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First Coach Express Bus

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
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First Coach Bus

Telephone: +65 68222111 (Singapore) | +603 22873311 (Malaysia)

Bangsar Office:
No 48 Jalan Kemuja
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur ( Via 2nd Link )
730am, 930am and 1130am
230pm, 430pm and 630pm

From Singapore: 1 Way SGD$33, Return SGD$55
From Kuala Lumpur: 1 Way RM45, Return RM115

Children below 12 – 50% Off Normal price

First Coach Malaysia Singapore Express Bus

It provides 6 trips a day with coaches leaving Kuala Lumpur at 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 2.30pm 4.30pm and 6.30pm.
The coach terminals are at Jalan Kamuja in Bangsar Utama, about 100m from the Bangsar PUTRA LRT station.
In Singapore, passengers are dropped off at Novena Square, close to the Novena MRT station.

Extra Information From Comments (26 Nov 2007)
I have taken First Coach a few times, generally quite happy with the service. But I have been trying to call them for the past 2 weeks both Singapore and Bangsar offices, I think I have at least tried 50 times in total, and only once I managed to talk to someone. What I find funny is that nobody answer the call, but when I redial, it has become busy tone.
Another thing to take note, if you want a ticket from Singapore to Bangsar 6.30pm Friday, then you better go find other alternatives. First Coach has a very bad policy, ie, they allow you to book the ticket 60 days in advance (sounds good right? but read on) but only collect the ticket 2 or 3 days befor departure, without any commitment. Means people can always book way in advance but only make up their mind whether they want to take the coach or not. I think a lot of people abuse this convenience.

Wonder why you did not update the information for First Coach. They have a new point in BU, the number is 03-77253311. For those who have problem calling the Bangsar office, you may try this. You can call BU to book Bangsar-Singapore ticket and vice versa. I just did that.

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73 Responses »

  1. Any improvements in FirstCoach?
    After exactly 1 year discussing about this?

  2. Today , I was about to book just now for 23 August 2008 . So I mentioned my client name.I requested the name to be typed in full. However , the lady arrogantly keep asked for a phone number with a rude voice..I asked her 3 times to type the name in full.And she kept repeating her word for the sake of being ego.

    To avoid logistic problem, Full Name is very important when dealing with any transportation company.Especially client’s name.

    I chosed because Bangsar is near my client’s place. I am the first customer for this coach and already have a bad impression on the coach.

    I suggest that these staffs need to be trained well which otherwise the manager who responsible for the staffs not qualified to work in this organisation.

    I suggest if you want to make a booking , asked for their name first to avoid any ego and arrogant attitude.

  3. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am a frequent passenger of First coach and I have experienced bad front desk service usually at your Novena Branch: –
    1. Your counter-ticketing lady (whom with a spectacle) is always showing a sour black face every times I enquiry about the bus ticket, it seems that she is not happy with passenger to purchase ticket from her.
    2.She always chat happily with her colleagues while serving her customer, reluctant to attend to my enquiry.
    In short, purchase a bus ticket from your NOVENA BRANCH is a very unpleasant experience and always made me feel bad.

    I hope my comment can be a testimony for your bus service.

  4. Yet again, 1st Coach has the worst service.

    *The last time I took the bus, the driver was not willing to help a pregnant lady put her luggage into the lower compartment, kept asking her to move it in further while he was taking his smoke (faggad)

    *This time, they cancelled my tickets when they clearly told me to collect my tickets within 1 week which I did. And the reply?

    Dan: Hi I would like to collect my ticket for Sat 9.30am. Its under Mr. Dan


    Stupid malay 1st Coach guy: Number.

    Dan: 016-XXXXXXX


    Stupid malay 1st Coach guy: No ticket.

    Dan: How come?

    Stupid malay 1st Coach guy: Must collect 1 week.

    Dan: But the gal on the phone clearly told me to collect within one week from the day I called!!

    Stupid malay 1st Coach guy: I dunno. Must collect 1 week.

    Dan: So what can I do now?

    Stupid malay 1st Coach guy: 2.30pm

    Stupid chinese 1st Coach lady beside “I didn’t see all this, not my problem”

    I have been recommending all my Singapore friends to take this bus since I started taking it 2 years ago, now I’ll have to ask them all to switch to either Airebus or Aeroline.

    And for those who always can’t get thru, don’t bother. Those people are only there at the counter at the departure times, the rest of the time? They hide in the room behind. I stay in Bangsar and pass by often to check. (crazy ya, I know)

    The service has gone from good (when they started with little customers)
    to lousy (when they have enough to fill)
    and now degrading and arrogant (full until you want you take dun want then get lost)

    Do try out Airebus or Aeroline although not as cheap as 1st Coach, not as cheapo either.

  5. First Coach is famous for bad service, especially from the senior staff. The junior staff (I have seen them come and go) usually are very nice and helpful. The senior staff and managers are horribly arrogant, and they hate it when you ask them extra questions, or questions they just don’t like, for example : Why has your website been Under Construction for the past 3 years?

    One manager in Singapore sneakily said to me, “Our website is up to top management. If they feel the site is necessary, then they will move on it. But meanwhile, our ground staff can take care of your booking needs and questions by phone.”

    I said, “But I could not get in touch with your staff by phone. No one answered for days.”

    “You just have to keep trying, other customers say they managed to get through.”

    I said, “Other companies already have online booking.”

    She said, “Yeah, anyway, we have limited seating. If you prefer internet booking, you should try another company.”

    Obviously, the management just wants to make money, and won’t invest in a website. Why should they, when they still can sell tickets no matter how badly they treat customers.

    They (the managers and supervisors) always try to get rid of you as quickly as possible, at the counter. Sometimes they even have the cheek to glance at each other, as though sharing a secret joke at customers who try to complain. They give you that brief ‘not-again’ or ‘not another stupid customer’ look.

    Sometimes when the phones are ringing off the hook, someone there would pick up the phone and slam it down again, just to get rid of phone enquiries when they are busy with walk-in customers.

    So God help you if you need to change your booking to an earlier or later date! It’s touch and go, like Russian roulette.

    I have heard from students that First Coach is very arrogant because they don’t really need to do any selling. The tickets are limited so they kind of sell themselves easily and quickly. So they can’t be bothered by the Customer as an individual.

    But I felt that they should at least upgrade their system so that the employees have the luxury of being civil to every reasonable customer who makes reasonable requests or enquiries..!!

    First Coach is quaint and often maddening. They should be part of The Amazing Race. The contestants will enjoy the unique experience.

  6. I was trying to find the website of First Coach to do my bookings ( as I reside in Aust), and stumbled onto this travel malaysia guide site on KL- Spore express buses. Thank goodness for that, and all the above comments. Now I know more about this bus service, I don’t think I will bother with it, especially since it hasn’t a website to do an online booking anyway.
    I have used Aeroline for about 10 times, and it has always been very pleasant. My only grouse would probably be the terminal at Marina being a little akward, if one has any amount of luggage to drag all over the shopping levels. Their ‘counter staff’ are average, but top marks to their drivers and ‘stewards’. And oh, perhaps a little bit expensive when booking online (having to pay admin costs on top of the fares. Can be nearly the cost of travelling on a budget airline – promo price inclusive of airport taxes-).
    Have heard of Airebus. Only worry is the very busy location at MegaMall. Was told it’s a nightmare trying to access the terminal there by car, especially if it’s a weekend. Hopefully, 26th Jan (being CNY Day) will be quiet enough to do a SIN-KL with them this time. Or if not, it’s back to the air….
    Once again, thank you all for the very useful comments.

  7. I travelled on First Coach for the first time sometime last week and have to say I was impressed with the services. Prior to this I was always travelling with Aeroline and I have to say they never bother to wait for the customers if they did not show 5 mins after the actual departure time. When I boarded the bus in SG I was surprised that they actually counted the number of passengers and waited for another passenger (who’s late). Aeroline would not be bothered at all – if you are late, that’s your problem not theirs!

    BTW, I hope this guy (I am enquiring about) is reading this coz I would like to get to know him. Ok … you boarded the First Coach bus on the 11th September 2008 (the 4.30pm bus) from Novena SQ and you were wearing a black T with jeans and you looked kind of tall and fair. I think you look cute. Do reply if you are him.

  8. I have travelled with First Coach twice and found the service very good. The price is affordable and the timing is excellent. Keep it up First Coach !

  9. I have a suggestion on the mode and collection of tickets. One of the buses has this system where we can call, make a booking and then pay via one of the local bank atms and the receipt can be used to be converted to a ticket. This would really be of help to the frequent users.

  10. I am a frequent traveller on First Coach and so far I am very pleased with their buses. First of all the price is reasonable, the buses comfortable and the drivers are good. They dont speed which I think is very important. So far I have not encountered any unpleasantness with the staff at the counter in Bangsar although the staff at Novena square are not as good. I asked the Manager in Singapore about this and he said the staff had been trained and had been told repeatedly to be courteous. But the trouble with some people is that they listen with one ear and it goes out the other ear. I have the same problem with my staff. One problem which First Coach can improve is their phone answering which can be exasperating. I was at the counter in Bangsar and watched them at work. It was not that they refused to answer the phone. They were busy attending to customers and ignored the ringing. Maybe the management can work out a system for them. All said I will still use First Coach.

  11. I have travelled on First Coach several times and am very satisfied with the service. The price is very reasonable, the buses comfortable and the drivers do not speed which I think is very important. As for the problem of nobody answering the phones, I found out that before the boarding times, the staff are busy attending to people checking in or enquiring for last minute seats. So I use my common sense and do not call half an hour before the boarding times and 10 mins later. No problem at all. But maybe First coach can work out a system whereby phones must be answered even during busy times. Still, I will continue to use First Coach.

  12. Dear Owner of First Coach,

    May you kindly try calling your office line and see whether you can can get through ….

    Just wondering why there isn’t any follow-up on complaints already raised ? It is very unpleasant just trying to call your office line here in Singapore.

    Hope something can be done …. and soon!

  13. Dear Management and Staff of First coach,

    My wife and myself have been travelling SG – KL coach trips average 4 to 5 times for year 2008. We do use other coaches like Luxury Tours, Transstar, Aeroline, Five Stars Konsortium and many others. Just last week, we chose to travel by using First Coach for a change and always conduct our own personal service standard audit.

    Congrats !!! We are very impressed and find that all staff for both sides had improve
    and shown positive customer relationship, even at an extreme difficult situations.

    We have been recomended through word of mouths advertisement. Be assured, we will continue to do so because – First Coach is First Impression with Lasting Experience.

    Shabash dan tahniah bagi tahun 2009 … Singapore TAHU … Malaysia BOLEH !

  14. They really have to change their booking policy to keep their customers interested in them. As it is impossible to get their tickets for Friday evenings and Sunday late afternoons for trips between KL and Singapore, some customers like me will not bother trying them anymore and will eventually forget about them in time to come.

    This is exactly what happened to Nice coaches from KTM. I have actually forgotten that they existed until I saw their signboard again. They too have very unfriendly staff (and still are when I visited them last week) and will not answer the phone as well. They used to have a tendency to not run on schedule whereby they used to combine two groups of passengers on two different time slots into one (ie, the earlier departure time will be delayed and the later departure will have a fuller load). From all these bad experiences, I believe customers will just forget about them.

  15. I returned from Singapore on Monday, 23rd February 2009 at 8 am by First Coach. Talked to the supervisor, Linda on Monday, 23rd February and Wednesday, 25th February 2009 regarding my problem with the ticketing conductor, May. The Manager of First Coach Singapore is supposed to ring me but till todate, I have not heard from the Manager. Would appreciate if I could get the email address of the Manager, First Coach Singapore to submit my letter of complaint regarding my travel on Monday, 23rd February, Seat No.16.

  16. I called 1st time and manage to book the date and time that i want.. next week i travel.. 😀

  17. Dear sir,

    The first corch bus to singapore gives us a very good service. I am very happy with the service. I take your service everytime.

  18. There was NO RULE stated on the issued ticket that amendment must be made 48 hours before departure date. There is a rule that however states: Ticket is not valid after the expiry date printed.

    I was late for 10 min due to half hour delay at KTM for the bus departing at 1130 am on 29-May-09 at Bangsar. I had called 15 min for 2-3 times (only picked up my call the 3rd time) prior to departure to ask the staff to kindly wait for me and the female staff replied that the maximum waiting time is only 5 min.

    When I reached first coach office, the staff pointed to a printed regulation displayed beside their computers regarding amendment can only be made at least 48 hours before departure. I tried to ask to get an empty seat departing at 1230 pm using my original ticket, the staff refused and insisted on buying another ticket, explaining that their computer system will not accept a past departure time.

    However, I already did not have enough money to buy a second ticket priced at RM45 then. I did not get the ticket though. The expiry date on my original ticket is 28 Jun 09. There is really no point in having the expiry date at all on the ticket.

    I do not expect any superficial or any sort of explanation from first coach. I had taken their service for the past 3 times on a regular basis, hence I could possibly continue taking their coach. However, from their inflexibility in handling my case on 29-May-09, I have decided not to take their service anymore and stop recommending them to people I know.

  19. Just an added information. Firstcoach now has a new terminal office in Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya. Their contact number is 03-5621 2211. Their bus route runs from Holiday villa(Subang Jaya) to Singapore The Plaza (on beach rd). Very easy to call them and their counter staff r excellent.

  20. I booked a Firstcoach bus ticket from Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya to The Plaza, Singapore for my brother few days ago, feedback from him : (1) The journey was not bad, the Malay driver (was having puasa) did a good job (2) bus was on time eventhough there were only four passengers and the seat was very comfortable (3) free news paper and snack with a bottle of mineral water, value for money. Syabas ! First Coach, keep it up . Last but not least, counter service was not bad also.

  21. I just like to travel with First Coach. Excellent service, price and good driver which is very important. First Coach forever…

  22. One more things to add. For those who had bad experience with First Coach, sorry to say that you were unlucky to have their excellent service like what I do. Hopefully these peoples are enjoying the good service from other coach company. Or else can always have your OWN COACH COMPANY then you won’t have anymore complain of others.

  23. I had book first coach bangsar-singapore trip 2 weeks 1 day before the actually departure date. the next day immediately i found out that i book the wrong time. call them up and ask them to change the time for me but the refuse. They said that i must go to the counter personally to change. but i am staying in penang, not KL people. what for i book online if i staying in KL ? then they said that can ask friends to come to collect just said the name..if they can simply to change the name, why cant they just help me to change and kept my ticket. anyhow i had already paid! i will be there on due to i cant find anyone to collect the ticket and my ticket tends to be burn cos its no refund and no changing time. although i call up 2 weeks before the actual departure time.
    i am wondering if i am a foreigner, i have to fly over kl and change the ticket then fly back to my country ?? what a shit company ..and the operators are sucks!!!!