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Kota Bahru Map

Posted by on Dec 12th, 2007
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Here are my free Kota Bahru Maps (click on the image or links). Some image of the kota Bahru Maps will take a while to load due to the size of the image. I try to leave the resolution of the Kota Bahru Maps as high as possible so that it will be detailed. (I suggest that you open each Kota Bahru Map in a new window)

Kota Bahru Detailed Map: Click Map to Enlarge
Johor Fun Map

4B Antique Shop
1A Batik/Songket Centre
3B Buluh Kubu Bazaar
4D Craft Museum & Handicraft Centre
4D Cultural Centre
2B Islamic Museum (Syura Hall)
3E Indra Petra Park
3B Istana Balai Besar
2D Istana Kota Lama (Palace)
2D Jalan Gajah Mati (Indian Food)
1A Kite Making Centre
3E Kota Darulnaim (State Secretariat
2B Kota Sultan Ismail Petra
2A Main Road to PCB/Cottage Industries
2B Merdeka Square
3B New Central Market
3C Night Market/Food Stalls
3B Old Market Building (Food Bazaar
& Local Products)
3B Royal Customs Museum (Istana Jahar)
2B Royal Museum (Istana Batu)
5E Satay Jawa
3F Semasa Batik Factory
2E Silversmith
3D State Museum
2C UDA Arked
2B War Museum

2C Naim Jaya Hypermart
3B Pantai Timur
4B Safraa Jaya
2C The Store Kelantan
3C The Store Kota Bharu

3C Bus Station
3E Express Bus Station Jln. Hamzah
5D Federal Office Building/Immigration
3D General Post Office
3D Malaysia Airlines (MAS)
5D Police Station
4E SKMK Langgar Bus Terminal
3C Taxi Stand

4D General Hospital

3C Ansar Hotel
3C Ansar Inn
2C Crystal Lodge
2C Diamond Puteri
2D Dynasty Inn
3B E’n’E Inn
2B Hotel Aman
2B Hotel Indah
4E Hotel Kami
3B Hotel Mawar
5C Hotel New Pacific
3C Hotel Politan
3E Hotel Sentosa
3C Hotel Tokyo Baru
4B Juita Inn
3D Mohani’s Inn
4D Perdana Hotel
4E Renaissance Kota Bharu
4C Sabriena Court Hotel
2B Safar Inn
5E Seri Merdeka Motel
4C Square Point
3C Suria Hotel
5D Sutera Inn Prima
2C Temenggong Hotel

3D Tourist Information Centre

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