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Posted by on May 11th, 2007
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  1. Hi

    I’m travelling with my wife through Malaysia in January 2008. I’m finding it very difficult to find the information I’m after. We intend to catch the day train from singapore on the 13th January. We want to go directly to Cameron highlands. I can get transport to the highlands form Tapah, but maybe it may be better to get off the train at KL and catch a bus directly to CH from KL rather than Tapah. Our preference is to enter CH via the new route, rather than the old route form Tapah. do you know any buses that use the new route.

    Perth, WA

  2. Hi Chris,

    I will send you an email regarding this matter.

  3. Hi, i would like to have a link exchange with you

  4. i really like ur website. good job!

  5. Hi There,

    I am the webmaster of cheapoair one of the famous travel related
    website. Kindly send me the email-id of your webmaster, so that I can talk
    to him about partnership.

    Looking forward to your reply.


  6. i wan to go to eye on malaysiaand much was the fees for go there and turn back to my school smkshahbandaraya

  7. I could not find any bus schedule information on shedule from Singapore to Johor Baru. Do you have ones. What is the fares.

  8. can you please help me check the bus tiket to penang still available or not
    thank you

  9. could you please help me check the bus tiket to penang for tomorrow night still available or not

    thank you

  10. i write islamic music and have wrote some that i want to sell

  11. I am interested in getting married in Malysia in Jan 08. I have already booked accomodation in KL, Penang and Sabah. I just want something very simple with only my partner and I (no guests from home). What documentation would I need and do I have time to organise this.

  12. Hey…I’m Jason from KL…i have something question need your help.

    i plan to go to the Cherating in this week by the public transport but i ready don know what bus will be there and is it express reach there or need stop in terminal Kuantan then transfer another transport go the cherating beach?

    hope you can answer my question

    Best Regard


  13. Hello, I’m Rashieda from Singapore….

    I would like to seek your help to guide me whether is there any VIP express buses from Singapore to Langkawi. To take a flight to Langkawi is convenient but too expensive for me because there are 7 of us going.

    Please help to locate and advice me on the Bus Companies that have this service.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi may i know do you till have ticket on 9/11/07, from butterworth to singapore, at morning. asap..

  15. my i know what time do you have travell from klang to johor bharu (sekudai) date 29/10/07 i need know times in afternoon

  16. hi Tan,

    I’ve justify the link and it works out perfectly now. Check it out again! Sorry for the linkage problem. Cheers 🙂

  17. Hi, I would like to travel to Malaysia. Will be my first time and I want to explore as much as I can. I am looking at going in early february. Please advise me on the most exciting and memorable places to go.


  18. I would like to know is there any express bus service direct from Johor Bahru to Langkawi

  19. I am a Malaysian working in Singapore. Every month I would travel back home to kuantan with your bus company. Until recently I have been satisfied with your bus service, but on the last few occasions I have notice to my horror that your buses are infected with cockroaches. Now you might think that I’m petty, but from Singapore to kuantan is 6-7hrs, and in that time I would like to sleep. But with cockroaches running around near my seat…sleeping is hard to achieve.

  20. Hi MingChan,

    I think you are refering to Transnasional Express bus service (i checked the log, since your entry is via a search for them). I will forward your comments to them : )) just for clarification — Malaysia Travel Guide is an independent guide, and not associate with any of the bus companies. Oh yah, I do agree that the buses needed to be upgraded, and more effort to clean up the bus since now they do serve food in them.


  21. hello,

    good morning i need to find a plcae for my sisters want to stay in P J for two months is there any hostels around that area can u help me if any thing contact me at my email id thank u
    regads andrew

  22. I have recently booked a return ticket on Aeroline for Mr Lynden Astell, leaving Singapore on Fri 23rd afternoon and returning on Sun 25th on the 6pm bus from Menara Axis.
    He and I are both vegetarians, please confirm that we have vegetarian meals on both journeys (him sin-PJ-Sin and me PJ-Sin only)

    Best regards, Bridget Hedderman

  23. Hi,
    I am from India
    Well… i went through your site and have collected many infos
    I am planning my honeymoon in Jan 2008 and would like to know about the car rental prices and travel guides….
    Can you please let me know ??
    Eagerly waiting for reply
    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi Gopsak,

    Glad that you chosen Malaysia as your honeymoon destination. I am currently working on more travel guides, as well as the car rental guide Malaysia. Hopefully be able to get it up soon. Bookmark us, and check back often, i keep you updated of whats going on.

  25. i wanna find ur contact num!

  26. Please, please send details of best coach journeys (plus timings) and companies from Ipoh to KL,KL to Melaka and Melaka to Singapore. I am having great difficulty in finding information and I need to book seats for Feb 2008. Most grateful your advice
    Many thanks
    Mike Parsons

  27. Hi,
    I intend to drive from Singapore to Melaka after Christmas. I read in the papers that more rain is expected over the next ten days and the authorities have raised the flood alert, including Johor. Could someone advise me whether any stretch of the NS Highway or Johor is flood prone?

  28. Hi Francis,

    To my knowledge, the NS Highway to Melaka is working fine and shouldnt cause a problem for you. But do drive safe : ))

    Here are some tips on driving safely in Malaysia:

    Have a good trip!

  29. Hi pktan.
    Thanks. Your advice is very assuring.

  30. i need a malaysia visit visa please tell me how to i get this visa

  31. i like to have your contact number.

  32. I am going to travel to Malaysia to Padang around (Jambu Rias,Jerantut) because of durian from 11.2 to 7.3.
    Will the durian be available in this time? Thanks

  33. kindly furnish me with information on the requirement on how to apply for student visa in Malaysia.

    Thank you.

  34. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to visit Kuala Lumpur on 25th of this month for 2-3 days- to attend conference. Please let me know the procedure to get visa.

    Thanks & regards


  35. Hi,

    Please provide me the tel no for Transnational bus station at Johor, Lakin. Thanks.

    Eris Lee


  37. Hello,

    I am a US citizen planning to visit Thailand by air and then take the train from Bangkok to
    Kula Lumpur. Can I get a Malaysian social visit pass(VISA) at the land border post. I understand US citizen do not need to have a visa for stay in Malaysia for less than 90 days.



  38. i’ve heard fr many friends saying that pulau redang is a great and cool place.
    well, i’m planning to go there with my family. but wondering where it is, and how to go there. i’m staying in KL. shall i go there by bus? or is there any flight to go? pls help… urgent!

  39. Hi,

    I m an indian from new delhi. I would like to travel to malaysia on social visa. what are the documents required for this visa? I prefer to apply from New Delhi MHC.


  40. please give me contact no transnasional kuala lumpur-ipoh for today..

  41. hi
    i am an indian, visiting malasia on a leasure
    tour starts from march18to march24
    i have a malasian visa and i am willing to see
    singapore alsoin this trip. as i donot have singapore visa and i donot have time to acquire it here, is there any possibilities that i can get singapore visa for 2-3 days from malasia
    reply is most appreciated

  42. i wold like to buy a bus ticket 24/3 monday, (penang to petaling jaya) may i know hot to get a ticket

  43. dear sir / madam,
    i’m very very dissapointed with your driver attitude. yesterday my brother took a bus from kuala lumpur to teluk intan at 10pm. but, when he go into the bus, there’s NO any sign board show is TELUK INTAN, only KUALA LUMPUR. so, when he went in the bus, he asked the DRIVER. ” pergi TELUK INTAN?”the DRIVER reply “YES”.before the bus departed, the DRIVER do CHECKED the ticket of every passenger. when it almost 12am, he heard “WELCOME TO MELAKA”,he was very shocked and angry.he went to argue with the DRIVER, the DRIVER reply RUDELY and said, SEMUA TIKET PUN SAMA. at the end, he had to took taxi come back to TELUK INTAN from MELAKA and already SPENT RM 350.
    from the situation above, it shouldn’t be happened as the driver already check the ticket.if the driver checked CAREFULLY, it won’t happened such ridiculas things. as a DRIVER, u MUST make sure your passenger reached the destination SAFELY, and NOT UNRESPONSIBLE WHAT HE DONE..!!!!
    so, what will u going to do?? payment???!!!!

  44. Hi,
    I am from dubai
    Well… i went through your site and have collected many infos
    I am planning my honeymoon in june 2008 and would like to know about the car rental prices and travel guides….and hotels for a week stay
    Can you please let me know the cheapest rates e.t.c
    Eagerly waiting for reply
    Thanks in advance

  45. Just browsing and realised that the description of our national flower( Malaysian)Bunga Raya is wrong, Bunga mean flower in general and Raya could be grand or festive.Thanks

  46. I really like your website. Thank you for the helpful links and info. I don’t know if you would be able to help me in this: I’m arriving in Changi Airport Singapore at 11pm on Saturday. Is there any transportation (bus, train etc) that leaves for Kuala Lumpur so that I can arrive in Petaling Jaya at 9am on Sunday morning?

  47. Boycot Malaysia tourism since they will not allow their women to travel abroad alone!

    I suggest another destination in Asia! Forget Malaysia.

  48. hi,my friends and i wan to go the gunung kinabalu within May. i ned more information abt the budget of climbing packages only. i found almost the packages are too budget is within 300-400.can make it, and usually take 3N/2D or 2N/1D? can hav detail information abt the cost for climbing. and contact number of agents?

  49. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Very urgent. Need to travel by coach to Kuala Lumpur by coach leaving Singapore in the afternoon.

    Please quote to me the prices, number of hours reaching KL, leaving Singapore by what time. Please quote to me asap only for one person.

    Many thanks & God Bless

  50. Dear sir,
    Since it’s our first time to travel by train in Malaysia, we are planning to travel from KL central to Singapore on 10 August and return on 15August.
    We need to book 6 adult +1 10years old child, first class tickets or standard from KL to Singapore and back, Day or night time.
    have few inquiries:

    1- Please advice how long the trip is from KL to Singapore.
    2-what are the train timings?
    3- How much the cost of tickets and ways to make payment. Any good suggestions for the best price?
    4 -How can we check the seat availability?
    5- If it is night trip, Is it possible to fit us in one cabin?
    6- Is it possible to stop by on Malacca for one day (without hotel reservation) and continue our trip to Singapore (in going route) or KL (in return route?)
    7-We heard about the Jungle Railway train service, does it have a nice view and the trip time will be shorter in this case?
    8-We are thinking with another alternative, do you advise us to travel by plane, and what is the cheapest price to have plane return trip.
    9- As our accommodation will be in Sunway Lagoon, do you advice us to take the train from KL central or there is better station.
    10- Finally, We want later also to do train trip from KL to Cameron Highlands, is it possible to do it by train. And how long the trip will be.

    Would appreciate your response and help.

    Thank you very much.