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ODYSSEY Express Bus

Posted by on Dec 10th, 2007
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Odyssey Bus

ODYSSEY Singapore Malaysia Express Bus


    ODYSSEYDECK, Lot 1E, Shoplex at Mont Kiara,
    Jalan Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpu
    Telephone: 1300 888 121


    ODYSSEYLOUNGE, 214 Dunearn Road, #01-09,
    Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Singapore 299526
    Telephone: 1800 639 7739

Malaysia Singapore Bus

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore ( Via 2nd Link )

    Depart Point: Shoplex at Mont Kiara
    Arrival Point: Copthorne Orchid Hotel
    Adult One way RM 80 / Return RM 160
    Peak Period: One way RM 95 / Return RM 180

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur ( Via 2nd Link )

    Depart Point: Copthorne Orchid Hotel
    Arrival Point: Shoplex at Mont Kiara
    Adult One way SGD 50 / return SGD 100
    Peak Period: One way SDG 60 / Return SGD 110

If you are travelling from Sin – KL, it makes more sense to purchase 1 way tickets! Just get your return ticket from the KL office when you arrive there. *Might not apply for Peak Period

Official ODYSSEY Website
*One disappointment is the bad navigation on the new website!

Odyssey Express Bus

Review of Odyssey Express Bus:
As the company is quite new, the bus I boarded is very clean and in tip top condition. You be given water at the start of the journey, and light refreshments is served after Malaysia immigration ( from Sin – KL ), seems like the refreshments is from Copthorne Orchid Hotel – coffee & tea is available upon request.

Toilet not available on board. Bottom deck only for luggage and a bed for those who really need to sleep. On board entertainment system is available : Some old arcade games, and English & Chinese Movies (Don’t expect any recent blockbusters! ). One main plus point it the availability of WIFI internet connection on the Bus, but the connection isn’t very stable, however good enough for surfing the web.

One important thing to note is that the arrival / departure point in Kuala Lumpur is at Mont Kiara, which is still a distance from the Kuala Lumpur City area – which means you have to spend extra on cab fare. Mont kiara is however nearer to Damansara / PJ area.

The company is currently using five units of Scania K94IB4x2 (Brazilian chassis) high decker bus bodied by SKSbus, mated with DC9 inline 6-cylinder 310bhp turbocharged engine. Nice whistle, very fast as well, the driver stays on 115km/h most of the time. Departed at 8am, arrived at 1pm exactly (5 hours) at Mont Kiara. Skipped the main throughfares of KL so journey was smooth.

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11 Responses »

  1. Hi, does the bus drive a safety speed?

  2. I living in Japan now.
    I am going to visit to Mont Kiara at end of April.
    Then I would like to vist to Singapore too.
    Do you have the timetable adout Odyssey bus?

  3. do you go from singapore to ipoh

  4. can i have your singapore normal number

  5. Hi, just like to share with you guys my experience, the coach is nice, comfortable, they have personal TV and headset, so if you like to have a quiet journey it is possible, unlike those coaches with shahred TV and shared speakers it can be quiet noisy, the food is nice, the crew is friendly, but the only concern i have is the speed the drivers drive…very very fast, even in a rainy day they speed, i pray all the way to reach safely. other than that, it’s a good.

  6. Is this the bus company that crashed and killed people recently, in Seemban?

  7. Sal,
    They are definitely not the one that crashed and killed people in Seremban. I’ve been on their service a few times and they have 5 coaches and all of it are still operating. The one that crashed has been suspended by the local authorities.
    One good thing is that they have WiFi onboard. And its free!

  8. I have tried Odyssey & I think its the best so far in SIngapore with excellent food on board plus service and equipped with WIFI for travellers convenience. Well done Odyssey, everyone should try Odyssey, the first truly business class service. That’s true!!

  9. NICE…..Howabout NOT!! Their customer service in Singapore is an absolute joke. Poor engrish (really..) coupled with blatant rudeness is what you get when you call their so called ‘service’. You will have young men, evidently clueless, handling simple queries and making a mess ot if. Once you assert your authority to speak to someone that has a clue…these retards will react by slamming your phone..repeatedly! …very NICE…

    Aeroline’s customer service is superb…….if you are caucasian! Asians need not expect more than bus ride with comfy chairs.

    There is a silver lining folks…Odyssey. No need to ask, ponder…just try it. Closest thing to a luxury coach in this country in terms of service. Burn the rest..this is the real deal!

  10. No the service isn’t that good I used it once and I handed the driver my bag. Someone I thought I could trust to safely put my baggage in the proper storage area. Instead I found out at the Singapore customs that my bag had not be put into the storage area but instead ‘left behind’. Quite irresponsible actually. I lost my laptop and my clothes, all of which they would only pay RM500 compensation. How pathetic? Not so luxurious at all if you can’t even rely on the driver for the safety of your baggage.

  11. they got wifi n plus point JOSH LI… why do you put your laptop in the the luggage..
    not only odyssey… any other bus also the same… your luggage is your responsible.. accept if you are 5 years kid…