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KTM Trains Online Booking Guide

Posted by on Feb 12th, 2009
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What is e-Ticket?
e-Ticket enable you to book and purchase tickets(s) on a Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad intercity train directly, via the internet

Can we use the e-Ticket Online Booking Facility to book just any train?
The e-Ticket Online Booking Facility can be used to purchase tickets for express train only

How can I use the e-Ticket Online Booking Facility?
You can access the Online Booking page

What is the advantage of using e-Ticket?
a. Ticket at finger tip
b. No queue
c. Self checking transactions
d. Accumulated km for loyalty program/customer
e. Card credit only

Can I book and purchase tickets for other passengers although I’m not the one traveling?
YES, you can book and purchase tickets for other passengers. All you need is to enter their contact details and personal information (details of guest traveling) in the correct fields. Please ensure that the details are accurate to avoid any inconvenience for the passenger.

Online Booking – Online User Registration and Login

Do I need to register to access e-Ticket?
a. No, if only to view information e.g timetable
b. YES, if you want to purchase a ticket

Why should I register as an Online User?
As a Registered User, you will be able to create and save your profile of your travelers and contact details online. These are such as your travelers’ names, passport or IC details, contact numbers, address. For your added security, please note that we do not save your credit card details online.

Do I need to register as an online user each time I book and purchase online?
Registration is done only once – the first time you wish to book and purchase online. Then, all you need to remember is your Username and Password to login again for future bookings.

Do I have to log in each time I access the e-Ticket Booking site?
You only need to log in at the point you wish to purchase online.

What happens if I forget my password?
There is a password recovery function in our Online Booking Facility. Just click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions. Your password will be automatically sent to your email.

Online Booking – General Troubleshooting

Why can’t I see ALL the trains to my selected destinations online?
The e-Ticket Online Booking facility only displays trains with available that match your search requirements.

Can I purchase an open dated ticket online?
No, you must have a confirmed departure and return date to be able to book and purchase tickets online.

What is the maximum number of seats that I can book and purchase online?
You may book up to a maximum of 4 seats online per transaction. If your travelling party exceeds the maximum number of passengers, you may either make a multiple booking online or make your booking through our Call Center at 03-2267 1200 email us at or contact our nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter.

What is the cut off time for online bookings and purchase?
For itineraries that may be fulfilled by electronic tickets, you may book and purchase online within a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the trains.

If I have made a booking through traditional channels (i.e. through a travel agent or at the KTMB ticketing offices), can I view my itinerary online?
No, you will only be able to view the itinerary of ticket bookings made online. However, you may enquire about your itinerary via our Call Center at 03-2267 1200.

Can I make a booking for one cabin for one person?
No. However you may either make your booking through our Call Center at 03-2267 1200 or contact our nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter.

Can I make a booking for any concession, discount or promotion?
No concession, discount or promotion tickets will be applicable

What is minimum amount booking via e-Ticket?
Minimum amount for each transaction should be at least RM/SGD20.00.

Online Booking – Ticketing Procedure

What should I know before purchase a ticket?
a. Origin
Location Code and Name of the Origin Station.
b. Destination
Location Code and name of the destination station
Tickets from Singapore (for short distance) can be purchased if the destination is from GEMAS onwards.
c. Journey date
Date of travel / Traveling Date
d. Train
List of train available based on the origin and destination
e. Train Type/Coach Type

    Day Train – Seating only (aisle/window)
    Coach Type
    1. Aircond First Class (AFC)
    2. Aircond Second Class (ASC)
    3. Aircond Economy Class (AEC)

    Night Train – Seating and bed
    Coach Type
    1. Aircond First Class (AFC) – seating
    2. Aircond Second Class (ASC) – seating
    3. Aircond Economy Class (AEC) – seating
    4. Aircond Day Night First Deluxe (2 pax per cabin)- Upper and Lower berth (ADNFD)
    5. Aircond Day Night First (2 pax per cabin) – upper and lower berth (ADNFB)
    6. Aircond Day Night Second (40 pax per coach) – upper and lower berth (ADNS)

f. Coach
i. Label – Coach Label e.g L1,FG,E1,E2
ii. Slot No as a Seat No
g. Fare

Tickets for travel from any train stations within Malaysia to Singapore and return will be charged in RM currency. Similarly single or return journey ticket from Singapore to any stations within Malaysia will be charged and payable in SGD denomination.
Our advised you to purchase for e-ticket single journey tickets, if travel is for Singapore – Sentral KL and return Singapore as shown here:-
SENTRAL KL TO SINGAPORE = RINGGIT MALAYSIA.(To be Purchased at any KTMB Station, excluding Singapore Station).

How do I collect my tickets?
You may print tickets through this web-site from your PC printer for use as valid travel tickets. e-Ticket print out is VALID TRAVEL TICKET. No need to approach the counter anymore for further clarifications. Board the train with it.

What is Reference ID & Ticket ID?
If your transaction complete, you will have Reference Id & Ticket Id

How do I collect my tickets if I don’t have printer at home?
If you don’t have printer, you should write down the Ticket Id and Reference Id. Just show your Ticket Id or Reference at any nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter. They will print the ticket for you.

Can I reprint my ticket?
Yes. You can reprint your ticket, but you must have Reference ID or Ticket ID at your home or nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter.

If I lost my ticket, how will I get a ticket?
You are responsible for the safekeeping of your ticket. If a ticket is lost or stolen and you can provide the reservation reference ID, we may replace the ticket for an additional administration charge. Other than this, we will not replace lost, stolen or mislaid tickets, nor refund their cost.

Online Booking – Ticket Changes & Cancellations

Can I make changes to my ticket itinerary after payment and confirmation?
For changes to ticket itineraries, please call our Call Center at 03-2267 1200 or contact your nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter.
Change on travel date and/or time of departure and/or class is allowed once and subject to the following conditions :-

a. Changes is made more than 24 hours before time of departure
b. If upgrade to higher class will subject to the payment of difference fare
c. If downgrade or lower class the difference in fares will not be refunded
d. Amendment to travel date and/or time of departure will not be allowed if a changes in class have been made or vise se verse
e. Ticket (s) which have been change on date and/or time of departure and/or class is entitled 50% refund if cancelled before the time of departure.

How do I make a cancellation if I have purchased a ticket online?
For cancellations, you will need to call our Call Center at 03-2267 1200 or contact your nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter

a. 100% refund if train cancelled, train delayed more than 2 hours from the time of departure and ticket(s) is cancelled before the train departure
b. 75% refund if ticket(s) is cancelled more than 72 hours before time departure
c. 50% refund if ticket(s) is cancelled less than 72 hours before time departure
d. No refund if tickets(s) is cancelled after time of departure

If I have made a cancellation, how will I get a refund?
For refunds, you will need to visit the nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter and the appropriate refund amount will be credited to the credit card, which you used to purchase your ticket online. The amount of your refund will be governed by the fare rules of your ticket. If you have any problem please call/e-mail our Account Station Unit Mr S.Pasupathy at +603-22798858 or email

Online Booking Enquiries

For other enquiries on bookings, please contact our Call Center at 03-2267 1200 or contact your nearest KTMB Ticketing Counter.

** Information from KTMB

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