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Snake Temple, Penang

Posted by on Jun 3rd, 2007
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Penang Snake TempleSnake Temple

The Snake temple in Penang is probably the only one of its kind in the world. Built in 1850, the Snake temple, is also known as “Temple of the Azure Cloud” or “Pure Cloud Temple”(to honour Penang’s beautiful blue skies). Every year, thousands of devotees make a trip to the temple during the birthday celebrations of the resident deity, Chor Soo Kong which occurs thrice yearly, on the 6th days of the first, sixth and eleventh months of the lunar calendar respectively. Legend has it, that Chor Soo Kong a Chinese monk, who was also a healer, gave shelter to the snakes of jungle, after the completion of the temple, snakes appeared on their own accord.

Snake Temple

Located at Sungai Kluang near Bayan Lepas airport in the Penang Island, the snake temple is a safe haven for pit vipers that are said to be the “servants” of the deity. Although pit vipers are known to be venomous and aggressive, those in the temple appear docile. These poisonous snakes, coiled round the pillars or beams around the temple are believed to be made drowsy by the smoke of the burning incense. However, today the snake population of the Temple of the Azure Cloud is very small, due to the urbanization of the area which disturbed the natural habitat of the snakes.

Snake Temple Penang

A corridor beside the temple houses several cages with fully grown vipers. Just next to these cages is a small altar bearing the Deity of Prosperity & Moral.

Admission is free
Opening Hours: 6am – 7pmDepending on traffic situations, a bus ride from Komtar to the snake temple should take about 30 minutes, a taxi will cost you around RM25.

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