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Posted by on Nov 21st, 2007
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Mersing Travel Guide
1. Mersing Introduction
2. Ferry To / Fro Mersing Jetty
3. How to get there

Mersing Introduction

Despite recent economic developments, Mersing is still a fishing village at heart and served as the main departure point for islands on the South China Sea (access to the Rawa, Pemanggil, Dayang, Aur, and Besar Islands. Other islands including Tinggi, Apil, Sibu Besar and Sibu Tengah should be accessed via Tanjung Leman jetty, about 60km south of Mersing), particularly Pulau Tioman. Although a small town, Mersing is very well serviced by a wide range of traditional local restaurants serving traditional fare and seafood at very affordable prices, as well as modern cafes and fast food outlets. Mersing is a good place to stock up your snacks etc, as the prices here are much lower compared to those on the islands.

Mersing Map

Mersing Town Map

There are plenty of natural attractions around Mersing town to keep one occupied. Being on the coast, the unspoilt beaches of the East Coast awaits visitors to explore their sandy beaches and rocky coasts. Fishing or Angling is a popular past time here among residents or beachcombing for shellfish and the natural treasures of the south-china sea. For those imbued with the spirit of exploration, Penyabung beach and Air Papan beach north of the town offers visitors a glimpse into the community and traditional life of Malay villages by the sea and the promise of clear sea waters lapping the shores of the mainland.

Ferry to / fro Mersing Jetty

Mersing Jetty

If you’re planning to go to the islands during the Full Moon or when there is no moon, then be warned that there will be very extreme tidal conditions (very high high tides and very low low tides). The boats may have difficulty leaving or entering the Mersing jetty (you may have to wait quite a while for the tidal change).

To Pulau Tioman: Passenger boat – slower ferry 11:30 duration 2h
From Pulau Tioman to Mersing departure 8:00 (have to stay on Tioman overnight if you want to use this service) One way RM25
speedboat – 7:30, 13:00 duration 1.5hrs.
From Pulau Tioman 10:00,15:30 One way RM30

To Pulau Besar: Departure 12:00
(from Pulau Besar 10:00) One Way RM25, Return RM50

To Pulau Rawa: Private island owned by the resort.
Accommodation from RM100 (sb,f,d) dep12:00 (from Pulau Rawa 10:00)
Book ahead boat fare might be included in the accomodation fare

To Pulau Tinggi & Pulau Sibu: Ferry departs from Tanjung Leman

How to get there

How to go Mersing

Buses arrive from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Singapore, Kuantan with tourists daily. The bus station is at the shopping center “R&R Plaza” (refer to the earlier Mersing town map). That’s near the ferry terminal. Near the bus station are also a lot of taxi’s they will bring you to Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or to the nearest train station in Kluang.

Bus: Singapore – Mersing
Transnasional operates direct from Singapore to Mersing from the Kallang Bahru/Lavender Street junction.
Departures are at 9am, 10am and 10pm.
Travel time is approx 4 hours and the fare is S$ 11.10 single.
Call Pan Malaysia Express: +65 6294 7034.

An alternative route is via Johor Bahru from the terminal at Queen St/Ban San St. Take the Singapore-Johore Express directy to Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. (SGD $2.40).

Public transport: Johor Bahru – Mersing
Taxi fare is approx. RM100/cab per way (charter).

Bus fare is about RM8/way from Larkin Bus Station, Johor Bahru.

One of the coach service operator is Johor Express. Depart at 8:30 a.m. These are not frequent though.

Alternatively, you can take any bus to Kuantan from JB/Singapore but should not be surprised if you get charged the full JB-Kuantan (RM15) fare even though you might only be going halfway. This is actually legitimate as these buses cannot pick up new passengers on the way and Mersing is not considered a major station.

Most of the express buses will drop you off either at the roundabout from which you should take Jalan Abu Bakar to get to the guesthouses (there are only 2 main roads in the town). Alternatively, you might be dropped in the back of the Embassy Hotel. Just walk straight to the big buildings into the main town to Jalan Abu Bakar.

Public transport: Kuala Lumpur – Mersing

You need to go to Puduraya bus station and the fare is about RM16.60/way.
One of the coach service operator is Transnational Express, tel : (603) 238 8155, the buses leave at noon and about 8:30 at night with the ride taking about 6 hours.

Taxi fare is approx. RM300 – RM400 per taxi (chartered service).

Map to Mersing

Road Map to Mersing

Driving from Singapore / JB to Mersing
Drive to Kota Tinggi from Tebrau Highway and proceed your journey to Mersing (approximately 138 km). Well, you will never miss it as you can see the signboard to the town. In Mersing, there are secured parking spaces at a very cheap rate (around RM5/nights) so you don’t have to think about your vehicle safety!

Driving from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing
The most common way to Mersing is by PLUS highway to the South and exit through Segamat. From Segamat, continue your journey to Kluang and from there you can go to Mersing.

Alternatively (Shorter route – advised use for day drive ONLY)
1. Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Pilah (winding road) – Bandar Muazzam Shah (will exit between Endau & Mersing) – Mersing
2. Kuala Lumpur – Kluang – NITAR – Mersing (Using this route, you’ll avoid the winding road before reaching Jamaluang)
Both Bandar Muazzam Shah & NITAR are the palm oil plantation estates, thus the traffic is not heavy especially during the festive seasons.

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  1. As we wish to travel from Singapre to Pulau Tioman on Saturday 23 February 2008 your website is very useful.
    To help us further could you please tell me if there are any ferries to Tioman from Mersing after 13:00.
    Aso could you pleaase tell me if there are any other bus services from J.B. to Mersing afer
    8:30am and how frequent are the JB to Kuantan buses.
    I obviously wish to get from Singapore to Tioman in one day.
    If the Singapore to Mersing bus leaves at 9:00 taking 4 huors arriving 13:00 would the 13:00
    Ferry to Tioman wait for passengers from Singapore arriving on at 13:00 on that bus.
    Many thanks for any help youcan give us.
    Grahm & Ann Jones

  2. The ferries frm mersing to tioman are not punctual at all.they will see if the ferries are full den they will take off.otherwise u’ll have to wait until the ferry is full.lols im from mersing hahas but i live in singapore.
    🙂 want any info on mersing juz contact me.lols

  3. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for your contribution! Looking forward to more of your local knowledge.

    Maybe a few recommendations on where to find good food in Mersing? I bet alot of people want to read that : ))

    I only frequent Mersing when on my way to diving trips, so my knowledge on that area is pretty “surface” at best.

  4. Talking about good food. Theres a chinese seafood restraunt along JLN ABU BAKAR, somewhere before the mini market called ‘LOK YUEN’ their speciality is the squid stuffed with salted egg. They call this dish sotong tan. I would gif it a four star out of five. Hahas. For dessert I would recommend Chendol its a mamak stall near the old theater for 2rm can eat until u full oso haven finish.hahas cheap and good. For wanton mee the Q-jie mee is the best wanton mee in mersing, it is located at ‘sun chuen’ new village in cantonese. well for this place i also dunno how to describe the route lol i only know how to get there hahas. We have satay juz infront of the JKR near the bread hill ‘lo ti sun’ the easiest way to get there is the main road frm the beach towards the paichee school. turn left when you see a green colour house and travel about 2mins you will see a roadside satay stall can say its the best in town. Oh ya the most important one. ‘for sok’ uncle fire’s noodlestall. he provides the best mee hun kuay but onli available from 7.30am to 11.30am. hahas its something you cant miss in mersing. the place is located behind the ‘TAK GAO WUI’ you can get to that place thru new village or the main road back to JB. turn left before u pass tak gao wui and turn right in the first junction and you will see a narrow road, drive slowly and turn left at the 2nd junction. its a corner lot house so you will see a red roof house wif alot of wok and pan hanging on the fences and on the wall very clearly and that is the ‘for sok’ noodlestall. I will try to get all the accurate routes and the addresses asap and share with everybody.sry if my explaination is not gd.haha

  5. hi!!!im travelling in march to tioman islands with my family of four adults and one child.i will be reaching singapore at far is jallang baru from changi airport n how do i get there?what is advisable should i travel from kl or singapore since i have a baby n want to reach tioman on the same day.

  6. Aaron, like your attitude, pity there is not more like you.Lets all have fun and laugh.
    You posted that anyone wanting more information about Mersing to let you know.
    I am an Australian, liveing in the USA, and thinking about traveling to the Mersing area for a few months, around July, and if I like it, apply to your Gov. for a visa under the 2nd home retirement plan.
    I would appreciate if you, or your frieds could take the time to send me photos, information, ect, on the area. It would be much appreciated.
    Keep laughing, have fun, and remember to smile.
    Regards Frank

  7. Hi Aaron.. I will be heading up to Panuba Inn on Mar 21, 2008. I was quoted RM45 per way on fast ferry to the island. Is there any cheaper alternative? And faster too.. coz i tink ferry takes abt 2 hrs to reach the island rite?

    Thanks for taking the time to read & reply.. Appreciate it lots!!!

    Take care!

  8. I’m planning a trip to Tioman. could someone tell me if I drive to Mersing and then take ferry to Tioman and stay there for two nights, how do I park my car in Msersing and what is the price for the parking?

  9. I plan to spend some days on Rawa Island!
    I’ll arrive in Singapore at 5pm, then rush to Johor Bahru and take a cab to Mersing. So it rather could be 10pm when I arrive at Mersing, right? Is there any chance to charter a boat that brings me at this time to Rawa? The accomodation on Rawa is already booked…

    Thanks for your reply!

  10. I’m planning a trip to Tioman Island for 5 days at the end of March 2008 (18th of March till Easter Sunday 23rd).

    We arrive at 21.30 at Singapore airport, is there a boat we can take from Singapore that goes straight to Tioman Island?

    Anyone who knows please let me know.

    Thanks Valentina

  11. Hi there,
    I’m planning a trip to Rawa end March. Is March a good time to go? My last trip was May 2004, the weather was marvellous. Not so sure abt end March. Anyone any idea?
    Also what is the bus schedule for Pan Malaysia Express like?
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Heloo Tobi… U have chose an awesome beach resort to stay at! Luv it there!

    Btw, Im not connected to this site… im juz browsing thru the site. But my advice for you is to stay in Spore for the nite & proceed to Mersing in the morning. But if Spore is too expensive for you, then head up to Mersing & overnite there.

    Reason being – security check here in Spore is very tight. Especially in the past 3 weeks. So, if ur flight lands @ 5pm, high chances that you would only get cleared an hour later. Then there’s traffic. Peak hours on weekdays is 5-8pm. So, the fastest way to get to Singapore-JB checkpoint is…

    * Take a train from the airport to Bugis station. SG$2.60 per trip. Journey abt 45 mins.
    * Take a bus to Johore from a SIN-JB bus terminal abt 5 mins away from the station. SG$2.40 per trip. Journey abt 75 mins.

    And passport clearance here for foreigners is abt 15 mins if ur lucky. If not, it can stretch up to an hr! So by the time you get across to Johore immigration, it will be 9pm. So, I personally think you are not able to make it to Mersing @ 10pm as you calculated.


  13. I plan to vist Mersing in Aug 08. with my daughter to see Sea-turtles lay eggs, is this the right time? can you recommend a clean and cheap hotel nearby? thanks

  14. Hi! We are planning a May trip to Tioman. We have a good car, a map and small children. How long does it take to drive to Mersing from KL? Is the road windy? What about safety? Will be driving during the day and stay overnight at Mersing before catching the morning ferry to Tioman. Thank you.

  15. I’m planning a trip to Tioman. could someone tell me if I drive to Mersing and then take ferry to Tioman and stay there for two nights, how do I park my car in Msersing and what is the price for the parking?

  16. I’m planning to ayer papan seaside in mersing..i know how to get to Mersing but dont know to ayer papan seaside,Any ppl can help me???

  17. Hi! I’m going to JapaMala mid May. Instead of taking the ferry to Kg Genting, is there still a direct boat from the jetty to the resort?

  18. I was wondering if anyone knew what mersing meant?

  19. I am going to Palau Sibu Island. I shall diving around the island. Could any one help or tell me where I can have the tidal information?

  20. how do i go to pulau tengah from mersing? thank you

  21. I am planning trip to Tioman. Could you please recommend a secure parking place for Singapore car in Mersing, and what is the parking rate? Thanks.

  22. Hi All,

    I be driving down to Mersing this weekend and overnight at Tioman this coming weekends and where do I park my car and does the parking safe.

    Please comment.Thanks a lots for the infomation and guiden.