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Posted by on Nov 27th, 2007
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Malaysia Singapore Bus


You can find all the information regarding Airebus from the Official AireBus Website.


Double-decker features 30 Luxurious Seats on its Upper deck & Lower deck has room for Just three passengers -ideal for those who prefer to have more privacy.

Passengers will also be served meals & light refreshments on board.

Stops strategically @ Mid Valley Megamall, Boulevard Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The seats of Airebus are big but that’s what all other VIP coaches provide, so there’s nothing to shout about. However, the upper aisle is really cramped, and it will be hard to walk thru it with any baggage that you choose to carry onboard.

AireBus Express Bus

Unlike some other VIP coaches, Airebus doesn’t provide any blankets which will definitely come in handy as the air condition can be pretty cold. My request for one on the Airebus was met with a “We don’t have any blankets”. Two thumbs down for that!

However you can’t beat the convenience of Airebus. For Kuala Lumpur – Singapore, it departs from Midvalley and arrives in Orchard road (DFS Galleria on Scotts Road ) where most of the top hotels are situated and near to the Orchard MRT station if you need to take a connection to your destination. Plus Airebus uses the second link which has a much faster and more pleasant immigration check-in compared to the Woodlands Immirgration.

You can purchase the tickets online from their website or straight from the Airebus counters at the lobby of Boulevard hotel.

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  1. I have a terrible experience with the Airebus. I’ve already read few comments how bad is the airebus service. But since my destination is Midvalley, I decided to still take the airebus since they are the only whose final stop over is in Midvalley. The malay cabin crew was rude when i asked her why the toilet is not working. She said in a very sarcastic way that toilet is only for display!!! and we have stop over in the middle of the journey. I managed to chat with another cabin crew who apologize for the attitude of her collegue. She said that Airebus management are very oppressive employer that’s why the cabin crew are not doing their job properly. She said they are soon to replace by filipino crew but it seems that the management is fooling also these people. The poor filipinos were promised to receive 25,000 pesos per month when they were still in the philippines. But to their shock they received only 14,000 pesos when they arrived in KL. The reason of the management is they do not meet their expectation. What a crap!!!

  2. Geezzz, this is such a turn off!! I am scouting for a pleasant trip to KL coming CNY, I really have to look seriously.

    Not working toilet is a definite no-no. And crappy service??!!!

    Any kind souls has better recommendations?

  3. Hi Geezzz, where are travelling from? Spore? Well I am goin to buy bus tic from Spore to KL on 14 Dec, via the Luxury Tours Double-Deck Bus tis evening. First time tryin, after almost annually via normal SVIP Bus and 1st class train. You may try-out.

  4. Hi peeps! Juz got bac frm a day shopping in KL and had made my own arrangements. Engage service and hop in to Nice bus which is located at Dunearn Rd. Pleasant ride and service is acceptable. Light refreshments but juz dat there wasn’t any toilet. Stopover for a 10min pee break at Tangkak. Guess its advisable to go for Aeroliner.

  5. Airebus service is soooo bad. The bus comes late and no explanation. The bus I took on Dec 26 to Singapore came 15 mins late and smelled of vomit. The bus stopped at Machap supposedly for 15 minutes as announced by the attendant but it left 45 minutes later. Why? The drivers were enjoying their lunch followed by their cigarettes while the passengers waited. Then they charged MYR20 more because it is December month but the ticket showed normal price of MYR80 instead of MYR100. Can I report them to Consumer Association and Internal Revenue for cheating?

  6. I’ve tried Airebus as well in Dec 07, 1st time. The departure was delay 1.5 hours as the coach depart late from KL (as per the girl who informed me over the phone). The coach was again delay for 15 min at the check point as the cabin crew and driver claimed that they have 1 passenger missing. Eventually I arrive at Sunway (KL) by 2.30am (instead of 12.30am). The coach was dirty too. What a trip…

  7. I don’t like the fact that Airebus doesn’t use a fresh coach each time they travel. Unlike Aeroline, each trip is a new coach. This means that the Airebus coach that arrives for example in Mid-Valley just shuttled people from Singapore and we’re using that same bus after some 10 minute spring cleaning for it’s next journey. This means the bus has no resting period and it’s go go and go for the busses. This raises serious safety issue on the bus and this explains why the bus can smell of vomit too. How can you clean vomit in 10 minutes?

    And this explains why the buses are always late. Imagine this, this same bus is used from morning to night. So if the first bus does leave on time at let’s say 8:30am at Mid-Valley but arrives late in Singapore due to traffic condition. Passengers are forced to put up with that delay because we’re using that same bus. So if the bus leaves Singapore late after that, imagine what time the bus arrives in KL and how much longer the delay is for those passengers waiting in Mid-Valley for that 6:45pm bus?

    If anyone is looking for a decent bus company to travel by, please go with Aeroline. Both are the same price, but at least one I get on time departure and arrival and a “new and fresh” bus to travel on. It is really a good sight to see clean exterior and interior bus.

    Airebus really is too cheapskate a company, only a cheapskate company will put the bus through that torture to make maximum profit without thinking of passenger safety.

  8. Everything about Airebus stinks, literally, too! Rude service, bad food,delays,filthness, foul odours, pest-infestation… name it, you get it! My family used it once on a round trip to Singapore from KL. We are committed to tell as many people as possible NOT to use Airebus. Pay half the price and travel other bus-liners.

  9. Surprising the coach airebus I took last week from KL to Sin left a gd impression on me. It’s my first time taking a coach from KL TO Sin. after much consideration of the safety of the driver’s driving. I did not like drivers who speed and rive recklessly, but the drivers airebus I took that day drove a steady speed and NO speeding at all! There were few other different company buses who overtook us and when i look in front, they were gone and no where to be seen. It’s rather clean and the food is ok. The crew is friendly. However myonly concern is that the 2 same drivers have to drive 3 trips a day continously, it must be tiring and therefore safety issue arise again.

  10. Jesus , I was about to book tickets for 6 for my whole family to go to Singapore. After reading this strings of feedback, I would NEVER ride on this bus ! Why pay more to suffer ?

  11. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. Don’t even think about considering Airebus at all. Go for Aeroline, it’s like way better and you pay the same price (S$47) for a one-way trip.

    According to, for executive coach, there should be a toilet for light usage on the bus, a shared video screen, hot drinks served, etc.

    None of those were offered in the executive coach that I was on.

    Seriously. I should get a partial refund.


  12. Airebus is a huge disappointment. Aeroline is way, like 100 times better than Airebus.

    I took the executive coach from SIN to SUNWAY recently and gawd, I swear I will never ever use Airebus again.

    According to, for the executive coach, toilet for light usage, shared video screen, and hot drinks will be available/served in the bus.

    However, the executive coach that I was on didn’t have ALL of those. Hello!!! I paid S$47 for the trip and I’m being shortchanged just like that for no rhyme or reason. Aeroline is also charging S$47 per trip too and their service is so much better.

    I feel damn cheated. Airebus is pathetic. Spread the word.

  13. oh no. i just paid for an airebus trip for this tuesday. 🙁 and then i got to read this. 🙁 is a refund possible? or what can i do to ensure a better trip?

  14. i’m an avid Airebus passanger, kinda like a frequent flyer…i get dissapointed all the time but each time i tell myself to give these people a chance. But enough is enough… i’m ‘flying’ Nice from now on!

  15. Any good comment for airebus pls????

  16. Hi, really like to hear some good news about airebus, anyone out there who have any good experience pls do share with us.

  17. Tuan/Puan,

    Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa saya telah membeli tiket melalui internet untuk menaiki AIREBUS dari KL ke Singapura untuk business class yang dijadualkan pada jam 2:00 ptg, 6 April 2008. Oleh kearana bas rosak saya telah menaiki AIREBUS Executive Coach yang dijadualkan pada jam 8:00 mlm 6 April 2008.

    Adalah dimaklumkan resit cetakan komputer telah diserahkan pada stewardess bas setelah sampai ke Singapura. Oleh kerana saya perlukan resit untuk tuntutan bayaran, adalah dipohon dapatkan resit bayaran untuk saya buat tuntutan pada penganjur di Singapura pada 9 April 2007.

    Kerjasama pihak tuan/puan amatlah dihargai dan terima kasih.

    Abd Rahman Kassim

  18. Sorry, anyone can translate the message post by Abd Rahman Kassim?

  19. Hi, don’t really know why all the discouraging comments, anyway, I took Airebus to KL that day and well, guess what, it’s a very pleasant trip. The seats are big and very comfortable, and the coach was travelling very smoothly, I mean some coaches tend to move side to side alot and their engine also bit noisy, but Airebus was smooth all the way and their enging sound is quite soft. I can even hear my own ipod, b’cos some other coaches I took I can’t even hear the sound from my earphone due to loud engine or motor noise. And the most important thing of all is that the drivers doesn’t speed at all, I was quite worried about the speed the coach driver drive cos due to the many road accidents that happened in the past, but Airebus travel at a steady speed, you can actually feel the safety of your trip and just relax. Good works Airebus, and thanks for not speeding, we appreaciate that you really put our safety first!

  20. just got back on airebus this morning. and it was ewwww…
    first of all, i couldn’t find the boarding place. (ok, this might be my own stupidity, but there’s no sign/booth for this company at the crowne plaza hotel) it was only after i asked around that i realized that the boarding place was at the back of the hotel. and when i got there, i was a bit confused because the bus wasn’t there yet at the appointed time, and there wasn’t any sign or counter. i was walking around feeling a bit panicky when luckily the bus came and pulled up at the car waiting area. *phew*
    AND.. i found a few baby cockroaches running all over the place and i saw one in the box which my pastry dessert came in. kinda freaked me out.
    oh, and the food is bad – cold spaghetti with some crappy topping.
    and the seats are not comfortable at all! i wasn’t able to make the seats recline to a comfortable sleeping position as it kind of jars when i push it down less than 45 degrees. the seats are a bit small compared to other coaches in the same price range. other coaches you might want to consider are nice, aeroline and transtar.

  21. Don’t know why all the negative comments.
    I have used Airebus 4 or 5 times, all without major incident.
    The first time, it was 2007 a couple of days before CNY. The bus was late for… I can’t really remember but not more than 20 minutes.
    Other than that, it’s all smooth.
    The food was not bad at all.
    As for toilet, some of the coaches of Aeroline also do not have toilet. Yes, they have toilet, but you can’t use it.

  22. Greetings:

    We are taking Airbus on Sept 26th…..After all these comments I wonder what we are getting into….will send in a report when we do our trip….would switched based on what I read…but, no can do….I hope Airbus reads these statements!!!

  23. I am a frequent traveller to Singapore and have taken Airebus numerous times. I thought Airebus was okay cos the tv never has worked once since I’ve used them and they’ve always been late between 15 or 20mins til 1.5hrs late… Once I had nice food. The rest of the time, the food truly sucks. I’ve also never had a hot drink although I’ve always been given a bottle of water… except once when they didn’t. There’s no such thing as booking and getting a ticket has to be done online (more expensive than counter) or in-person (counter). If you want to book a seat… forget it cos you can only get a seat at that moment when you’re buying. Once I called and they said oh there’s space… 3 seats and I immediately stepped into a cab and went straight over. By the time I arrived approx 20mins from my phone call, I was told very matter-of-factly that all the tickets have been sold in that time it took me to get there. I was majorly disappointed and frustrated! On top of all that, their service truly sucks! Very very rude regardless Chinese (in Spore) or Malay or Philippina (KL), on phone or in-person. Just plain rude and vwery unhelpful! I switched to Airebus from Aeroline when they moved to Harbourfront… but now with this type of nonsense, uncaring, unfriendly, rude service and attitude, I’m not only back with Aeroline, I travel with Odyssey too. The latter’s out of Mont Kiara and the service is top, bar none! Aeroline comes close for top service and consistency!!! Good luck!!

  24. Oh and yeah Airebus buses are filthy too. Just a few weeks ago they were late getting into Singapore. They just rushed us into the bus without even cleaning it up first! That was a major turn-off! And very common! Like I said, I thought they were okay… then I realised my standards had dropped so low while I was so loyal to them… Now I’m happy to say Im back to my normal high standards and I can vouch that Aeroline and Odyssey are the only way I’ll travel… And that’s up to twice a week and definitely every week or so… Trust me, Airebus just isn’t worth it!

  25. Airebus claims to provide FIRST CLASS SERVICE, but unfortunately provides a class below THIRD CLASS.

    Let me introduce myself. I have been a customer with this bus service for a period of 6 months (mainly due to how close its sales office is relatively to my house). I shall outline my horrible experience out:

    1. Airebus changes travel plans without notice, and expect you to accept their altered time or have NO REFUND. Bus re scheduling can vary from 3-5 hours apart and your seat will be downgraded.

    2. Airebus First class coach is consistently polluted with flies all around, and even cockroaches have been spotted at the lower cabins.

    3. Tickets purchased on premium seats can be downgraded if the bus is under service. This happens VERY frequently.

    4. The bus is frequently LATE by 30 minutes from its pick up at Mid valley or Scotts Road.

    5. At the pre designated rest stops which are supposed to be 10-20 minutes at the most; Airebus service staff often decide to have lunch or dinner, and extend this rest stop to almost an hour, hence delaying the arrival times.

    6. The customer service is extremely rude and do not offer any rebates at all.

    So remember, if you want to FLY LOW CLASS, go for Airebus

  26. Aeroline sucks!!!! Exp the customer service in the Counter at Corus Hotel!!!

  27. Once again, Airebus is a total disappointment. I stopped taking this coach for awhile due to bad experience, but because my destination is Midvalley, so for convenience sake, I gave this bus service a try again for my recent trip, hoping that the service has improved.

    Again, as per my earlier trips, I did not get to depart Singapore at 7.30am, the time I had chosen, but had to combine with passengers leaving at 8am due to lack of passengers. I was not informed of the change of time, moreover, again as per my previous trips, I did not get to seat at the Lower Deck of the Executive coach that I had chosen and PAID EXTRA for! I was told by the cabin crew I was “upgraded” to Business Class coach but it is the same type of coach that I have taken before like Grassland, Transtar and had paid lesser for trips further than Kuala Lumpur.

    Also I was not informed of the change of boarding location at Midvalley. The ticketing staff in Singapore should inform passengers of the boarding locations and not take for granted that we know, like I was told by the cabin crew that the boarding location “has changed one year ago!”.

    The cabin crew asked me to complain to the Management of my dissatisfaction as they could not help much.

  28. My friend and I just arrived in Kl from Sing on Airebus and Oh I wished I would’ve read the posts here before I booked. It was a bad experience for us as well. I booked for us the executive coach from DFS, Sing to Midvalley online (they charged me 3% to use my credit card). Firstly, the little malay girl who served us our meal (rice and curry with some pitiful chicken wing) just handed us our meal without any fork or spoon. When we asked her where are the utensils she simply spouted,”No fork or spoon” very rudely, no apology. OK- I’m a sport and I love banana leaf cuisine so I made do. But then when we needed to wash up she told us that the sink was not functioning. Now imagine what we had to do after eating messy curry with our hands and no serviettes either. Later, we asked about the toilet as the website says toilet available for light usage. Again, she told us the toilet not available. Also, they were supposed to show a DVD on the screen so we asked about this and again she said the DVD not available. Now I ask you what did I pay for? I could’ve taken one of those nasty “Bas Konsortium” for 1/10th the price and had a better experience. Oh, one other thing, everytime we went down to the driver’s area to ask the the little girl about these amenities that we thought we were paying for she was basically flirting with the driver and showing the driver pictures on her hand phone. The driver wasn’t even looking at the road when I went down to see her. This is a terrible, terrible service. I have always taken AEROLINE and they are a superior bus service. Even the Aeroline hostesses are very professional and dresses in gleaming professional attire. This Airebus girl was in jeans and barefeet on the bus. I plan to write to the Chairman of this company. Either he doesn’t know or he simply doesn’t care.

  29. Thank you for the comments. I was about to book with Airebus, and I will look another bus company. I’m very surprised after so many years, the bus company has not improved despite so many bad comments on the website!