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Alright I confess, I have not eaten Malaysia, but I intend to do so, in terms of food of course. It seems I have a long way to go, judging from the diversity of cuisines here, but then again, that is what makes the journey so much more interesting no?

RokhI have always been on the look out for good food in the country, from word of mouth by friends and families to of course the ever-growing Malaysia food blogs. Being a critic myself, sometimes I would do research and understanding before going to try something out, and with the expectation, sometimes I am blown away but sometimes I may be disappointed as well. Rest assured though if it is good, I will definitely be back for it again and again!

Besides eating, I also love to cook and bake for my loved ones, and myself of course. Whenever I have cravings for certain home cooked food, I would definitely be sourcing for its recipe to reenact it at home, and sometimes when I like a particular food enough, I would go to the extend to study and understand the makings of it and then sometimes, if I am keen enough or if it is worth it, I would then make it at home. From these researches and poking around, I found many wonderful hidden qualities of what Malaysian food is about and what makes them so special.

So in this column I shall bring you along in while I explore various Malaysian foods, like what is good, what makes them so special, how or where to best well enjoy them and what it has to offer to us epicureans! Ah, I am already thinking about my next meal, till then, happy eating!

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Malaysia Travel Guide Food Columnist

Rokh is a food columnist on Malaysia Travel Guide, she’s an epicurean and a cook who loves to eat, also writes in her own food blog ThamJiak – Malaysia Food Guide. In this column, she will bring you along while she explore various Malaysia foods, like what is good, what makes them so special and how or where to best well enjoy them. More [+]

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