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Johor Natural Attractions

Posted by on Dec 15th, 2007
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The natural attractions in Johor will thrill nature buffs as it encompasses several sites which have been declared national parks and relatively still unexplored. The diversity of the natural attractions in the state ranges from virgin forests, waterfalls, hot springs and firefly havens. Among the lush parks are the lowland dipterocarp forest of Endau Rompin National Park (Mersing District), the legendary Gunung Ledang (Muar District) and the swampy wetland sanctuary of Pulau Kukup (Pontian District).

Endau Rompin Park

Reputedly one of the oldest rainforests in the world the Endau Rompin National Park which covers 50, 000 hectares is a treasure trove of wonders which include fan palms which stand taller than a man, the over 200mil year old rock formations, the legendary 120 metre high Buaya Sangkut waterfalls and the Endau and Rompin rivers. If very lucky you could chance upon the Sumatran Rhinos now so rare in Peninsular Malaysia. To visit the park you need to obtain a permit from the Johor National Park Corporation or the District Office. You will also be guided by forest rangers at all times within the park.

Sagil Waterfall

The mystic local folklore and the tales of the supernatural which surrounds the legendary Gunung Ledang or Mount Ophir add to its allure. This majestic work of nature, the highest peak in Johor at 1,267 metres above sea level, is a popular tourist attraction with the magnificence of the Sagil Waterfall drawing picnickers regularly. You may also wish to try the challenge trails to the peak approximately 5 hours of grueling effort will take you through dense jungle and enchanting flora and fauna to glorious vistas from peak.

Stand at the southernmost tip of the Asia Continent at the humble Tanjung Piai and receive a certificate. Set amidst an extensive natural mangrove forest you can enjoy watching the frolics of the stars of the mangrove forest, the multi coloured mangrove crabs, bug eyed mud skippers and crab eating macaques. You could opt for a traditional kampong experience via the Homestay and Agro tourism projects and also indulge in the exceptional seafood in Kukup.

The flicker of firefly colonies like a thousand stars on the boughs of the Berembang trees in Kota Tinggi along the banks of Johor River is a mesmerizing sight. The riverbank is also a popular haunt for prawn fishing which you could experience by hiring a boat to take you to choice spots along the river. Be warned though that skill, patience and luck are necessary ingredients for a good haul!

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