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NiCE Express Bus, Plusliner

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
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NICE Plusliner Express Bus

Malaysia Singapore Bus

Website: Offical NiCE Website | Plusliner Website

NiCE Malaysia Singapore Express Bus (Plusliner)

Telephone: +65 2565755(Singapore) | 03 22721586(KL) 04 2277370(Penang)

NiCE 1 – Price: SG$49: Fourteen daily departures
(first one at 7.30am, last one at 9.30pm)

NiCE 2 – SG$55: Five daily departures (8.00am, 9.30am, 3.00pm, 5.00pm, 6.30pm) and additional one at 1.00pm from Fridays to Sundays.
Pick-up point: All pick-ups from Copthorne Orchid Hotel (214 Dunearn Road, Singapore) arrive at the Old Railway Station , Kuala Lumpur

Even at a premium price of S$49, the trip is more than value for your money. Boarding from Copthone Orchid hotel along Bukit Timah, the coach ride of about 5 hours takes you across the Second Link and along the N-S highway, only stopping by Ayer Keroh rest place for 15 mins to give your body a welcome stretch. The entire trip’s pampered with complimentary food, refreshments and movie onboard. The alighting point at the former KTM station is well connected to many parts of KL, a far cry from the usual Puduraya Bus Terminal with heavy traffic congestion and polluted fumes. For the best deal, buy single return tickets from both side to enjoy the savings, and consider forking out RM10 extra and upgrade to NICE 2 (semi-double deck), the only Business Class travel on the road.

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44 Responses »

  1. Is NICE pick up and drop off at the times square and pasar rakyat too. Like to suggest whether the management of NICE Express would like to consider it.

    Dont quite understand NICE 2 with SD55 and Premium SD49. Is NICE EXPRESS goes to Johor Bahru beside Singapore?.

    Thank you.

  2. You can drop off at the Malaysia Immigration, it is city area. Just beside the KTM station / City sq shopping center.

  3. It is a good opportunity for NICE Bus to advertise on their good satety records since its inception. Nowadays passenger prefered safety than to speedy. All the Best!!

  4. Would like to know whether u have direct bus to Hatyai from KL

  5. How to book a ticket ? your phoneline is not working. get through from Telecom, your line still not working(03-22723634,03-22721586). Aeroline can easily book on line ???

  6. Wah! Even has tv on every single seat!

  7. Can i know where is the pick up point should i wish to drop off at Copthorne Orchid Hotel ?

  8. I recently planned a trip back to Penang from KL on 21 December, Friday.

    Thinking of paying a bit extra for a Super VIP bus, i.e. to avoid the crowd at Pudu, and to have a bus which would stick to the departing schedule, I have chosen the seemed-to-be promising Bus services which depart from Old Railway station, for the first time, and I vowed that it would be the last time too.

    I paid RM58 for a 815pm ticket. I reached at 730pm, and waited patiently and optimistically for my ride. However, there was no bus in sight until 9pm. There was no explanation given by the guy at the counter of the waiting area, but I found out from one of the ladies there that the scheduled bus at 815pm is postponed and combined with 9pm ride.

    At 905pm, upon boarding the bus, I personally asked the in-charge person at the bus door that if I could still sit at my designated seat? And he confirmed with a loud ‘yes’. Soon enough, we were in the situation of having 2 persons with the same seat numbers. When confronted the in-charge again, he just shrugged and said “this is a 9pm bus, whoever is with the 815pm has to go down the bus and wait til the 9pm passengers settled down, and whatever seats left would be yours(the 815pm passengers). What is the rationale of prioritizing the 9pm passengers when the 815pm passengers have been waiting since 7 plus? One lady was not happy with the treatment and wanted her money back. To my surprise, the in charge just shrugged it off and told the lady to get off the bus.

    Honestly, by paying a RM58 per ticket (the most expensive among all others), I would expect a certain level of commitment in delivery of services. But this company has failed me and others. Please consider taking other buses (cheaper but much better services).

  9. “NICE” sepatutnya yang cantik,,,,tapi nice yg ada ni failed..memalukan tolong la dato’ turun la padang tengok la so sad..makanan lagi-lagi roti,roti, dengan air kotak yang rasenya meloyakan tu,,,,ermmm,,,,, wake-up la,,,,,perkhimatan failed
    kami pelanggan…ada hak nak pilih lain company kalau terus macam ni tak ke mana la “hidup segan mati tak mau jer lah”,,,,wassalam,,,

  10. Wah! I just thot of taking this brand bus “NICE” in front of the old KTM Railway Station from KL to Penang on 1 Jan 2008. When I stayed at the Heritage Station Hotel on 14 Dec 2007, I even saw some of the buses look modern and nice, never expect that someone did comment recently on the state of the bus. What a shame!!!

  11. We arrd @KL 7pm and booked a tix to spore for 8 Jan 2008 since there was NO 3pm bus we booked 3 tixs for 4pm departure on 8 Jan, after visiting our sick ailing relative in ICU we rushed to NICE bus station and to our shock it reflected “re-timed to 5pm” and saw a few unhappy customers complaining when checked with the staff told us to wait, when up and heard another story at 1 booking clerk saying the 4pm bus fully booked when told him i had the tixs for the 4pm, story changed that the bus fm spore broke down so our bus was delayed, told her that they had to find alternative plans and checked with her there were 3 buses parked outside and she claimed 2 buses were heading for penang which i found quite baffling and then a sincere honese clerk said due to insufficient pax they are trying to combine which infuriated me and requested to see the duty manager was told to wait, meantime other paxs starting making noise and all of a sudden we were told the bus 4057 is heading for spore @4pm the same bus that was suppose to depart from penang.
    Slogan claims “reliable” but what an unpleasant incident that occured today, if we had juz kept quiet and swallowed what your staff claimed we would have been shortchanged and wasted an hour why put us thru such a trauma.We travelled from Spore to KL with only 3 passengers without a fuss on NICE bus. Please help to investigate and keep us posted before the image of NICE is tarnished.

  12. that’s right, nice is extremely unreliable, their phone lines never work and when it does, nobody picks up. i also experienced the exact same thing as acps and ck, traveling from kl to singapore… the real funny thing is, when i bought my ticket i was told that it was fully sold out and i was the last passenger etc etc. on the day itself only 6 people were there and they moved half of us into the next bus and they other half had to wait for the one after that, which was 2 hours later than the bus we were supposed to be on! to me that’s absolutely absurd, if you can’t deliver, just say so, give us our money back and we’ll go somewhere else.

    on my return trip from singapore to kl i took aeroline instead and it was a world of a difference! it left on time, booking was fuss free, the service was good and the driver and his assistant were extremely helpful with passengers bags and etc at immigration. i highly recommend aeroline as an alternative to those wishing to travel from kl to singapore, vice versa and i heard they recently started a kl to penang service as well, not sure if it’s frequent though…

  13. We have travelled with the Nice 2 bus service perhaps 6 times now. KL to Singapore and return and similarly from KL to Penang return. Coming from Perth, Australia we found the service and trips to be very comfortable (the highways in Malaysia are exceptional!). Admittedly, the booking of the tickets can be quite frustrating and booking by phone is NOT recommended. On the whole though, the trips we relaxing and for us, quite punctual. We would certainly recommend the Nice 2 service.

  14. Wah, I canno belief so many gud review of Nice bus one. Two week ago I book the 2pm bus from Singapore to Kul. When I arrive at 1.20 @ copthorne i see a Nice, and its almost empty! only 5 passenger leh! so i ask the auntie at the counter if i can go on the 1.30, she say no, is full. 5 min later, the bus leave, with only 5 passenger! i so insulted. you call service?! so then i wait for my 2pm bus one, then delay! they tell me, the bus i have to get on, is late from KL. But there were 2 bus waiting at Copthorne! why they no use one?!
    Also, the phoneline in malaysia is not working! how to contact for info!? I recommend to other passnger, 2 use teh other service, such as aeroline.

  15. I strongly urge Nice Management to provide qualtity food as refreshments. The last trip I travelled from Penang to Kl in the morning bus, turkey sandwich was stale. I informed the hostess, her reply was that it was still within the expiry date.
    I believe all passengers did not consume this meal,after opening the package.
    Please serve fresh and quality food. We paid for the meal, it is not FREE.

  16. I’m looking for double decker bus ….anyone can give me the contact …company travel 2 days 1 night from KL to East cost ….also want to know the charges…

  17. Apala kena dengan perkhidmatan NICE nie,… banyak kali call tapi asyik engage aje… Bila dapat line tak ada orang pula jawap….. gerammnya…

  18. With so many many bus operators coming along the way, NICE buses should improve on their service standard. Its been a while I took this bus from Singapore to KL and plan to try again for my next trip to KL. After reading all these comments, I may not want to try at all.

  19. I am thinking of taking NICE bus to KL and drop off at the old railway station so I called NICE EXPRESS yesterday. The phone line either is not working or they never pick up the call.

    After serveral times of calling, a lady finally answer the phone. She speaks so fast and wanted to put down the phone as if she is very busy. When ask about the working hours, she told me that the working hours is from 7am to 9pm ,open daily.

    That evening I meet my sister and we wanted to go down to Copthorne Orchid Hotel for booking but we are not not sure of the location so I decide to call NICE again at around 7pm and again nobody pick up the phone. I tried serveral times but still nobody picks up the phone. I thought their working hours is from 7am to 9pm ???
    What is the staff at NICE doing ?

    I started to wonder it NICE Coach really reliable and I have doubt in their service.
    I don’t think I want to take this coach after reading all the comments above.

  20. I would like to share my sincerely feedback with u, NICE. I love to travel to malaysia with NICE. The Employees are all very warm friendly and really helpful. Bus features are really NICE, where we have space to relax on our seats and accomodate less passsengers (consume less time to clear @ the 2 immigration) and considered just perfect. BUT, ITS UNWELL FUNCTIONING OF THE TVs, MAKE THE LONG TRIP VERY BORING! Schedules are perfect too, I could just hop the bus whenever I needed them, its always on available seats. Pricing SLIGHT HIGH with the undelicious and inappropriate meal! I REMEMBER WAS SERVED WITH A MCd MEAL OR FRIED MEE – THAT WAS LONG TIME AGO. Sales Counter are NICE over the counter, but never get response whenever I make a phone call! Somehow, not all are not perfect. I salute to your services, where we could do booking in advance, change the date within the period time and earn points if we are a member and could redeem a ticket at later stage; which I could not found in other services. I hope NICE could look into this teething problems and come out with a better service, since now there are alot arising competition services. You could add on new service time, but your service meal also should be better, where you could attract more passengers to your services. Then its really nice to be called NICE all the time.

  21. I have been trying to get information about my 1st trip to Alor Star from KL.
    The website: Nice, does not work and the Plusliner website is not up todate.
    There is no bus from KL to Alor Star. Looked at the map and it shows Kulim as being closer than Sungai Petani – to Alor Star. Not so, if you look at a real map…..
    Kulim is about the same distance from Butterworth to Alor Star. Anyway, tried ringing and all I get is a dead tone or no tone on all 3 lines and then finally, after a day trying, I get a recorded message to ring 03-2272-1586. Tried that and no one wants to answer the phone. Twice it rang out on me. Very frustrating!
    Nice does not seem to be as nice. Will look at other companies – Aeroline seems to be good – to those who commented earlier, thanks for the feedback.

  22. my family member n i always choose the NICE bus service to go KL from SINGAPORE and return~~~!!!thinking paying a bit extra can get better service~~~!!!! but this company was failed mii and my whole family for the unpleasant experienced recently~~~!!!i swear that wil b our last time to support this company~~~!!!i’l never let my relative to ride this company’s bus~~~!!!
    i paid RM55 for each ticket to went Singapore with my mum~~!!!that’s her first time to came Singapore by bus and i highly recommented this bus service to get a comfortable trip for her~~!!!
    we were waited there since 8pm with few passengers for the bus ride~~!!the bus did not come as schedule at 9pm and nobody approached us~~!!!there was no any explanation given by the crew at the waiting area~~!!!!
    A gal who need to rushed back at the time was checked with the staff but the staff claimed that she dunno and told us to wait~~!!!another gal told us about bus broke down and delayed only after we checked with them at second time~~!!!
    when i asked them to find alternative plans and checked w her there were 2 buses parked at outside~~!!she told mii got no driver and they wil do another arrangement~~!!!
    after waited for half an hour~~~i realised that staff never make any call to do arrangement but sat there watched tv programme~~!!The gal who need to rush back asked the staff again but the staff very rude and told her if want to wait then wait,if not then find another way to go back~~!!! i was so angry about that~~wat kind of attitude is that~~~????we paid money for that shit~~~???
    i was so surprised when the staff leave us there and want to go home~!!!everyone was so angry about that and start to make noisy~~!!!at last one of the staff told us that bus was postponed and it wil combined with 12pm ride~~!!means we stil need to wait again and wasted 3hours at there~~~????the bus was there at last at 12.30am instead of 9pm~~~!!!i was angry when there was no any apology from them~~!!!
    wat kind of shit for this all~~~???we paid to get this all and wasted time~~~????wat a shame to called it NICE~~!!! =(

  23. Having spent a couple of days in KL arriving from New Zealand, my elderly parents (both in their 70s), took the premier bus from NICE, left for Singapore on 29/7 at 8.30am. The bus took off promptly and the seats were pleasant enough, basic but comfortable. There were only 7 of us traveling in the bus. Througout the entire trip, there was only one snack consisting of 2 sweet buns, 2 coffee and one rest stop along the way. Only one Chinese movie was screened other than another english moive. The ride was OK. However, at the Singapore immigration/custom, the officer that was serving my queue was very slow and the whole place was very crowded with poeple. While we were still waiting in our custom queue, our other 4 bus passengers and the lady guide were already done and back to the bus. We were kept for another 25mins before we could get pass the custom and head for the bus. To our horror, there was not bus in sight. After checking around the entrie bus bay, other drivers cofnrimed that our bus (no. WMT 2237) had already left long time ago. There was not other way to get out of the Tuas check point. Fortuately, the driver from Transtar allowed us to board their bus but at a fee of S$20 for 3 of us. We gladly accepted and paid for the fee.

    We were all very upset, angry for not being informed of the bus leaving and left stranded with no explanation. In addition, our bag of fruits and food stuff were also left on the seat right in the front seat.

    What I want to know is what can the bus company do to right the wrongs? How can I get my stuff back and my additonal fee of S$20????? for the not NICE experience at all!

  24. Apa kena dengan perkhidmatan NICE?? Banyak kali i call tapi asyik engage atau tak ada orang jawap….. gerammnya… Bila beli tiket di kaunter JB, geram lagi.. Sikap girl itu sgt sombong, tanya tak jawap.. tanya lagi suara dia kuat.. macam nak makan org.. naik surcharge 30% tak cakap bila tanya kena marah… Apa perkhidmatan ini???

  25. I also tried in vain to call through the ticketing line.

    I THINK we should voice out our dissatisfaction with the service by calling their head office PARK MAY BERHAD:


  26. I am a frequent traveler from KL to Singapore and vice versa.I always take Aeroline bus.They are very reliable.If you don’t mind to folk out RM80(KL-SG) and SGD47(SG-KL),I would highly recommend them to you all.You may want to check out their company at

    Have a nice journey!

    Satisfied Customer,

  27. Hi, there, Odyssey is just beside Nice at Copthorne Orchid Hotel, try them then you know whats customer service is about and their on-board services are well promised. Fare is the same as Nice,but service is of course far most better. Try it if not you won’t know. thumbs up for Odyssey.

  28. NICE staff named Nazmi provided good service through phone, though i am just asking for information and buses schedule! good work, please keep it up. ^@^

  29. This is the worst bus (NICE my axx) I ever had even comparing to the cheap bus like RM30/ ticket. I paid RM68 for a single-way ticket. Guess what ladies and gentlemen… I lost my bag!!! well, certainly I do not know who is that idiot who can afford to pay high price for bus ticket and yet wanna steal people’s stuff.

    When I ask the bus driver who is passing the luggage to the passengers, he just look at me with a dumb face and never answered me anything. So I called the whatever numbers for this NICE bus company, line busy or no one pick up.

    I swear I will never ever take this bus again in my life. So expensive and yet lousy services, certainly people who stole my stuff has no class at all.

  30. On the 7th February 2009, i go to PLUSLINER office (KTM-KL) to purchase 4 tickets from KL-Singapore. This service Guy name is En Faizal is very very biadap.

    When i ask the ticket fee is increase again, he reply ‘all the transport also increase’ and further he can offer a member card to get discount for RM6.00 per name. I reply no because i not always buy ticket here. He reply never mind ‘ we have a lot of customers no problem on that’, and i told him ‘ with your sikap biadap, i will not buying ticket from you’ he reply – never mind we have a lot customers to buy, no need your’

    I think if all the Plusliner customer service like these guy,we should not taking their services.

  31. last year 23rd Oct 2008, i took the konsortium bus from Penang to KL after business meeting.

    On the way back and i not sure what is the name of this company HQ. Bus stop for a while bus the ticketing agent said is direct bus. That is ok for me because is not rush, but during the rest time, i guess the couple from Middle East (tourist) complaint the driver smoking while driving to their management office. I also guess they called the driver and speak to him.

    After 10-15 mins the bus continue the journey, i am too tired and try to sleep but out of sudden i heard somebody is shouting and shouting, you know what happen? The driver assistant having arguing and and he want to hit the middle east guy. he speak malay, the other speak English lo and the bus stop. The driver and the asst ask the middle east guy to get down from the bus (mid-PLuS highway) and actually the middle east guy said sorry to him and want to be settle the issue diplomatically but these 2 guys want to hit him. Few of the passenger try to advise them but they still behave and act like samseng (gangster).

    I wonder if i want to report them to the tourist department or where? maybe they may not taking any action too. So i send a letter to this bus company but my get reply from them since then. i still have the bus no and that is the worse service that this operator provide to the outsider. Further is their ‘Islamic brotherhood’ people.

    I think this country only can have the best service after terminate all this operator and give the new operator to run it.

  32. heyy guyzz..

    It is a good experience for me to read ur forum as this can make me more wise in making a correct decision for public transport. based frm m experience, I would recommend u to opt for Sri Maju ekspress as I hv taken their service twice and they never dissapoint me. Well, both I travelled in their buses were the newer models with the headlights are small that looks “fierce” wit a square shape. hehe.. although u would not get 5* services like aeroline provides like F&B, etc.. they are affordable yet reliable with their seats which was comfy. let me tell u they take it easy on the road. I travelled night and they were most of the time on the slower lanes except overtakin. compared to other ekspress co. which I would rather not mention.. hints: the bus in red with silver color on if u kno who that is.. etc… all in all, I must say that If i had a choice, i’ll opt for sri maju, aeroline, transtar, jelita – DD coach>>(which I dunno whether are they still in operation) . let me tell u that I hv even sat in a red n silver coach color company that reached singapore in just 3hrs. wow! non stop la.. hw in the world the engines took the firing man!! they are mostly using Hino engines exclude the DD coach using man engines plying KL to singapore, penang, hatyai. well, I kno some basic info bout engines cause my dad oso is in the travel & transport line as well. 🙂

  33. NICE~~~ but not very dissapointed

  34. I’m agree!!! Nice, but NOT NICE!!!
    1st: your telephone line is NOT WORKING! either ENGAGE or NO ONE PICK UP!!!
    2nd: i had tried to call Plusliner, your worker is very RUDE! Not even to tell the schedule, cannot booking, not listening to customer, and was telling me that they are busy with the counter!
    wat the service is this????? PLEASE IMPROVE!!!

  35. Hey guys from NICE!!!??? What the Hell!!!! All these negative feedbacks in this forum and you never even improve your services??? Delayed bus, lost things, awefull food, RUDE STAFF, etc. Wow!!! NICE service!!! Continue this and nobody will even think of availing your service.

  36. I wanted to get a last min ticket to KL and saw this site which makes me laugh till my tears drop..i have been trying to call them to ask about the timetable and now i know why NICE will never answer my call..this is indeed a very informative site and will definitely wont try NICE as it is surely not NICE from what i read this really help me to save my time and from the bad experience

  37. Have tried the plusliner from KL to Ipoh twice is economical as well as convenient as I loved to stay in KL for a while then took morning coach to Ipoh, really enjoyed the trip

  38. Wah Nice has really become so bad ah? It used to be very good one leh. Got 1 free ticket to claim, dunno if I should still claim it or go take aeroline instead?

  39. Thanks for all the comments. Most seem to be unfavourable towards NICE. It is a shame they do not bother to improve their attitude and service.The Malaysian tourism industry could do better with improvements to its transportation sector. Was thinking of recommending some overseas friends on hols in KL to use the NiCE buses, but have decided they use Aeroline instead. Not fair to make them pay a lot for frustrating services.

  40. wooo….frust btul naik bas nice tak nice….not only servise and utilities, tetapi harga tiket pun dia tipu…..saya beli tiket di singapura @ Copthone Orchid hotel , form singapore to KL harga tiket sing dolar 35 untuk dewasa, sing dolar 33 untuk kanak, i bought 4 tickects for adult & 3 tickects for children, i need to pay sing dolar 364, actually, if you all calculate it just sing dolar 239, hello, how many diffrent maaa….sing dolar 125, it’s nice charge tax???… what?i just plan to report to hak pengguna, before this, i have try call so many time, but no pick up such as all the time line engaged….eiiii…
    please la if you all have a choice , please select other company, i recommend aeroline, worth it, cos from KL to singapore i took earoline….however i need to pay rm79 per adult, rm65 for chidren…and totally i just need to pay rm502 for my family trip….
    so friends, please carefull…..and i …mesti la kan hak i……

  41. I’m currently travelling on “nice” bus, schedulled initially at 715pm. But it’s now 915pm, and we have just departed from corpthorne orchid hotel. They are late by 2 hours- reason was that there was heavy traffic at the check point- from kl- Singapore. We asked the passengers that got down from the bus- they took the 3pm bus. They were stucked at the immigration for an hour. If there weren’t any jams, they would have reached here at 8pm. Our departure time was supposedly at 715pm. So obviously, they had not scheduled for the 715 bus!!! The bus now is full- half of them are the 9pm passengers, half of them were the 715pm passengers. If there had scheduled for both 715 and 9pm buses, shouldn’t they be waiting for the 9pm bus???
    We are amazed how the management keep us in the dark. We rushed here after work, haven’t had any dinner, sat there anxiously for the bus, just to know we were conned!!!
    Worst thing is, we are paying a double compared to other buses- just to be treated like that!!! Everyone out there, please AVOID not- “NICE” bus!!!

  42. I would like to make a complain on NICE++ buses that is suppose to depart from Penang, Sungai Nibong to KL on 27th June 2010, 2.15pm. However, the bus didnt operate at the scheduled time, moreover No attendant or workers from the company or management came to inform us.While waiting upon 2.20pm, I went up to the ticketing counter to enquire about the situation and reason, however in disappointment, they were pushing responsible to each another and told me the bus was broken. Then I requested them to call the person in charge to give a reasonable confirmation, as none of us as a passenger knows what is happening, and of course very unhappy with the rude services being attended. I called this person Kuamran at this phone 01232222984 which was given by them, however the phone was picked up by a chinese man who claims that he doesn’t know what I am talking about. So immediately I asked the lady who works there to call and talk to him, and he gave a lame excuse that he went out while his mobile phone is with his friend?? Ridiculous.

    Then, we have to wait for the next bus WRV2431 at 3pm, and our seats are all being arranged again, which is very annoying…upon boarding the bus, I personally asked the in-charge person at the bus door that if I could still sit at my designated seat? And she confirmed yes. Soon enough, we were in the situation of having 2 persons with the same seat numbers. When confronted the in-charge again, he just shrugged and said “this is a 3pm bus, whoever is with the 215pm has to give priority to the 3pm bus passenger.

    Upon arriving at the KL Nice station, immediately I went up and complain about what had happen. They ask me to fill up a form, and that’r all! i ask the person to call the person in charge immediately for a reason, and they are just too scare to talk but pass the phone to me and talk, upon explaining the whole inccident again to the person on the phone, she, named Mervinda casually says, ya just email us the inccident and we will forward it to the HQ…after 3 days still no news from them…until I call them again to check…cox this kinda POOR service in Malaysia are definetly very pathetic, and we just have to do something to them! Its customer and consumer right!! But until today, still no news were given, and I will still go on complaining until I get a reasonablt explain and reimbursement as I am the member of the NICE bus, stated there, i the bus didnt depart on the time scheduled, we will get reimburse…however after all the bull and shits….nothing were promised!

  43. Hi Plusliner,
    Perkhidmatan mengecewakan pd 23/2/2012. Saya membeli tiket ke Bt Gajah utk perjalanan jam 10.30 dan menunggu di ruang legar Pudu Sentral di hadapan skrin TV yg menunjukkan bas , platform & status perjalanan. Dari jam 9.45 hingga 10.45, status bas Plusliner ke Air Tawar, Batu Gajah tetap kosong. Saya beranggapan bas lewat tiba & hanya menanyakan staf Plusliner di platform 9 dlm 10.45am & diberitahu bahawa bas sudah bergerak tepat jam 10.30 di luar bangunan Pudu Sentral. Bila saya komen kenapa tiada pemberitahuan di skrin ttg status bas, dgn selamba staf berkenaan menjawab “oohh jgn tgk status di skrin, tak boleh pakai & kena turun sendiri di kaunter pd sekian jamnya” . Jawapan bodoh sungguh. Syk bas sendiri tidak memberi memberi kemudahan yg sedia ada pd pengguna. Habis tu skrin tu kira buat perhiasan shjlah!!

  44. Plusliner are the only one bus company for me to back Alor Star from Penang. However, the service is very bad…the worker is so not responsible, and dunno what is the meaning of serive. Pick up the phone, she will like no patient…buy ticket on the spot, her attitude like a people without moral. Customer is the main, service must be the best in order to protect the image of Plusliner. Dont let customer think because only got 1 bus to back Kedah. so can become LOW SERVICE. I disappointed for many times already. Please take action on SUNGAI NIBONG bus station’s worker. TQ.