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Malaysia Wedding Requirements

Posted by on Aug 15th, 2007
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There are several requirements for a legal marriage ceremony in Malaysia: The couple must obtain a marriage license from the Registration Office and supply all necessary documentation. The normal procedure involves submitting an application at the District Registration Department, however this requires the couple to have been resident in Malaysia for a minimum of 7 days and the license could then take up to 21 days to process. It is possible to apply for a ‘fast track’ Special License at the Chief Ministers Department. If the Chief Minister is satisfied with the Statutory Declaration and no lawful impediment, he will grant a licence for marriage, which must take place within 1 month. For this process, a minimum stay of 6 nights in any one destination is recommended so that there is sufficient time to complete all documentation and bureaucratic procedures.
Original copies of Birth Certificates and Passports

  • 4 x passport photographs
  • If a divorcee, proof of Decree Absolute is required.
  • If a widow/widower, copy of Death Certificate is required.
  • Both parties need a statutory declaration stating their marital status from the British High Commission in Malaysia or from a local registrar in the UK (must not exceed 3 months validity from date of actual marriage).

Two witnesses are also required for solemnization of the wedding. Witnesses’ passports are required. Both parties must be over 18. If you are under 21 you must have written consent from your father in the form of a sworn affidavit. On the wedding day the couple will firstly partake in the signing ceremony at the Registration Office with all the necessary documents and then the remainder of the ceremony and the reception can be held back at the hotel/resort. Registered ceremonies are supposed to take place in a registration office but many registrars allow ceremonies in other locations eg. the beach, hotel grounds.

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  1. If we want to get married in malaysia, do the both parties needs to be one religion?

    What if we don’t have a religion?
    Do you have Wedding Celebrants who will marry us?

    What are the wedding guidelines for international tourists to get married in Malaysia?

  2. The man i want to marry is a student at university in Malaysia, he is an international student from another country.
    I come from Australia.
    We would like to get married in Malaysia before he come to Australia to live with me.

    would we be able to have a international visitors wedding in Malaysia?