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Commonly Used Words On Malaysia Road Signs

Posted by on May 4th, 2007
Filed Under: Car

Awas: Caution
Berhenti: Stop
Beri Laluan: Give Way
Cerun Mendaki: Dangerous Ascent
Di hadapan: Ahead
Dilarang Belok Ke Kiri: No Left Turn
Dilarang Memotong: No Overtaking
Had Laju: Speed Limit
Ikut Kanan: Keep Right
Ikut Kiri: Keep Left
Jalan: Road/Street
Jalan Sehala: One Way Street
Liku Tajam: Sharp Bends
Kenderaan Dilarang Masuk: No Entry For Vehicles
Keluar: Exit
Kurangkan laju: Slow Down
Lebuhraya: Highway
Lencongan: Detour
Lorong: Lane
Masuk: Entry
Pusat Bandaraya: City Centre
Utara: North
Selatan: South
Timur: East
Barat: West

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