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Malaysia Travel Articles Submission

Posted by on Aug 2nd, 2007
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Malaysia is an amazing country with profound history, colorful culture and beautiful landscape and is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in Asia. Where have you got your most unforgettable travel memory? Maybe the breathing-taking Mt Kinabalu; maybe the majestic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur; maybe the delicious local snacks; or even the busy and modern shopping in Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. Complaint about unprofessional reason

    I would like to share with all of you here is unprofesional transnasional staff behaviour
    Yesterday, I bought trans ticket fm KL to Trg at 1.30 pm for today morning. I tell the guys that i really need a seat, ordininary bus no double decker as this ticket is for my mother (65 years old) U all can imaging rite, how the condition for golden citizen to climb up-climd down to go to toilet or for food?? Atfirst he gave the double decker at 9.00 am, but after hear all the reason he cange to single stories bus at 10.00am (i call as BAs Biasa) and the guy also nice man, i normally buy from him for last time..

    But today, i was shock and my mother refuse to used that bus, she has a traumatic of all the case of double decker bus. I have to persuade and convince her. But what i am not satissfied is the guy that liase with me to settle the problem.. I ask him politely in Bahasa…..saya smlm book bas biasa, sbb dah ckp dgn abng semalam mak saya tak leh naik bas bertingkat….and you know what he reply…..TAK TAHU LAH…..AWAK KENE TANYER DGN ORG YG JUAL SAYA TAK JUAL, n i reply…..why ur management so sudden change it…he said BAS ROSAK, NAK WAK CAMNER…i ask the girl whos stay in counter…next bas what time n Suddently The rude Man sait…HABIS DAH, SUMER TIKET HABIS HARI NI WHILE HIS EYES IS BLINKING TO THE GIRL, MAKE THE GIRL LOOK BLUR…once he done that i felt been cheated, what are you try to do??? is the ur purposely change bus o what??? n he said to me TAK PUAS HATI G SANA AH….his finger pointed to bus outside, i then go bus driver n try to discuss to make sure my mom get lower seat not on top as he (the rude malay man) ask…n that man said BELI TIKET ATAS, DAPAT ATAS LAH….i explain everythings n he agree to give bottom seat to my mom…finally..
    the point is ………I UNDERSTAND IF TRANSNASIONAL TRY TO SAVE BUDGET TO TRAVEL WITH LOT OF PASSENGER ONE TIME BUT at least u can talk nicely especially to golden citizen . Its show to people how bad you are as professional staff with established company..its make me and other people surrounding think better buy ticket from other company.

  2. We travelled from Singapore to Mersing.
    Although the bus was super comfortable I had two issues:
    1) At the ticket office they told I had to pay for the bus until Kuantan (4 hours up Mersing). Why is that?

    2) The bus drivere told us to get off before the station. Why? Because there is a travel agency that overcharges you if you want to go to Tioman Island.

    Quite unprofessional I think

    Stefano Maraessa

  3. hi,

    is there a place near kinabalu mountain where extra luggage can be stored safely during the 3 day hike to the summit ?

  4. the first time taking KONSORTIUM and it will be the last time to take KONOSORTIUM!
    it was a bad and frustration unpleasant experience.

    The driver took our attendance at the designated place but did not give proper informationto us where to wait for the bus.
    In fact the bus was waiting opposite instead of the plc that stated in the email and nobody inform us!

    the bus left without us ever they have so called took down the attendance!
    and when the bus was asked to make a turn back to pick us, the driver was rude and arrogant! Yelling and shouting at us to get into the bus!


  5. Illegal sub-renting of rooms at #76F Chew illegal foreign workers etc.
    It is a fire prom issue–tenants not screen for illegal workers staying @ 76F Chew Jetty.
    Landlady out for quick money also offer herself on the side-line.
    Land Authority and Fire Dept. should gave a reqular check before another fire start in Chew Jetty like the one in/on the 4th.June 2009.
    If another BIG were to start which almost did when I was there in October 2009 the whole of Chew Jetty will be burn to the ground and affect thousands of residence.