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Posted by on May 12th, 2008
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Padi Field Perlis
Morning Padi Field


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Perlis is the smallest and the northernmost state in Malaysia, with the longest expanse of interlinked limestone hills – the Nakawan Range, sweeping along the northwestern boundary with Thailand. Gunung Perlis, which marks the international boundary, offers amazing views of neighboring Thailand and Pulau Langkawi.

Although the smallest of all states, Perlis is not without its attractions, foremost among which is its serene beauty – thanks to its rustic rural scenes and rolling padi fields.

A major attraction in Perlis is Gua Kelam. Situated about 36km from Kangar, it was once well known for its high quality tin ore. Gua Kelam, or Dark Caves, boasts a 370 metre-long cave passage hollowed out from the limestone massive by an underground stream.

Other Tourist attractions include the state park in Wang Kelian, the herbal garden in Sungai Batu Pahat, the Kayang state museum, the Timah Tasoh recreational lake, a snake park in Sungai Batu Pahat, the wholesale market in Wang Kelian and border trade activities in Padang Besar.
Yet another attraction is the small picturesque lake, Tasik Melati, located about 8km north of Kangar. The lake is shallow with more than 150 sandbar islands on it.

Visitors can row sampan to these tiny islands. Elevated walkways are found over the waters, thus providing vantage viewpoints and seating for visitors.

In Perlis, it is all about enjoying the tranquility that Mother Nature provides.

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