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Malaysia Food

Posted by on May 5th, 2007
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Malaysia Food

Malaysia Food

The Malaysian food is a multicultural affair combining Malays, Indians, Chinese and Peranakan, this is what you expect to get from a country that is such a melting pot of cultures. The fusion of these cuisines that has developed over the centuries makes Malaysian food not only colorful, spicy and eclectic – but also downright tasty .With such a pulsating diversity of food styles, Malaysia is a fabulous place to enjoy the art of eating and drinking.

Malaysia food is a multicultural affair combining Malays, Indians, Chinese and Peranakan

Rice normally is a staple in Malaysian food, and unless you are eating roti prata or noodles, you are almost definitely to eat your meal with rice in one form or another. The rice eaten in Malaysia tends to be the local variety of rice (mainly from Kedah) or fragrant rice from Thailand.

Dining out in Malaysia is inexpensive, and the choice of food is unbelievably large, there’s Malaysian food on sale literally everywhere you turn in Malaysia, from 5-star hotels to the local restaurants and hawker centres. Eating is a national pastime in Malaysia and you’ll never be too far from some delicious food. Live to eat – it’s the mantra of Malaysia.

Malaysian food is one of our greatest attractions and an ever present embodiment of our diversity, and harmony.

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  1. Mind you, if you compare prices between the five-star equivalent of a nasi lemak and the ones you find sold by the road side – unbelievably exorbitant. Maybe it’s because the hotels ambience adds to the cost.

  2. Your site is really good and it has helped me a lot in doing my school project on malaysia. THANK YOU! for such a good site and helping me so much.


  4. This site is really comprehensive – one of the best I’ve seen dedicated to Malaysian travel. I’ve also noticed the many reviews on restaurants and local cuisine.

    One type of food that is very unique to Malaysia, and possibly Singapore, is Peranakan food. A fusion of Chinese and Malay styled cooking, Peranakan food, or also known as Nyonya food, was a result of the intermarriage between the early Chinese immigrants and the local Malays. In fact, from these intermarriages emerged a culture, customs and lifestyle which are all unique to the Baba and Nyonya.

    You can try out Nyonya cuisine at Nyonya Restaurant at SS2 Petaling Jaya.

  5. Hi,
    This web really helped me in my project…
    Although, I live in Malaysia…I don’t really notice so many food in Malaysia until I see this website…^.^! I’m glad I passed through this website…

  6. We enjoy your site. After reading about Malaysian weather, we’ve decided to visit Malaysia for the month of March 2010. Do you have info on “inexpensive” hotels or “rest houses” for Malaysia, especially K.L., Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu and Penang? Even though we are a couple in our 60’s, we don’t mind staying in “backpackers'” hotels. Thank you again for a very informative site. -Hieu