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Malaysia Express Bus

Posted by on May 4th, 2007
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Malaysia Singapore Bus
Malaysia Express Bus

Malaysia has a very good express bus system. Express bus travel is the easiest, cheapest, most popular way to travel between states in Malaysia. The express buses are modern and comfortable, service is frequent, and fares are low to moderate. There are even express bus services between Malaysia and Singapore, and between Malaysia and Thailand.

In larger towns there may be a number of bus stations; local / regional buses often operate from one station and long distance express buses from another; in other cases, Kuala Lumpur for example, Puduraya and Pekeliling bus stations are differentiated by the destinations they serve.

Express buses in Malaysia are fast, economical and comfortable, and seats can be reserved. There are so many express buses in Malaysia on major runs that you can often turn up and get a seat on the next express bus except around holidays (especially near to or after Chinese New Year and Hari Raya).

Here are routes, fares and travel times for express buses from Kuala Lumpur to other cities. Here are the major express bus companies, some of which have websites with schedules and fares.

Rest stops are made enroute about every few hours for toilet, snacks or meals, and smoking (no smoking is allowed on most express buses). Most express buses are not usually equipped with onboard toilets, so use the facilities in the terminal before your board.

Departing from Kuala Lumpur

North bound travellers: Puduraya Bus Terminal (Kuala Lumpur) has reopened and express bus companies have resumed operations to/from this terminal

East Coast bound travellers: Hentian Putra Terminal

East Bound travellers:Hentian Pekeliling Terminal

South Bound travellers (Singapore / JB etc): Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in Bandar Tasik Selatan

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41 Responses »

  1. I would like know any bus from:

    1. Cameron Highland to Melacca? if have? what time? where to get?

  2. I want to know if there is a bus going to Pengalan Hulu from KL and how is is the fare

  3. Hi, i would like to know if there any bus going from Johor Bahru to Thailand, Hat Yai?
    or how to going to Thailand, Hat Yai from Johor Bahru? and how is the fare?

  4. hey,i would like to know if there is bus to hat yai and minivan to don sak or suratahni then to koh phangan by fast ferry or night boat.or bus to penang-hat yai-surathanni/dun sak-koh phangan.all the details including rates(bus fare,ferry or boat fares,minivan or packages),timetable.reach koh phangan at 26/12.

  5. i would like to know the trips tat yo hav on 9th december, and the price. (from ipoh to KL)

  6. bookin 2 kedah got or not??

  7. I would like to go to Langkawi via bus. Pls advise which of the bus would you recommed. I would like luxury bus. Can u give me the contact details of the bus company and also what type of bus.

  8. got bus to alor setar at midnight or not??
    about 2a.m or 2.30am like?

  9. Starstrip quest from JB to Alor star at midnight. Konsortium from JB to Perak towns, also at night. All buses arrive early morning

  10. S’pore to segamat hv bus express ?

  11. I would like to know the bus from Singapore to Genting. If have, what time? Where to get? how much?

  12. How much does a ticket cost from Singapore to Kuala Lumper..??

    Where can i get the ticket..??

  13. i would like to know, what time is the latest bus from puduraya bus station??

  14. I need to take a bus from Seremban to Melaka.Please let me know the schedule and fare

  15. i would like to know the buses from KL to camero highland, the cost of the ticket to camera highland and the available time go to camero higland.


  16. I would like to know is there any bus from penang to genting highlands directly, what time and the prices.

  17. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know is there any bus from penang to hat yai daily and how much is the bus fare perhead.

    thank you

  18. I would like to know what bus going to genting form johor larkin station and the bus schedule

  19. i would to know is that any bus from kl to genting highlands and how much the ticket price?

  20. I wpuld like travel in a Super VIP coach from K.L to Hatyai? Can anyone please recommend on this? Where can I see pictures of the internal bus and seatings? Will it be a comfortable ride and how long is this journey?

  21. dear sir/madam, i would like to book a bus that can carry a total of 30ppl from singapore to segamat? is it possible or whom should i look for? it a 2 way trip. sat 10am go if possible to be back at 10pm from segamat? if no, be back on sunday 10am..

  22. at what time and from where is tthe bus to malacca from breck fils Kuala Lumpur

  23. i would like to know where can i get the bus is kuala lumpur to kuala terengganu? i will go on april and how much are these tiket ?

  24. Dear sir/madam, i would like to know about the timetable from kuala terengganu to kuala lumpur on this may?
    How much each tiket?
    How i can get it?
    hope you can reply me as soon as possible!

  25. I would like to know is there any bus from penang to genting highlands directly.

  26. Hello,Is there any buses from KL to Hatyai,Thailand.If yes how much is the fare and how long the trip.

  27. i would like to know if there is a bus express bus service from Kula Lumpur to Lumut/Pangkor. How long is the journey and how much. Estimated about 50 to 60 pax.

  28. Hello,Is there any buses from Thailand(bankok) to Malaysia(kualalampur).If yes how much is the fare and how long the trip.

  29. i would like to know, what time is the latest bus from puduraya bus station to johor bahru??

  30. Hi vivian,
    the last bus from pudu varies among the bus companies..but a standard time will be about 12.30am or so…you can try Konsortium..if im not wrong..they even have it at 2am to JB.

  31. A nice and well presented informative site you have. Congratulations. A querry please. I want to travel from Singapore to Malaysia with a view to see Malaysia and reach Kaullalampur in 2 days with stops enroute if possible and recommended, if there is any tourist attraction. Or alternatively straight from Sing to Kaulalampur. What is one way fare . If you have any suggestion or guide line , it would be appreciated.


  32. SRI-maju express Bus disregard Puntuality care more on profit
    on saturday 21Feb09,me board a VIP 27 seater express bus IPOH- KL puduraya , bus supposed to depart 230pm to KL [me internatnl tourist]intend to transfer to KL LCCT -Singapore Flght@ 8pm,]Due to lack of passenger ,Sri-maju bus keep delaying departute n finally Bus -co., merge this 230 pm bus with schedule 345 pm bus n we see bus passenger345pm board same bus with same seat nr. n end-up. me miss 7pm Skybus departing KL sentral to LCCT/Lesson leared , =never ever trust this Sri-maju bus that emphasize profit rather than puntuality

  33. I want to know how much it cost to take a bus from singapore to malaysia

  34. How much does a ticket cost from malaysia to singapore. Is there any place to buy those tickets.

  35. i would like to know any express bus services from jb larkin to segamat.

  36. did tat is any bus from seremban to ipoh?

    if hv please state the time , fee , and the time also the journey time

  37. I’m planning to be in september 26 morning kuala lumpur for a day tour then back to singapore in the evening what do you recomend? if bus how long is the travel?

  38. i would like to know any express bus services from KL Puduraya to Komtar bus terminal (Penang)

  39. My name is Roy, I’m a tourist. I have Hotel, Taxi & Bus Services Company and just arrive in Malay 2 days ago. This is the 2nd time I came to Malay, the 1st one just few days before I came the 2nd time by having transit to Macau. I’m using TransExpress/StarStrip Quest Express bus on the way to Singapore with JH9408, 12 April 2010 at 12.30 PM. I’m bringing my family and a baby in this trip. I especially look to use your bus as I find your bus company is recommended by the travelling community, eventhough there’s so many other broker/agent lurking around the terminal and tell us to use other bus services since the first time we get off from taxi.

    I find your bus looks quite fine, clean, some instrument on the chair still working, big chair, should be a comfortable ride. After a few minutes ride, we arrive on pit stop for 20 minutes. When we are about to depart, the Driver came to my sit and tell me to go down with his pointing finger like calling a dog and unpleasant look on his face. After I get off, he suddenly accuse me that I brake the luggage compartment so it’s unable to open and tell me to pay. I said yes I did close the compartment but I didn’t brake it. He insist accusing me that he saw me brake it with no other witnesses saw it. Moreover he told me I’m uneducated person, by closing the compartment so hard which resulting in breakage. No longer want to argue and as many passengers look at me, I try to fix it by myself. I find that the compartment was stuck by one of other passenger luggage, and just by simply move that luggage the luggage compartment are able to open. I said are you happy now sir, and he nod shamefully.

    I also like to add, everything is self service since the beginning I put the luggage on, so I suppose its not right to accuse people wrong without witnesses. If driver held responsible for the bus its driving then he should help with the luggage or at least accompany the passenger who are about to put the luggage on.

    Another crazy thing that your driver told. The passengers that going to singapore need to change to another bus, which this condition aren’t told when we bought ticket. By the way, we move to Delima Bus WJW7788. No sit are ready for us when we want to go to in Delima bus and no one help us to move the luggage. As we are waiting for uncertainty because the Delima bus driver doesn’t show his face for a while. Moreover, the Delima Driver told us to move to another sit because it need to be given to the previous passenger that just came in from the pit stop store. My family is very upset, I’m very shameful because I choose your bus, and we bring a baby that suddenly awaken because we are forcefully change to another bus. The last thing we are promised by the sales girl in bukit jalil that we are able to get off in orchird rd,yet the Delima driver told us its not possible and we must get off in Lavender St.

    As we run the same field of business, which is bus services and we know that we are selling services, please allow me to give suggestions that you need to be selective and educate your driver, as well as fixing your system and running your company. Workers are the asset & the front face of a service business, so its company responsible to educate them well. Especially after Malay government put a lot of effort into promoting Malaysia as Trully Asia. Its such a waste with a good infrastructure and promotion, not supported with a good human resources as well the system too.

    Its my resposible to forward this message on the travellers community and your government so they are aware of this risks. Thank you for your attention.

  40. I am facing an unpleasant experience taking buses from Melor Interline Eksp on 27/4/2010 Tuesday 8:15 am from Bukit Jalil to go back to Melaka. I was being approach by a Chinese guy as soon as i reach the bus station. That guy is trying to sell bus ticket to me. However, I am more prefer buying bus ticket from the bus ticket counter. Thus, I ignore him. Therefore, I approach to Jebat Ekp to buy bus ticket to Melaka. However, I didnt know that actually Jebat Ekp is selling bus ticket using the Melor Interline Eksp bus services.

    As soon as i approach the Melor Ekps bus, then i only noticed that actually the Chinese guy approach me just now is the runner for Melor Ekps. So, that guy purposely ask us to sit at the back of the bus although we are the first one to board the bus and the bus is suppose to be free seating. He said the front places is only for those who buy the ticket from him. However, when we purchase the bus ticket from Jebat Eksp, they say it is free seating. That Chinese guy talk rudely to us like chasing a dog. He say he is in control of the bus so he can ask us to sit wherever he want.

    I am very angry and very disappointed especially to Malaysia government. How can the government let those runner to sell ticket at everywhere and not at the proper booth or counter? Isn’t it is more regularised if the ticket being sell the counter? If not why do we need to have a proper ticket counter? This issues arent new and Malaysia goverment seem not doing anything.

    Why there is no proper seating being allocated? What image is Malaysia is trying to give to tourist? Unregularised and confusing? Why some said free seating and the other told us to sit at the back of the bus with rude commanding voice?

    Why Melor Interline Ekps can send their runner to approach the passenger? Shouldnt the government encourage passenger to buy bus ticket from the ticket counter? How come i am being penalised by the Chinese guy for not buying ticket from him?

    Isn’t Malaysia governement should solve this problem rather than always asking people to solve the problem by themselves.

    I am truly disappointed by the attitude and rudeness of the Chinses guy selling the ticket on 27/4/2010 8:15 a.m. I hope Melor Interline should take disciplinary action against him.

    All tourist or user of exp bus please be careful when being approach this Chinese guy which is in mid -40 waiting for passenger to approach the bus station near the bridge from Bukit Jalil LRT station.

  41. I live at Kota Tinggi, Johor. I have a daughter study at Kuantan, Pahang. I really unsatisfied with the service from Kuantan to Kota Tinggi then J Bahru express bus. For this service it twice already my daughter had been stop not at the exact station but at bus-stop nearby Kulai imagine how far she was left alone from Kota Tinggi town. One more thing I understand your driver also chating on the phone while driving! Is that allowed? Normally when she arrived at Kota Tinggi town she will take another bus to our house at Sedili. Just imagine if I was not there waiting for her, how can she a young woman will take any bus or accross the busy road waiting another bus from Johor Bahru under the hot sun? Please do something I think not only my daughter a victim, maybe there will somebody even parents with no vehicle facing the same problem.