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Heritage Wedding, George Town

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2009
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On 11 and 12 April ’09 (Sat. & Sun.), almost 200 hundred photography enthusiasts (including yours truly) took part in the Historical Wedding Gown Photography Competition which was supported by the Penang State Government. The event was held at major tourist locations in the heart of George Town, namely Fort Cornwallis, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple (along Little India), the stretch along Beach Street and finally the clan jetties along Weld Quay, particularly Chew Jetty.

The three elegantly beautiful models, Danielle, Karen and Roxanne were a joy to capture. They looked stunning in their wedding gowns and having the iconic sites of George Town as the backdrop made the whole event even more meaningful.

My thoughts through the lens

Passion. Grit. Determination. If these words sound very familiar in the sporting world, I’m sure these words are applicable to the photography world as well and this article also serves as a tribute to all the photographers who braved the heat for those two days. Here is a sneak peek of the event through my lens and for now, I will let the images do the ‘talking’.
All photos and texts by Calvin Kwok

Heritage Wedding Georgetown Penang Malysia
Little India, along Market Street

Heritage Wedding Georgetown Penang Malysia
Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade

Heritage Wedding Georgetown Penang Malysia
Chew Jetty

Heritage Wedding Georgetown Penang Malysia
Off Beach Street

Heritage Wedding Georgetown Penang Malysia
A candid shot at Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade

Heritage Wedding Georgetown Penang Malysia
Shooting in session

Malaysia Travel Guide Photographer

Born, bred and schooled within the vicinity of George Town; Penang has been my home for over twenty years. As a way of saying ‘Welcome to Penang’, I would like to share scenes of Penang with you from my perspective as a keen amateur photographer. More [+]

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  1. Nice pictures..the close up shots are nice but there’s not much to tell from the backgrounds?

  2. Thanks, Lang.. some of the backgrounds were taken off the streets and alleys along George Town, hence the simplicity..

  3. It is amazing how these models can stand the heat!

    Nice photos Calvin. I like the Chew Jetty one alot, altho’ I will prefer the photos to have more backdrop too.

    How many participants are there at this event? and .. who won?

  4. Thank you,’d have to be there to experience the heat and intensity 🙂

    Well, it was a photography competition and results will be announced in the next few weeks.
    Anyway, about the backdrop, it was a compromise; too much of backdrop would mean the models would appear small and vice versa. I opted to show the models more over here for this time :O) Other images have yet to be uploaded. These are just the ‘preview’ shots and a sneak peek.

  5. O_o wow.

    outdoor wedding shots around the historical town. i like 😉 i personally like the one at the fort cornwallis.

  6. Thank you, Bubbles (what a cute name..hehe)