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Low Cost Carrier Terminal LCCT KLIA, Malaysia

Posted by on May 5th, 2007
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KLIA LCCT Airport Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The LCCT Low Cost Carrier Terminal is specifically designed to suit the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) business model where it would have no travellators, escalators, aerobridges and would be able to have a shorter turnaround time. The LCC Terminal operates on a point-to-point travel basis in line with the low-cost travel business model. There is no interlining arrangement between the Low Cost Airlines at the LCC Terminal and other airlines that operate at the Main Terminal Building of KLIA.

Passengers who require Terminal Transfer for their connecting flight should obtain Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (CIQ) clearances (for International Arrival) and claim their luggage prior to leaving their point of arrival.

After checking in you got to walk yourself to the plane. The pathway is quite a distance maybe about 50m. Not a fun thing when is raining even though they do provide umbrellas for you. Not really user friendly for disable and passengers with baby to carry and with hand luggage to look after with.

Please note that there’s no seating arrangements on the budget flights, and everyone simply dash for the plane when the gate opens. It can get quite chaotic!

Sevaral shuttle services are available to transfer passengers between the LCC Terminal and the KLIA Main Building (vice-versa). You have to go down the escalator at KLIA. Then you’ll reach the bus terminal; you’ll head straight to platform 8 which is actually on the right. You do not need to buy any ticket, its on sale on the bus itself.

Official Site:

Getting to LCCT from KL

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  1. What are things and places to be seen in KL and around? Information on low budget tours?

  2. my client from india are going to Kualalumpur on 15 Dec by Air aisa flihgt & Flight will land on LCC Terminal will they get on arrival visa.

  3. Could anyone advise me if there are any gate lounge rooms that you can book for an overnight stay at the KL LCCT international airport as there is at the Main KL International airport?

    Thank you