pay extra,i ask them the coach how many seat, they tell me 18 and also with personal dvd screen.When bus come i board,it was 24 seater,and no dvd screen. i ask bus driver and he say he dun know, i go counter ask they said they dont know..its all bull shit. the company name is kon…so…

  22. LOH and Alvin, I had faced the same problem as u last month, but my ticket is RM45, much more worse…