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Grassland Express Bus

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
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Grassland express Bus

Grassland Express Bus

Grassland Express Bus

Malaysia Singapore Bus

Grassland Express maintains an extensive coverage throughout Peninsula Malaysia (Genting Highlands / Kuala Lumpur / Melaka / Penang) and Hatyai

Official Grassland Coach Website
| Grassland Coach Schedule
Telephone: +65 62921166 (Singapore)

Grassland Singapore Malaysia Express Bus
Price: S$30/$42
Pick-up point: Golden Mile (5001 Beach Road, #01-24/26, Golden Mile Complex, ), arrive at Puduraya Bus Terminal
The 21 Super VIP Coach departs daily from 7.30am and last coach leaves at 10pm.

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19 Responses »

  1. The above information do not produce the contact info of the Malaysian side .

  2. I had book the bus ticket from KL to Singapore on 03/01/08 with ur staff name Chris (Tel no is 03-2078 3617).I promise that I will collect ticket on 04/01/08.When my collegue went to collect ticket , the another staff dont know about this cases because Chris was on leave.So , I called back (on 04/01/08
    * around 10.00am) to know the status , but ur staff was so rude and also scolded me with xxxxx words.

    It is the way that your company service treat your customer with this such attitude??

    Very dissappointed……

  3. Hi! i very disappointed about Grassland do not hav bus on 06/02/2008 go to Ipoh/Lumut. I like took bus with grassland to go back hometown..but i very sad when i go to counter to ask about it. It make me need to buy ticket from other company that i event took before because i got here about my friend buy some ticket at pudu when her buy the ticket like brand A but when at that day them put on her at bus Z…and i scare also if i buy ticket from other company tat i wan go back to lumut later them took me go to ipoh..@.@ What should i do??

  4. Hello !

    Someone, please let me know!!
    The Grassland Express Coach leave in Golden Mile Complex in Singapore and where does the coach arrive in KL? Puduraya Bus Terminal?? Or Berjaya Times Square?? Please reply, someone!!

  5. if depart fr Golden MIle then in KL will arrive at opposite Berjaya Times SQ lor.. last time I go like that

  6. Jenny,

    Thank you very much for the information !

  7. i had a terrible experience with grassland.

    although booking/purchase of ticket was easy, journey was fine, but the driver wasnt polite.
    on my way back from singpore to kuala lumpur, i rode the bus at a nite time alone (with few passengers).
    apparently the driver made his way to flirt with me the whole journey. he threw me a slip of paper which wrote his phone number, his name, and a note .’pls call me tonite’. i was freaking out!

    i reached berjaya times sq n complained, but the ladies do not speak or understand a word of english i said.
    o ddear.


    I bought a pair of ticket from GRASSLAND KULAI for my 70 years old parent to go back to hometown on 22 Oct 2008 @2330hrs. I requested for front seat which a Fat lady give me 3B & 3C and charged me RM160 for two ticket from Kulai to Simpang.

    On the actual day, my parent’s seat was changed to 7B & 7C. I asked her why changed our seat number. She reply very rude and just said not her fault, the centre never confirm with her on our seat. When I asked why you dare to sell me ticket with seat 3B & 3C without confirming the availability. She just ignore me and walked away.

    My poor parent has to bear with the bumpy seat at the back for 8 hours. that make me very pissed off.

    Before this incident, she was also written the wrong plate no. The coach no is PGC3966 and she wrongly written PGC7966. When the bus arrived, I asked her it that the right bus, she asked us to refer to the plate no given. Subsequently, she shouted that you guys dont want to board??


  9. tiz is the best bus bus among the other express

  10. It’s so scared to use grassland service when there is too many complain…what say u people ??

  11. I’m very suprised & feel disappointed to see so many bad comments about grassland. I think above-mentioned company should have to do something to get improvement.


  12. since last time horrible accident happened at johor, I not dare to take grassland bus anymore

  13. Wanted to try this bus but after reading through the comments, I have to think twice. Very bad impression la….

  14. read so many negative comments and would not use this during my proposed visit on 10th Nov 2009. The company should be replying to this and should make corrective measures

  15. I was about to book tickets to go to S’pore using Grassland bus,
    but after reading so many negative comments about it’s services,
    i think i am going to find other alternative.

  16. I’m very fed up and disappointed with the service of Grassland Coach at Beach Road Singapore.

    I’ve booked 7pcs bus tickets from Golden Mile Complex (Singapore) to Pantai Remis (Malaysia) on 20/11/2009. The date return is 22/11/2009.

    When I called to confirm the tickets on 22/11/2009, the staff inform me that they have sold 3pcs tickets to others passengers. Why they can sold the 3pcs tickets directly without call to ask our permission since I’ve booked.

    Fortunately I got called to ask about the tickets confirmation, otherwise all my family members cannot go back at the same time.

    I have given the staff mobile number, why they didn’t call to ask whether we still need the tickets?

    So disappointed with their attitude and service.

    Finally I cancelled the 4pcs tickets at Grassland and buy the 7pcs tickets Boon Lay Konsortium Coach.

    Grassland staff please ask customer permission before selling the tickets.

  17. Dear GlassLand Singapore Tour Company; Manager Director; Tour Marketing Manager; Tour Sales Director;

    Please wake up!!!!! This is the wake up!

    So many complaints about yout staff performance and service standard in Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Singapore.

    Do you think you reserve a seating place in tourism industry in Singapore ?????

    Do something about your service.

    Don’t let all your customers and tourist in Singapore Became the next victims of your staffs and bus contract staffs (in Malaysia)

    Dear all passenger

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Before other new victims get Glassland bus tickets.

    You may lauch your comment to Singapore consumer organisation or Singapore tourism board about the poor service which not justifier with the money value.

  18. Hello Everyone , I have use this bus service many many times , Thank god so far very good.I will still use their service.If all this “xxxx” is true can Grassland please do answer some of the questions ,then the regular people will be convensed.

    Thanks.Yours Muraly.

  19. Yesterday 27/3/12, I had took the grassland express from Singapore golden mills back to K.L berjaya times squre.. I was very enjoy during the journey back to k.l, because the driver and his assistant is very polite and helpful..the bus plate no. was PFF1991.
    GOOD JOB for both of them~