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Malaysia Airlines First Class

Posted by on May 20th, 2007
Filed Under: Flight, Transport

first class malaysia airlinesMalaysia Airlines First Class travel is a definite luxury if you can afford it, absoblutely fantastic if you can manage to get an upgrade and a major bonus if someone else (hint* boss!) pays for it. No matter how you get there, the comforts and services are far better than what most travelers are accustomed to.

Space in-flight is what’s most important to everyone who flies around often. Any frequent air traveler can recite the seat pitch and widths for their favorite airlines backwards, because they are the ones thats always trying to find a way to squeeze a couple of extra inches of comfort out of their flights.

Space is hardly not an issue for Malaysia Airlines First Class. Malaysia Airlines First Class passengers will enjoy their flight from the comfort of their own new flat bed seat. The versatile flat bed seat entices one to bask in privacy offered by its curved shell while enjoying the comfort afforded by several preset positions accessible just at the touch of a button. The headrest is adjustable and the massage elements provide maximum comfort. Every seat features an individual ottoman which doubles as a visitor’s seat, a 115 AC power outlet for your notebook or electronic devices and a 15-inch LCD touch screen monitor for in-flight entertainment “Select” that can be stowed away when not in use.

Food service in Malaysia Airlines First Class offers all the luxury choices you would expect: Dom Perignon, premium chilled malossal caviar, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and a selection of special teas. On most international flights, you can enjoy Malaysia Airlines’ signature dish, satay. These delicately spiced skewers of chicken, beef or lamb are grilled in the traditional manner on a charcoal fire and they are served with the condiments of cucumber and onions together with a spicy peanut sauce.

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