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Pulau Redang

Posted by on Nov 7th, 2007
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One of the largest and the most beautiful of the east-coast islands, Pulau Redang has, inevitably, been targeted by big developers, and there are few options for the independent traveler; nearly all visitors come on all-inclusive package deals.

reef is teeming with fish, turtles, live corals and other spineless creatures

Pulau Redang is one of nine islands that form a protected marine park, and it offers excellent diving and snorkeling. Of most interest to travelers are the beautiful bays on the eastern side of the island, including Teluk Dalam, Teluk Kalong and Pasir Panjang. Most resorts are located around the sandy beaches at Teluk Kalong and Pasir Panjang. Berjaya Beach Resort is located at Teluk Dalam, a bay that is so sheltered that it is hardly affected by the northeast monsoon.

Pulau Redang

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Pulau Redang: Pasir Panjang beach

There is so much to do on and around Pulau Redang, one can return year after year and still find new places to explore. The reef is teeming with fish, turtles, live corals and other spineless creatures. There’s snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and kayaking available at most resorts. Berjaya Resort offers a golf course in an idyllic setting if you are on a Malaysia golf vacation.

Pulau Redang Sea Turtle

Pulau Redang Diving: Sea turtle

The Redang Archipelago is truly a gift sent from the heavens. The water surrounding these islands is teeming with marine life. About 500 species of living, breathing soft and hard corals create a wondrous seascape just below the white caps. And in turn these reef-building variety of corals shelter a host of inhabitants – a myriad species of bivalves and fishes. It forms part of Indo-Pacific Ocean’s breeding ground and nursery for many species of fish and other marine life. Sponges, algae and plankton provide a rich soup of nutrient for the thriving community. Green and hawksbill turtles drag themselves onto the white, sandy beaches to deposit their fertilised eggs into deep holes excavated under cover of night. Flying foxes, pythons, birds, mousedeers, monkeys and iguanas take refuge under the canopy of the forest. And in the late evenings when all human activities have quieten down, listen closely for you will here the heartbeat of the land, the whispers of the wind and the secrets of life – at Redang

Note that Pulau Redang basically shuts down from 1st November to 1st March; the best time to visit is from mid March to late September.

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  1. Ah… I love Redang. I am planing to go back there again next year. Btw, it would be more interesting if you can post some pictures to your post 🙂

  2. Man, it sounds awesome. I regret not making it there. 4 months and still no visit. What was I thinking. Next time maybe…
    btw. love the layout – congrats!

  3. Hey Nath,

    Thanks for dropping by from your busy schedule! Yah, Pulau Redang is one of the nicest island in Malaysia, and the beach Teluk Dalam is the BEST in Malaysia ^^

    Hah, the new design ^^ glad you like it.

  4. I find it funny when you say that Redang “shuts down” during the North-East Monsoon 😀

    The island doesn’t shut down, but resort operators will be forced to temporarily close for business during the wet season.

    And, “the best time to visit” any place really depends on what one wants to do during the trip — spot turtles, play chasing with jellyfishes, low chalet rates or what-have-yous 😀

  5. i’ve heard fr many friends saying that pulau redang is a great and cool place.
    well, i’m planning to go there with my family. but wondering where it is, and how to go there. i’m staying in KL. shall i go there by bus? or is there any flight to go? pls help… urgent!

  6. I’ll be going there in mid of March. Any advice? =) Cheers!

  7. Any recommendations for a clean, nice and affordable resort in Redang?

  8. Great website, just want to point out and share that the Berjaya golf on Redang has cease operations for a number of years. Since 2002 or 2003, it has been replaced with a airstrip for Berjaya-Air to land their Dash-7 aircraft carrying passengers from K.L. and Singapore.

    Regards, tango

  9. Hi all! Can i check, i will be going redang soon and will be staying at Berjaya Resort. Just to check, can i get from Berjaya Resort to Pasir Panjang Beach at night? Because we understand there are water taxi but what about at night? How do we get around? Does the hotel at Berjaya provide such a service so we can roam around at nite instead of being stucked in the hotel at Berjaya?

  10. First time i went there in 2007..stay at Redang Reef Resort…WHOA..!! I never thought b4 that we have so very nice place like Redang…It’s true !! With white sandy beach..and beautiful view..beautiful coral and many colouring fish that u even can see ( snorkelling) not far from the beach..don’t worry if you can’t swim..cause u still can snorkelling while snorkelling instructor from resort that you stay will teach n guide u..That memorable n fun holiday make me go to Redang again when June 2008. This time i and my friend stay at Pelangi Redang..Pak Mat, the boatman from resort bring us to watch (snorkelling) a ” baby shark “…also near from beach..What a wonderful experiance that we cannot forget forever..Thanks Pak Mat, Azli, Cipmore n Saiful..u guys…cool beb..I will come again by next time..

  11. hi,

    if i were to drive up to the jetty, where do i park my car for the next 3 days or so? thks.

  12. HI decimal86,

    you can park your car at Merang jetty, there is a car park there, only RM5 per car per day.

  13. i saw a napoloen wrasse – they look like coons!

  14. hey…is it Redang will shut down from NOV – MARCH ? When it actually operatet again?

  15. How long it will take from Kuala Terengganu Airport to Pulau Redang? is it good to travel in Mid April?

  16. i heard that the monsoon came early this year, is it true? if so, can we still go redang in late sept

  17. hi everyone, have been to redang twice and will definitely go again. Redang pelangi is a great place to go and unwind, it’s almost paradise on earth 🙂

    however,unlike nora,
    I found pakmat to be an irritating old man with almost rude behavior! we accidentally invited him to join us for coffee by the beach the first night we were there, just for get-to-know-the-locals thingy. At first he sounded like the usual old man, giving advise et al, but about an hour into the conversation, he started asking us abt our jobs and kept asking us to send him gifts, telling us that he had had so many repeat ‘customers’ that are really nice because they send him gifts etc.

    our next 2 days would’ve been great if not for pakmat. all of a sudden he acted as if he’s our exclusive guide (we never asked him to), i saw him glaring at some of the other guides (during snorkeling) so they stayed away, kept harrassing us to belanja him makan (my friend jested that we might wanna go hang out at the restaurant next door) and got on our nerves. pak mat was more keen on one of my friends and she honestly didnt know how to say no every time pakmat made her have coffee with him or sit down and chat with him. it was really awkward — we didn’t want to be rude to an old man, but he was everywherein our face, everywhere! whenever we manages to avoid him, he’d found us later and would ask repeteadly why we missd out on one snorkeling trip etc. he was rude, called us dugong’ and ‘tong’, while at the same time asking favours from us. i had to resist the urge to bark back at him.

    Redang Pelangi was fabulous, and i would go back there in a heartbeat, but I wont since pakmat will be there.

    maybe this only happened to me, but I feel like i should warn future holiday-ers about this. Don’t let this put you off Redang Pelangi as the place is great, the staffs are friendly and really helpful — just be aware of pakmat.

  18. How safe is it to park Singapore car at Merjang jetty? I’m planning to spend 3 nights at Redang this May. Appreciate some advice. Thanks