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Malaysia Car Rental Hire

Posted by on Jan 7th, 2008
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Car Rental / Hire

1st Jan 2009 New Seat Belt Law – PLEASE READ!

In East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) and Langkawi I will always recommend renting a car, but in Kuala Lumpur, it is better and easier to utilize the efficient public transport.

Will you be able to drive in Malaysia? If you are an experienced, confident driver who can drive on the left-hand side of the road (same as Britain and Australia) and are willing to adapt to a foreign country’s driving habits, then you’ll probably enjoy the freedom of driving in Malaysia. Here are some tips on driving a car in Malaysia.

Things to note when renting a car:

    All drivers must show a valid driver’s license at time of rental. Additional drivers must meet the same eligibility requirements as the Primary driver.

    The price you will pay for a car depends on the time of the year –

    Airport often has car rental that is cheaper than from the hotels (Personally I will never book in advance or from travel agents. You will pay twice as much). Getting a rented car from the airport will not only be cheaper and definitely much easier. You can pick it up when you get off the plane and drop it when you leave. No need to worry about a transfer from the hotel to the airport (which sometimes you have to pay for). You shouldn’t have to book ahead unless it is a major holiday.

    Never take the first price they ask – Remember to bargain and haggle for it! The starting price offered will often be twice what they will settle for. There are numerous car rental desks and agents waiting around the doors to the airport.

Checklist before agreement:

  • Whether rental inclusive of full fuel tank, and whether upon returning has to be a full tank; if not, what are the charges
  • CDW-charge
  • Drop off point(s)
  • Breakdown service(s)
  • Insurance – Take an IDL for insurance purposes. If you don’t they will still rent you a car, but you will not have insurance.
  • Provision of a road map, with indications of petrol kiosks.
  • Don’t rely on the pictures of the car offered. Check the actual car.
  • Check tires and things like oil before you complete the transaction.

IMPORTANT: Photocopy your driving license and passport beforehand, so that you can use the copied versions, instead of giving them your originals, and allow the staffs to go somewhere to photocopy them – with a photocopied passport, one can register a mobile phone line, and if it is used for unhealthy avenues, you can get into troubles with the authorities. Make sure to cross with diagonal lines and state for car rental purposes only (with car rental company name).

From my general fact findings and asking around, a Perodua Kancil can be rented from low of RM25/day to RM60/day. Also the rates are dependent on how many days of rental. Then, there is the new Perodua MyVi, which current going rental price is around RM50-RM60/day,and this is still a fairly new model,and you could be lucky to rent one with a low odometer reading, then again these folks are shrewd enough to tamper with the odometer spring and pinion,which drives the meter to click at each engine revolution.

Other information:

  • Road signs are generally easy to recognize though you have to learn a few Malay words, e.g. AWAS. Here are some commonly used words on Malaysia road signs.
  • Parking is normally not a problem. Ask the locals for direction to use the prepaid tickets. Parking coupons should be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Driving is on the left-hand side of the road in both Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Seat belts and child seats are mandatory.
  • Head lights must be on between 7 PM and 7 AM.
  • Driving in rural areas: watch out for the water buffaloes sleeping on the road at night.
  • What to do when stopped by traffic police for a traffic offence – the price is usually RM300 for a speeding offence. Check with the car rental agency whether they can help with remittance of the fine, of which, must still be borne by you, as stipulated in their terms and conditions.

Online Car Rental Companies Contact:
Advantage Car Rentals
Tel: 03-2142-5855

Avis Malaysia
Tel: 1800-88-1054

Kasina Rent-A-Car
Tel: 03-8787-1739

Mayflower Car Rental
Tel: 03-6252-1888

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  1. Find out and confirm with the car rental co about the possible remedies that will be done in the event of car breakdown.
    a) Exchange a same car with same amount of fuel
    b) Exchange to another car at a discount
    c) Free upgrade to better car with fuel?
    d) Full refund?

  2. Will the car hire companies at the Langkawi airport or Kuah Jetty provide a baby restraint seat if requested as we need one for our one year old.


  3. What a comprehensive guide on cars rental in Malaysia!

  4. Can you please tell to me the rate to hire a mini van with driver for 6 persons with bagsto go from KUALA LUMPUR to kuala BESUT on 08/08/09
    AND return on 14/08/09