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Single woman female traveler safety in Malaysia

Posted by on Jan 14th, 2008
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Question:Is it safe for a single woman to travel around in Malaysia? Recommendation for hotel or B&B? I’d like something that reflects the local culture, but want to be comfortable (luxury not needed) and safe. Anything else that I should be aware of culturally about traveling alone in Malaysia? Security is an issue that I know I need to be aware of.

Answer: Malaysia is one of the safest countries in South East Asia besides Singapore and Brunei. Western tourists are very common in major cities such as KL, as well as main tourist spots (langkawi, borneo etc). Malaysian people are very polite and respectful on the whole and the country is safe to travel in as a single female.

However, bag snatching crime rates are on a rise – by being aware of personal safety and the practice of good safety precautions, you can avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation that may lead to these incidents. It is all about being aware of a potential problem before it happens and that is where my tips on how to prevent street crime from happening come in. Here’s a guide on how to prevent street crimes from happening.

Some safety Tips:

    1. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

    2. If you are out at night, stay in well-lit areas and among people.

    3. Walk close to the kerb and avoid alleys.

    4. Always walk facing the oncoming traffic.

    5. Carry your handbag close to your body and avoid wearing highly visible jeweleries.

    6. Keep your keys ready when you approach your hotel / rooms and enter immediately.

If you are visiting mosques or other religious sites, something to observe will be to wear long sleeves and pants/dress so as to not expose too much skin, more information can be found – “Visiting Mosques in Malaysia“. Also, don’t go topless sun tanning on the beaches.

Homestay is an excellent way to make friends, learn about Malaysia’s multi – racial culture, and have a taste of the kampung or village lifestyle.

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