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Is Malaysia safe? Malaysians friendly?

Posted by on May 1st, 2007
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Most travelers comment on the friendliness and hospitality of Malaysians. It really is exceptional.

Malaysia is not only friendly, it is one of the safest countries worldwide and absolutely safe to travel to any part of the country.

Even though Malaysia is relatively safe, the only crime-free place is heaven, so here are things to watch:

STREET CRIME: It has begun to grow in the big, particularly in tourist areas: pickpockets and bag-snatchers. Defense is the same anywhere: wear your purse/bag strap over your chest (not just dangling from your shoulder) and hold your bag close.(read more on street crimes)

Women travelers should be sensitive to local customs and attitudes.

You must answer this question to fit your personal tolerance for risk. If you believe the statistics and look at it rationally, you’ll probably go. If you’re going to worry about safety a lot while you’re there, the worry may make your trip less pleasant, and so you probably shouldn’t go.

Many governments post detailed security notices on the Internet. These are useful reading if you are concerned about safety when you travel:
US Department of State’ s Consular Information Sheet
UK Foreign & Commowealth Office
Canada Department of Foreign Affairs
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

google custom search on Tourism Malaysia
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  1. Malaysia is not only friendly, it is one of the safest countries worldwide and absolutely safe to travel to any part of the country.
    Realy ? But according to my friend , is totally diffrent …

  2. malaysia is a good place for travel!!!! so cheap to buy things…

    who say is bad place i will kill him!!!!!

    Malaysia Boleh!!!

  3. Lol sim chi sin… you are already scarying ppl saying “i will kill him ” just for posting a comment ;P

    But crime is everywhere , petty crime is almost in every country you visit…. so do be aware of it as tourists are always a target to the unlawfuls of any country….

  4. One Chinese Laundry used to do my washing job nicely.One day she told me why I give one pair at a time . If I gave lot it would be economical. I did only to find she has refused to give cloths saying these are lost.Made two complaints to police, wrote emails to many agencies and minisres office but no help. Police is scared of criminals and sometimes may be getting cut from them.
    Except this I simply love and like the country.
    I only wish police to be of some help.

  5. dear freind why use such hard word of killing for posting comment. Such comments caution the visitor so the criminals donot take advantage.
    I have all the appreciation for the country and its people.
    If you really love Malaysia like me please do take comments for imrovement.

  6. Malaysia was a surprise for me, i didnt expect to feel so safe and comfort, despite my fears traveling alone 1st time there. They respect their guests, malaysian people is so fine: you want them friendly, they are. You want them discret, they dont bother you. Their capital Kuala Lumpur is much safer that any big european city and you can walk alone late night.

  7. somebody try to stole my bag at my first night in kuala lumpur; but i keep it.
    Now i’m in melakka and yesterday somebody stole my bag !
    malaysia is not safety at all . (it’s just my point of view )