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Seat Belt Requirements & Fines

Posted by on Feb 6th, 2009
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Starting from 1st January 2009 – Everyone sitting in a car in Malaysia is required by law to buckle up their seat belts, including the rear passengers. Failure to comply with the regulation will result in a RM 300 fine. (Inclusive of Taxi passengers!)

However this RM 300 fine will only be in effect between the 1st of January 2009 to 30th June 2009. From the 1st of July 2009 onwards, the fine will be increased to RM 2,000 and /or a jail term of up to 1 year.

The fine / jail term only applies to passengers over 17 years old. The driver will be liable for any passengers below 17 years old who fail to comply with the seat belt regulations.

The seat belt regulation includes the rear seat belts, but excludes the following:

* Cars registered before 1st of January 1995
* Cars registered after the 1st of January 1995 but not equipped with rear seatbelt anchorage points
* Commercial vehicles such as taxis and rental cars
* Vehicles with more than 9 seats including the driver’s
* Transport vehicles with capacity above 3.5 tonnes

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