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Malaysia Weddings

Posted by on Jan 1st, 2012
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Malaysia Weddings Guide

Malaysia Weddings Guide specialise in providing assistance to couples from all over the world who dream of a romantic, unique and beautiful wedding in one of the world’s most desired and popular location … Malaysia.

From the exquisite shores to the intricate waterways, let romance fill the air

Malaysia is the idyllic setting for a truly exotic honeymoon destination and is a popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot overseas. Savor the most romantic moments of your life as you embark on a blissful journey of togetherness. From the exquisite shores to the intricate waterways, let romance fill the air as you share your love and life with that special someone.

Planning your wedding overseas can be overwhelming. The Malaysia Weddings Guide is designed to help make planning it more enjoyable at an affordable cost … and more fun than you could possibly imagine.

Do bear in mind, that there are several requirements for a legal marriage ceremony in Malaysia.

Malaysia Wedding


Here on Malaysia Wedding Guide, you can fulfill all of your tropical wedding and honeymoon dreams

My Malaysia Wedding is the most comprehensive resource hub for couples seeking information and services to help plan their weddings in Malaysia.

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10 Responses »

  1. May I ask a question. If we get married in Malaysia, will the marriage be recognised in the United Kingdom?


    Richard Davis

  2. Do you all have any wedding package at beach .. can you list the price and e-mail me.

  3. Can you email me the prices for wedding packages?
    Is it possible to have a real malay wedding?
    As we are Muslims from Holland.

  4. Hello. Can you please tell me whether a marrriage in Malaysia will be legally recognised in the UK? Thanks.

  5. Yes, you get the marriage certificate translated in english then have it endorsed by the ministry of foreign affairs….All done in Putrajaya.

  6. Hello!

    We are looking at a wedding in Malaysia.

    ***we will be legally married in UK already – just want to have the celebration and vows in Malaysia – no Malaysian legal requirement***

    It would be great if anyone could give me rough prices for:

    Outdoor ceremony (garden/beach)
    Meal (40 people)
    Wine & Alcohol (40 people)
    Accomodation 8 nights (Bride & Groom)

    Many thanks!

    Steve Bent

  7. Hello, Just want to know if its possible to get Married Catholic and Muslim in Malaysia? thanks

  8. @Ann according to Malaysian laws, if one of the partners is muslim, the other one needs to convert to Islam as well. Otherwise it is not possible in Malaysia.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Arstan – you are right. This is just a legal requirements in Malaysia. After all that done, life is normal again! It is depend on how the couple and individuals deal with it. If they love each other I am sure they would not be much problem, but definitely it is not an easy work. Those challenges we’ve to face to met legal requirements are so hard, which at some point we almost give up. This is based on our experience. Now everything is fine. Good luck for Ann and everyone who are in the same boat!


  10. hi, we looking at a wedding & with honeymoon in Malaysia at one time.
    May I have a good schedule Accomodation At Tioman Island , Langkawi, Cameron Highland, kuala lumpur, melaka 14days.
    thank you.