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Konsortium Express Bus

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
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konsortium. Express BusKonsortium Official Website | Konsortium Express Bus Schedule
Telephone: +65 63923911(Singapore)

Konsortium Malaysia Singapore Express Bus
Super VIP Coach: Twelve daily departures (first one at 7.30am, last one at 10pm)
Pick-up point: Golden Mile (5001 Beach Road, #01-52B, Golden Mile Complex), arrive at Puduraya Bus Terminal
Refer to their website for their Bus Fares and Schedules or approach the counters at Puduraya Bus Terminal.

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  1. I for the first time travelled to Penang by bus, the company from whom I bought the ticket was Konstorium Bus Co, My bus was schdule to leave K L at 1.30pm, but I got the bus only at 2.30pm and it was not a Konstorium Bus but from a different Co, It was a mad house at the bus terminal as no one new what time which bus we were supposed to go, firstly trying to get to the bus was it self a a battle, the persons working were rude and non curtious, the bitter experience last saturday I had, I will not forget for a while.i will not reccomend it to anyone. After travel of two hours you would like to have hot drink(tea or coffe) the guy stops near a place where you have few wending machines and some of it do not work. You got to educate the drivers that foreginers do travel not to take any one for granted. It will tarnish the image of Malaysia, and this year your govt is making a big hype about travel Malaysia internationaly but feedback like these will not bring any good results for the country because of these kinds of irresponsible behaviour of a few persons.

  2. whats yr phone number in KL office, need to book tickets to spore, any online booking?

  3. Refer to Farook’s mail, I,m 100% agreed!
    I, myself is a Malaysian, and I have the same bad experience with Konsortium Bus Co. I bought a 9.00pm Konsortium Bus ticket from KL to JB last month (Aug 2007) 1st ) They changed the bus to ‘Gunung Raya Exspres’, and even changed the bus ticket. 2nd) Waited until 10pm, when I checked with the Chinese staff / appointed agent and he said “It is none of my business” 3rd ) After some little arguments with the mentioned staff, his Malay colleague dare to tell me “Lain kali, jangan naik bus, guna kereta sendiri lah” (next time don’t take a bus and use your own car lah).
    I was extremely upset with their unprofessional manners, I swear I will never use Konsortium Bus and will never ever recommend it to my friends and relatives.

  4. i’d look to purchase tickets from Konsortium, but with these comments. I’d rather not. Poor customer service T_T.

  5. It’s actually my parents who were travelling on Konsortium from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. The staff gave the wrong information and ask my parent to wait at Lane no.4 but later they changed to Lane 7 without informing the passenger. They claimed that they shouted a few times from Lane 7 mentioning “bus to KL” but imaging my parent(67 and 77 years old) were at Lane 4 and with the noise at the terminal, they can’t hear that so they missed the bus. My dad went to the counter after waited for about 1 hour but they said that the bus left already and asked him to buy another ticket. They advised my parent to walk around the terminal to look for their bus and not advise that they just wait at one terminal. It’ was so dangerous for us to walk around with buses moving at the terminal. I have write in to complaint to the head office but they can’t do anything. Lousy services.

    my bus was late this afternoon for one hour.
    It was not a red konsortium.
    It was another bus from LMPS.
    BETTER choice might be GRASSLAND or MAJU LINER.
    Quantity instead of Quality matters for KONSORTIUM.

    They really cannot make it.

  7. Correct! I have took KONSORTIUM in KL for few times, because i need to arrived at Beach Road Singapore and their schedule was suit me as i wan to take night bus(although most of the time need to WAIT minimum 15mins, max half hour that i experienced before). It is sometimes “normal”, sometimes “bad” as what the other comments. In one day, i am late to depart 15min, i was just try to asked whether the bus was leaved since it is always late, but their guy told me that i should be there early. How come passenger should be in time, but the bus was not? Then, i was try to go to the platform to see whether the bus really leaved, but another guy stop me and said i’m late, they are not responsible and asked me to buy another ticket. I was wondering why he stopped me and won’t let me to have a look!! I’m not care about buy another ticket, i just want to confirm is it the bus leaved, sure that my seat was replace by other passenger..

  8. I took Konsortium once and it was enough a bad experience. The bus driver left me at the Woodlands checkpoint, well almost left me because I managed to chased after the bus in time. I was took the last bus back from Singapore to KL. It was crowded at the Woodlands Checkpoint at the 10pm-11pm period so definitely immigration and customs takes longer then usual.

    Generally, I realised that the bus will wait no more than 20 minutes and will leave regardless of whether you made it or not. This means bus driver don’t bother to count passengers before leaving. As I walked out of the ICA centre, I could already see my bus driving off. Thank God I was young enough to give chase to the bus or else I would have landed myself still in Woodlands not being able to go back KL.

  9. My son bought a konsortium bus ticket from KL to Penang for the coming CNY last week. Usual ticket price is RM 27.00 but now it was sold at RM 33.00,
    festive price! Don’t really mind if the service and punctuality at that moment worth the extra RM6.00 charged.

  10. Yes, the service really bad. Last time my friend and I bought 2 executive seat to Kuala Lumpur from Penang, it were cost RM 40 per seat. But we have wait for 1 hour plus, the bus still not yet come (we are waiting at the platform, we inhale a lot of carbon), then I went to their counter to asked for a bottle of water, but they said they din’t provided water (RM 40 not include even a bottle water), Okay, nevermind, then i went down again, we wait for another half an hour, we were very angry already, we decided to srove down, so my friend went to the counter to asked for refund, but they scold my friend and said that that is not their fault and said no refund was allowed, how come their service so poor?

  11. True enough! Lets band Konsortium Express Bus.

  12. i want to share a horrible experience with the public. i took a konsortium bus from penang t kl yesterday (19/4/08) at 530pm. the bus turned out to be from Freebury Ekspress. that was still ok though was not the original konsortium. the bus number was 8829.
    but during the journey, at sabak bernam area, the bus driver was racing with a trailer. yes. i agree it was the trailer’s fault n ego. but the bus driver actually stopped the bus at the road side at highway with double emergency signals on and went dowon the bus, to quarrel with the trailer’s driver! how irresponsible to leave the bus passengers at the road side. lucky enough no one hit us! or else, my news will be in the newspaper today! how can the company hire such person?? all bus drivers must be well disciplined! i strognly demand Konsortium to consider teach and educate the divers or else, please dont run this dangerous busniness! what a shame to malaysians!!!

  13. I took a lot of Konsortium busses KL-SG, KL-JB and JB-KL. So far my comment is their busses are newer and very good service when departing from Pasarakyat (Imbi) because the guy that handles the ticketing there is very reliable and friendly; and he’s Chinese. I don’t mind paying a few bucks more for this service.

    The ones from Puduraya have cheaper tickets (with no water bottle or snacks) and busses are older. The Puduraya busses seem to have the same disease as the other bus companies when it comes to punctuality. If the bus is not full, they WILL DEFINITELY delay the departure. Over all I think the bus trips are bearable, at least they keep within the 4hr journey and don’t stop for long food breaks. One more thing tho, night busses seem to beat the speed limit with 3.5hrs JB to KL, now that’s scary! Imagine not waking up alive =/

  14. now they’ve done it, konsortium banned

    i’m a university student who travels to KL-PG and vice versa often. Konsortium workers are irritating sometimes, they tend to talk in a immature manner. So far, i’ve exprienced the longest delay of 2 hours with konsortium, and the reason they gave was the bus is not full. Imagine answering foreigner tourist with that kind of respond.

    Hopefully the tourism ministry will do something more about it. they are operating using other names now.

  15. after seeing those comments, you can count me out on going to KL using Konsortium Busline. punctuality is important to me. and headcount is not a valid reason to delay the departure of the bus.

  16. Consortium is just a piece of shit!
    2 weeks ago I took a bus from KL to SG thru JB (since the direct bus is out), I bought the ticket at 3pm, wait till almost 4. Then the stupid worker shouted to us and we follow them to another building accross the street to wait for the bus.
    The conductor collects ticket from us, guess what? They oversold the tickets, and some of us can’t get on board! Two foreign workers argue with them and end up with a fight with the local Malays. At the end they return the money to the 2 foreigners and ask them to go away (These Malay are just barbarian)
    I wasn’t able to get on board as they oversold the ticket, so I was asked to wait for the next bus at 5pm. So I just walked around the area and back by 5pm, guess what again? There is no seat for me! They asked me to sit at the small place at the front door! So I argue with them again, and end up they said that I can temporarily sit at a place, where they suppose to pick up other passengers from Kajang, another town.
    I have no choice but to do that, luckily while we reach Kajang, there was not many customers and I was able to retain a seat.
    Although I am a Malaysian, I am sick of these people, and take it as a shame!

  17. Consortium is just a piece of shit!

    Pls don’t risk your precious time, especially when you already planned a nice schedule for yorrself after you arrived SG.

    The bus driver left the customer at the check point without any notice!!!!!!!!
    Yet, they cant get contact with the bus driver!!!!!
    More, the SG Consortium operator’s manner, sorry, I don’t think she has any of that!!!!!!

    I called to SG’s Consortium and asked politely since the bus gone, I’ll find a way to get into SG myself, just want to check with them whether the bus arrived SG and could Consortium help me to keep my documents.

    And the reply I get from the SG’s Consortium operator, “The bus driver dint contat to as, how du I Know?”
    What a “professional trained” operator with a nice accent. Sounds like my auntie ah lian talking to me.

    Consortium, if you see this message, don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I’m talking nonsense, check with your staff yourself.

    28/08/2008, 8:30pm, from AS to SG, Bus number 7188
    29/08/2008, Arrived JB station around 8:00am
    29/08/2008, Arrived Woodland checkpoint around 8:30am

    29/08/2008, 9:00am, waiting for the bus after passed the checkpoint, and I just didn’t see 7188 anymore!!

  18. […] Read How Shit They Are « ??????????71??????!!!! […]

  19. YES, THEY ARE INDEED A HUGE PIECE OF SHIT ! I couldn’t agree more.

    on 4/9/08, I’d booked a coach ticket with Aeroline to sunway. Upon departure I realised that I’ve taken my daughter’s passport instead. Left with no choice I have to go home to get my passport and grab the next available coach that come by.

    I called Konsortium which is my greatest mistake. The staff who picked up the phone told me next bus to KL is 10.30am. So I asked her is there pick up at sun plaza, which is nearest to my house. The staff told me YES but must reach there 30 mins before departure. I repeated my question to confirm.

    I reached sun plaza at 9.45am. First question I asked the staff (later I know that her name is Doreen) is there any pick up at sunplaza at 10.30am? She replied me…hmmm, I haven’t on the computer so I cannot answer you, I said I’m just asking to confirm that is there any pick up at sun plaza… She replied me : ” I’m sweeping the floor now, can u come in again at 10am, our office open at 10am.”

    Fine, I went in at 10am sharp. I repeated my question. She said NO, there is no such thing, pick up is only at beach road. I was burning then, why cant she just tell me at 9.45am so that I can rush to Beach road. After some heated arguement, I rush a cab down to beach road. To the fair, during the 10 minutes when I was at sun plaza branch, there was a nice lady who was very helpful, unfortuately I didnt get her name.

    On my way to beach road, I called sun plaza again at 10.25am. They told me not to worry, they have called beach road branch and the coach guaranttee wait for me as it was their mistake. I reached beach road at 10.35am. Know what, the coach has left!The staff claimed that they do not know anything. They told me the next coach will be 1pm while sun plaza told me was 11am… I simply refuse to talk to them further, I rushed next door, bought a coach ticket from grassland and took a 10.45am coach to kl without any problem … SHIT !

  20. My friends and I booked 4 tickets from Konsortium to Singapore for a holiday trip.
    It was our first time to Singapore to be exact.

    The bus driver drove like mad and it took us only 4 hours to reach singapore including getting through both the Malaysian and Singaporean custom.

    Since it was the first time I step into Singapore, I have no idea where is beach road or whether we have reached beach road as I see random stop everywhere.
    So , we waited patiently as we know the bus will stop at a bus terminal afterall. (we’re damn wrong!)

    The bus stopped somewhere near the beach road, and didn’t make any announcement nor yelling at passengers that they have reach the destination.
    We continue to wait in the bus thinking that it would bring us to the bus terminal… …

    The bus driver suddenly got angry and yelled at us why the hell we do not exit the bus and now he has been issued police summons just because of waiting for us to exit the bus.

    I was dumb fucked and how the hell I know I should exit the bus since I dont even see a bus terminal????
    The bus driver later kept scolding us like a mad man coming out from kampung while we have no clue where the hell we were.

    I never take Konsortium bus after that! The bus is driven by uncivilized animal!

  21. I had a bad experience with Konsortium as well. Last few months, me and my friends 7 of us were joint a tour to Genting. We paid extra $40 each to get a better seat with small TV and Music player. And when we bought the ticket, the staff told us we will be provided with least mineral water….

    Damn upset. No water…. and…the most mad thing was the aircon was spoilt. The driver was asking us to be patient..he told us they would going to repair it at somewhere near 1 hour away from Singapore.Hmm….initially we thought that we only need to suffer for 1 hour…at the end…..what we got from the driver was…”SORRY, the aircon cannnot be repaired at this moment!” after we waited 1 hour plus at the food court.

    Damn angry!!!!! then one of the staff came to approach us.. She said ” hey guys, I have no choice, I will seperate you all to different buses…..!!!!!”

    The time already 1am in the morning… So…we just can wait and wait for the others bus that was heading to Genting and was still has some seats…
    After 2 and a half hours waiting, there are 2 buses..and my frens and 1, only 5 of us can board into the different buses…and left our another 3 friends were need to wait for another chance to board the others bus..

    What was really dissapointed us is tat….our frens waited till 4am in the morning….and came a bus where only has 2 seats. And the staff just asked my fren to sit behind..where they normally used to put the laguages…The place was damn terrible..Imagine he had to sit there from the place all the way to genting highland….

    It was such a terrible experience =(

  22. I had a bad experience with Konsortium too, besides for the late departure ,I even lost my luggage once during the bus trip from malaysia to Singapore, at Malaysia custom , we are required to alight bus for stamping passport before heading to Singapore checkpoint, when i boarded again to bus after pasport stamping , so shock to find my luggage was lost , damn shit!!
    I was so mad , the bus driver cannot push all the responsibilities by just telling me the story that there was a guy went back into bus to take luggage and claimed that will got down from JB custom when all of the passengers down for stamping, what for to tell me all these, they should watch out for any stranger or suspicious passenger, but they never .
    I did call to Konsortium Singapore for help but useless, they said will check for me , at the end push back to Konsortium Malaysia and I was told that the bus is belongs to Konsortium Malaysia,what should i say then, really disappointed with Konsortium !!!

  23. korang nak tau tak….? konsortium nie bodoh tak guna ….. aku beli tiket pukul 8.30 kt platform 17 puduraya dgn 11 orang penumpang yang lain…. tunggu nye tunggu tak sampai sampai… kita orang kaunter jerit maki hamun dengan staff tu… baru dia takut dia bagi tiket untuk pukul 10.30 …nasib baik ada bas tu coach SVIP untuk ke p.pinang…. lain kali tak payah takut dengan staff nie sound skali baru takut…..

  24. The scariest ‘nightmare’ in my life happened on that night! Damn hell thank to “KONSORTIUM” for that memorable memories in my life….. That was on a beautiful morning we rush from KL to Penang for a seminar. On the same day itself we paid RM35 per person for the last bus from PG to KL. Thank GOD if wasn’t for my husband there, I would have “KILL” the Bus driver that night itself!!!!
    The moment I got up the so call ” VIP BUS” I feel ichy all over my body and the 5hrs journey actually too 6 n half hrs to reach. All along the journey I was crying due to the ichiness and also those red balms caused after my long nail scratching. The moment I got off the bus I need to go and see doctor immediately.
    I still can feel the bugs bitting me when writing here…. I SWEAR I’ll never take “Konsortium VIP” again in my life!

  25. i read all the comments stated above.wat the suggestors reply all are very true.i am a coach captain in JB.i have seen so many express bus companies in jb.the worst i came across is the konsortium company.tis company is leading company for bus accidents.the speed n reckless of the coach drivers are really very bad. i would encourage passengers to take aeroliner express,oddessy express or grassland express coaches for your safe n comfortable journey.think for your life….not for your money!!! money come n go….but once live gone… lets have a safe journey to everyone!!!!

  26. Yes, it’s all true. Last time use to took Konsortium at Puduraya to Northern. Punctuality very damn bad. Changing to different bus company are very common. Nightmare no more, now take Transnasional, service is good and satisfied at the moment.

  27. Hey guys,do u know konsortium bas is very fast in the highway.THis is the prove .go n have a look.really scarry n worry if take this bus.really terrible.

    *Editor edit – LINK HERE

  28. hah, just saw the video. that’s really FAST!

  29. I’m planning to go kuantan and have been looking for executive coach. I had been calling konsortium @ beach road on their coach service. Its a blessing that I read thru those comments. So i better stay off with this company. many comments on the speed limit…..tis is damn scary !!!
    I agreed that konsortium’s service at sun plaza is bad. i had gone to their office to make some enquiry, well they just don’t simply entertain you. no wonders their office has less or no customers.

  30. i’m realy agree with sape2ler,khang, worry man n horhapiz. evry week il back to my hometown jb from puduraya. the services very shit, bad customer service, damn punctuality. n so many scary, bad xperience wth them, n what the hell they wan us to chnge to anthr bus, i feel like goat when they said goto platform xx, then at the platform other staff said your bus not here, overthre, until 2 3 hours we try found the bus and finally they said the ticket is not ours. what the fuck man! if im do the mistake, impossible nears to 10 people gt da same ticket. then because tht reason they give us anothr hell bus and take time 8 hours to reach jb…
    sometimes very bad to me when anther bus sold out their tckt n have no choice il use ths cmpny srvce,

    now im realy satisfied with transnasional n causeway link. sometimes customers just 3 people includ me , driver stil puntual with the time,

    im nvr evr use this company serce again, konsortium will thnk they must entertain n attract their customer…..

  31. Konsortium should improve on customer service in Penang. Nowadays you buy konsortium ticket but end up changing to grassland coach. Feel cheated. Might as well we book grassland (if wanted).

  32. How i can get my small dark brown note book left at the back seat things carrier. I was sitting at no 17, so must be at my front. The cleaners must have found it and sure
    nothing is there but some receipts the mos important was some data i took from Sungklha. The number of the Lonsortium Bus Express left Hat Jai 7 pm August 20, 2009 reach Pudaraya at 4 am 21 August 2009.

    Please asked the Driver or conductor if the cleaners found it. I can be conatacted to
    my email address
    My hand phone number is : 0129 9312074

    Thnak you,

  33. I was about to send the consumer association or the government department a complaint letter as when i bought a konsurtium ticket back to penang which should cost RM27 but was sold at RM35 at first then at RM36 and now at RM37.50.Which one is the right amount to pay for the tickets?

    then it is so bad that when i went onto the bus , it was not konsurtium. then we should give back our tickets to the guy who will then give us another ticket which written the name of the bus company which was not KONSURTIUM. and the price written on the ticket was RM36!

    bull shit! a company which cheats!

  34. Talking about cheating…the following is another way of cheating.

    I asked for the regular 3.30 31st November 2009 bus from KL to Singapore and I was told they do not run at that time anymore. Imagine, I have relied on this 3.30 bus weekly for at least the last 5 weeks and suddenly without notice they said tiada lagi!

    However, there is one scheduled to run at 4.15 pm…. that’s good, so I paid RM39.00 and waited until 5.05 for it to move. On my enquiry, I was told that it was a 5 pm bus and there is not such thing as a 4.15 bus…the ticket seller tipu la!

    By the way, the Konsortium Bus seems to have a problem with turning on their Video. Everytime I asked they would say rosak la!

    Most disappointing… I actually praise the Konsortium Bus services the week before and all that they stand for is now out of the window.

  35. I want to share this terribly horrible experence with Konsortium bus today!

    My bus was from Klang to Singapore at 9.30am..On the way to Singapore, there were several stops until JB and after that Malaysia immigration and Singapore immigration. The bus driver was supposed to wait in platform in Singapore immigration, but when i came out, there was NO BUS and i was waiting another 30mins outside, still NEVER COMEBACK. I wasn’t even late!! I finished all procedure in 5-6mins and came out!!!!


    The driver didn’t even inform us whether we need to transfer to another bus or something..and even if he told us, still this konsortium bus has to take us to Beach Road in Singapore!

    In the bus, there were me and 5 philippino aunties group only when we reached singapore immigration. I think that’s why driver was jst disappeared, which means he looked down us so bad! We were so pissed off and called up to Malaysia office but that lady said she doesn’t knw number of driver and her attitude didn’t seem to interested in this issue! I cannot believe THIS HORRIBLE IRRESPONSIBLE SERVICE even in this considered big company… I’m so not going to use this company again so are all my friends..


  36. Ihave read with interest the comments on this an expat that has used the Konsortium service i am surprised to hear these negative reports.Maybe i was just lucky,but on the numerous trips we have taken,i have to say i did not experience any of these problems.The drivers on the whole were courteous and helpful.Yes the drivers exceed the speed limit,and have no doubt a tight schedule to adhere to.The buses tend to be comfortable although several times the dvd equipment developed some audio problems.There can be difficulties on alighting at Pudaraya,as the station is seriously congested.To counter this, it is essential to arrive early in order to locate the relevant bus.

  37. My cousin’s wife died in an accident involving Konsortium bus. The company has many issues but as usual, VIP owners cover it up. It was reckless driving that caused the accident, the driver was issued a summons an hour before the accident happened for reckless driving, after getting the summons, he got angry and drove even worse. It ended with the death of my cousins wife and many other injured. The bus driver was able to run away. I repeat, stay away from this company.