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Air Asia, Malaysia

Posted by on May 4th, 2007
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Air Asia is a low-cost airline based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights and is Asia’s leading low fare, no frills airline. It is also the first airline in the region to implement fully ticketless travel and unassigned seats. Air Asia has been expanding rapidly and is very popular among the travelling public thanks to its frequent low fare deals. Its main base is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Here’s how to get to the city from LCCT.

Flight times are not so ideal and you may have to travel at rather odd hours of the day. Being a budget airline, no in-flight service is provided but you may purchase food and refreshments in-flight, the good thing is that these are reasonably priced. The airline flies not only domestic routes but regional routes as well; booking is thru the internet and booking office at the airports. But beware, sometimes you may be charged for double for your flights (system glitches) and it will take you months to get a refund. Golfers are also reminded that they have to pay RM25 for their golf bags, which are carried free by full-service airlines.

Please be advised: If you have to rush for connecting flights, boat transfers or if you are on a tight schedule , try to exhaust all other transportation possibilities first. Air Asia flights have been known to have frequent delays and sometimes, even cancellations. However, based on my personal experiences with this Air Asia – taking the first flight on the day’s schedule is usually the best as there are the least possibilities of delays on the first flight out.

Take Note that Air Asia practices Ticketless travel concept. This is how it works:

1. Book your flight and you will be issued a booking number

2. A flight itinerary with your travel details will be emailed or handed to you after you have made your payment

3. You do not have to bring your flight itinerary with you for Check-In. All you need to remember is your booking number, or mention your name. You must show your identity card for Malaysian residents or passport for foreigners for identification and Check-In purposes.

4. How to Book and Pay. There are several ways – via internet, SMS booking, Call Centre, Air Asia Airport counters, Air Asia’s travel agents, Air Asia sales centre.

Air Asia Official Website

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  1. Air asia cancelled our flight without providing any other option, promised to refund the money charged on the credit card, but after 3 months we have not received anything.
    If you can it is better to chose any other airline.

  2. Air Asia cancelled our flight out of Bangkok on 2 Oct. They gave me a signed Refund Authority stating, “Refund to Credit Card within 14 work days.” I call and send emails almost everyday. They will not tell me when they will pay. It took me seconds to pay them online. They took my money and did not deliver the goods. Watch out for these guys…….not very ethical.

  3. I agree with the 2 responses as I also experienced the same thing still waiting for the refund they promised after my flight was cancelled.
    I think they should change their slogan to
    Air Asia- Now everbody can be taken for a ride.

  4. Beware. Even you flight is cancelled, Air Asia promises a “full” refund of your money is only the initial amount you have paid to purchase the air ticket. The flight change fee, name change fee or any other fees you have paid subsequently, if any, are NOT refundable. No wonder they keep on creating new routes and canceling some other routes.

  5. I agree with all the above post. We have a party of five with booking to fly from Vietnam to Bangkok. But due to the airport closure because of political turmoil in Thailand, all flights have been canceled. We have requested for cancellation and refund of our airfare, but the field office is giving us a hard time, nor do they want to refund us. They only offer a credit of the flight which we can use in 3 months time period. Unfortunately, we live in the US and will never have a chance to use this credit. It is really a ripoff since they don’t have to fly anyone out but get a chance to pocket our money without giving the service. So beware and do not use them. It is not worth the hassle.

  6. Hi Jackie,

    The same thing happened to my wife and I. Simply contact your credit or debit card company and tell them exactly what happened. They will credit your account pending an investigation, and in the end you will not have to pay anything. The only problem is if you paid cash. Then you are stuck.

  7. My flights were cancelled due to the Bangkok Airport closure and Air Asia have not bothered to contact me about my options or given the credit option detailed on their website. They are impossible to contact. I have also made a dispute with my credit card as you need to prevent organisations holding credit and providing no services. Air Asia is using unethical accounting practices.

  8. My flight to Bangkok were canceled as well on that day…….but nobody bother to call me to inform on the payment issue. They were very happy if you change any particular because the can make money easily. From now I will never use Airasia anymore. I do not mind paying extra but service is more important.

  9. Mayalsia Airline has this really low airfare right now to go back to Taiwan, but their website is very user unfriendly and i made some mistakes, one of them being purchasing one way tickets instead of round. They have no exchange, cancel, change policies on special fares. I am pleading and bugging them until they show me some favor. I bought 4 tickets and have referred alot of people to them. I’ve realized it’s better to just go through an airline reservation company for international flights…saves alot of hassle.

  10. Air Asia has a sheap ticket said in the published promotion but In June 2007, it has left me in waiting room Polonia Medan on myway trveling to Jakarta. This case made me double ticket that I had to pay.

  11. First time booking on line given me a bad experience….. After making the payment thru online via credit card….. suddenly I got the Error… RUN TIME ERROR….. not sure what was the caused and believed that the transaction was not thru because I didn’t get the confirmation booking number… I then make another booking on line. Suprisingly same thing happen… half way keying the relevant info, the screen was suddenly cleared off…. Not sure what happened again and why it happened?????

    Felt something not right… I then call up my bank to check on the transaction… the bank officer told me that there is one successfully recorded transaction to AirAsia. The amount is correct.

    This morning tried several attempts to call the main line of Air Asia…. waited for more than 30 minutes after making more than 10 calls but frustrated receiving only Voice Mail saying the Representatives are Busy at the moment….

    Please give me ideas to highlight my complaints….. So frustrated with their customer service and the systems booking on line…..

  12. Air Asia cheap? Talk to my foot. It’s a rip off. Delays, zero baggage allowance, misleading advertising, etc. Agreed 110% on refunds. It takes forever and ever to get your refunds.

    In a flight from Singapore to KL last month, they even forgot to close and lock the plane’s door when the plane was maneuvering (i.e. moving) to the runway. The flight attendant had to run to close the door when air was gushing into the plane. After closing the door the idioctic lady flight attendant even had the cheeck to laugh.

    Air Asia – fly at your own risk.

  13. My first attampt at flying with air asia was really a unpleasent experience. # hour flight delay. A 8 50 pm flight left KL for Jakata at12 +.
    Well thye say we can claim RM 200 and it will paid but must be used for purchase of another ticket. My god you must be out of head if i will purchase an other air asia ticket. I already got one more to be used.
    Thank you Air Asia for your offer- You can keep the money. I have no intention of sitting in the most uncomfortable seating ever in any flight.
    A budget airline that need to to get their act together. Please inform your custormers if you going to be late.

    Air Asia its not big that count- its small issues that are important.One unsatisfied customere will one grow to be a thousands in not too distent future.
    Act whicle you before its too late.

  14. Hi me again and its now 53 days

    I must ask other airlines for a comparison – seems interesting that with this level of customer care “You’ve won an award”

    Hi it’s over 50 days now so you must be extremely busy !!

    Hi – it’s now 47 days and growing. I’ll be in K.L. sometime in August and will then be able to turn up in person; do you think I’ll get some answers then ???

    — On Mon, 27/7/09, rod baser wrote:

    From: rod baser
    Subject: 45 days and no reply
    Date: Monday, 27 July, 2009, 8:52 AM

    It’s now 45 days

    Flag this messageFw: How do you get Air Asia to reply ????Friday, 24 July, 2009 10:27 AM
    From: “rod baser” View contact details To: guestsupport@airasia.comIf you don’t have the courage to follow your dreams , why should they ever come true ?

    Hi – I’ve tried sending an e-mail to which is an address one of your staff gave to me but it was a failure. So until I get a reply from you I’ll just have to keep trying and see how long it takes or I go to K.L. airport which ever is the sooner. Rod Baser

    Rod Baser

    Fill your heart with simple joy Traveller,
    Scatter freely along the road the treasure you gather as you go.
    “Judgement” (Rabindranath Tagore)

    — On Wed, 22/7/09, rod baser wrote:

    From: rod baser
    Subject: Fw: How do you get Air Asia to reply ????
    Date: Wednesday, 22 July, 2009, 5:39 AM

    If you don’t have the courage to follow your dreams , why should they ever come true ?

    IT’S NOW 42 DAYS see below.

    Rod Baser

    Fill your heart with simple joy Traveller,
    Scatter freely along the road the treasure you gather as you go.
    “Judgement” (Rabindranath Tagore)

    — On Mon, 20/7/09, rod baser wrote:

    From: rod baser
    Subject: How do you get Air Asia to reply ????
    Date: Monday, 20 July, 2009, 2:21 AM

    Question. How many days have to pass before Airasia reply to a letter of complaint ?

    Answer. I don’t know I’m still waiting ! – 45 so far

    Dear Sir – in case you didn’t receive my last letter I’m forwarding you a copy.

    Rod Baser

    Fill your heart with simple joy Traveller,
    Scatter freely along the road the treasure you gather as you go.
    “Judgement” (Rabindranath Tagore)

    — On Mon, 13/7/09, rod baser wrote:

    From: rod baser
    Subject: Dealing with complaints
    Date: Monday, 13 July, 2009, 11:12 AM

    Dear Sir – I will be very suprised if I receive a reply to this letter given my experience to date but feel obliged to try before I voice my concerns to the ex-pat community in Goa ( India ). I was very excited when I saw that your company was flying from India to Malaysia and so I booked to fly from Trichy to K.L.
    Arriving at Trichy and going through security was a farce. The staff had failed to set up their equipment properly i.e. the rollers were not abutting the conveyer belt as a result my hand luggage fell between breaking my glasses. I was completely ignored until I raised my voice when a staff member said over and over it was an accident when I asked about an apology he repeated sorry over and over as if repetition would make it better.
    Even though I had paid extra for express boarding there was no anouncement and I boarded with everyone else – as the plane was not full it didn’t matter. I have repoted this twice on your feedback form and despite your claim to answern within three days – I’m still waiting.
    Checking my e-mail in Bali – I flew there from K.L. – I was informed that my return flight had been cancelled i.e. Denpasar to Johor Baru. I replied to the letter asking for further information and mentioning your lack of reply. I then received another letter pretty much identical to the first advising me that my flight was definately cancelled. I then spent 10 days phoning up to three times a day at some expense and considerable inconvenience.
    I outlined my problem ad – nauseum until eventually I spoke to someone who was able to deal with my problem and re-route me to K.L. Of course I didn’t get the seat I’d paid to select and once again there was no anouncement of express boarding. Although I wanted to be in Johor Baru my Indonesian visa was on the point of expiring so I had to take the only offer I had after 10 days of stressful phone calls.
    To sum up my experience of your flights can only be described negatively and your customer care as a joke. Two letters to your feedback page – no response
    Two letters to the person who informed me of the flight’s cancellation – no response.
    10 days making phone calls to try to get a re-route.
    One of your operatives informed that the flight had not been cancelled but that it was no longer operative from that airport – I feel sure you will sypathise with me when I said
    the distinction was to subtle for me.
    Finally I hope that there is some explination for this catalogue of bad service and lack of customer care – possibly a computer glitch. I shall be interested to hear any comments if you choose to make any. yours faithfully Rod baser

    Rod Baser

    Fill your heart with simple joy Traveller,
    Scatter freely along the road the treasure you gather as you go.
    “Judgement” (Rabindranath Tagore)

  15. Hi,
    Im from Sri lanka,i have booked ticket to Kuala Lumpur ,please let me know still Air Asia service bad??

  16. I booked ticket with air asia on their “Promotion” scheme twice. And both flights are cancelled, moved to another schedule. They only allow me to change schedule for period of 3 days before/after of the designated schedule. I cannot change to next/previous week. I’m working during the 3 days before/after. So I cannot reschedule.

    For refund, they will not refund the full amount to my cc.
    I can “deposit” this amount to my account in air asia, which of course forced me to buy another ticket from airasia if i don’t wanna lose money.

    Do not believe in any of their promotion!!

    I end up having to buy more expensive tickets from them..

    How cunning….

  17. I have to agree with Rod, they have pulled our connecting flight an hour and half forward and now will miss it 🙁

    Looking into the horror stories here and elsewhere, decided to look at this so called award. Skytrax is in fact a Market Research company, with many “clients”, so could it be that they are actually are Skytrax’s biggest customer, and are getting some payback?

  18. I have booked to go from Singapore to KL and then KL to HMC with Air Asia in March. After reading the stories above, I wish I had not.

    It is clearly obvious this company or its parent company-Maylasian Airlines- do not care or bothered about internationally accepted practice called- CUSTOMER CARE. No wonder the Americans are world leaders when it comes to putting the cutomer 1ST!!!!

    I now have fear about what is likely to happen or not happen on the 3 flights I have booked with Air Asia. Even many of the low-cost budget airlines in Europe like Ryan Air and Easyjet with their less than perfect reputation- would treat their customers better.

    I think the more people spread the word about this awful company called Air Asia ( on sites such as Facebook, Youtube, My Space and Twitter and WHICH? consumer magazine in UK) the more we will all force this dreadful company to change its awful and disgraceful parctices.

  19. I agree with complaints above. Beware with Air Asia!

    Air Asia gives bad service, bad staffs, empty promises, delays. A

    I tried air asia only twice and it was a nightmare!

    First experience. My 5++pm flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur was delayed to 12++ mid night. We also order hotdogs and nasi lemak which we paid for when we bought our ticket online. We did not get our food. Reason? : It’s 12 midnight, no more hotdog and nasi lemak said the flight attendant. We feel cheated. Furthermore they promised to give us credit option due to flight delay the next time we fly with them, they did not. They promised to get back to us, but they did not. I gave up.

    Second experience, i was foolish enough to purchase 2 flight tickets to guangzhou from kl lcct thinking to give them a second chance. We arrived before the time required, lcct is congested as usual. No information counter. No body to inquire from, as the result, we queued at the wrong gate. Then we go to supposely ‘special counter’ that can ‘supposely’ able to help us and to our suprised, we were told that we are too late and refuse to give us our boarding pass. At that moment, we were an hour from the take off time.

    The staff is kind enough to respond : “buy another ticket la! oh btw miss, next flight to guangzhou is full too. Next!” We requested the manager, instead he scoled us there’s nothing he can do, scold us how many customers he have to attend to and told us our money is burn, rudely. they dont even keep eye contact while talking to us.

    Tony Fernandez, your company sux! Im flying Malaysian Airlines.

    Tony darling, we know you are flithy rich now, try to walk in your customer shoes. Stop rubbing how Richard Branson is your bff, maybe you have time to do so.

  20. Just found out that my flight to and from Manado in May has been cancelled with no apparent reasons from AirAsia. With bad experiences with AirAsia and a season traveller with them, you must be streetwise or airwise when dealing with them.

    1) Do not buy any expensive tickets from them. Try to buy zero fare or fares below RM100. Try to limit your losses when your flight is cancelled. My flight to Manado is zero fare, which I have to pay for the M’sia airport tax RM25 and the convenience fee of RM5 one way. So my losses is only RM35.

    2) Do not book meals with them. Try to stuff your stomach before boarding. AirAsia flight is not long haul anyway.

    3) Do not prepay your baggage/luggages. Pay them at the airport even if it cost more. Consider the extra payment as insurance paid if your flight is cancelled.

    4) Do not travel with AirAsia X as their long haul flight sux. You will need a day of rest when you reach your destination because the seats are so narrow and almost without leg room.


    My Air Asia flight this month was also canceled (the whole route was canceled as Air Asia no longer deemed it profitable). I was not notified until one week before the flight even though they’d known for much longer, and after arguing with their helpline (who put me on hold for over an hour) they will only be refunding me the base fare of the airfare, without taxes, meals, baggage allowance. I have complained by email and phone continually, but they are untouchable (call center is outsources, email is outsourced, and there is no address to actually deal with the company).

    Air Asia are nothing but criminals, the biggest fraudsters in Malaysia.

  22. I booked my air asia flight then suffered an accident before my flight. My doctor said it was ok to fly, but even so I still contacted air asia to seek their advice.

    They advised me to book another ticket for my wife to help with carrying baggage, which I did.

    I flew Penang to KL then KL to Stansted without incident.

    When we tried to take the return flight from Stansted to KL the check in staff said that we could not combine our baggage weight because we had booked on separate tickets (we always travel with only 1 bag).

    We had to purchase another bag at a cost of 45 pounds sterling & place half of our contents in it to meet their crazy requirements.

    This meant that my wife now had to carry 2 half empty bags instead of 1 because I was on crutches, unbelievable! especially after I sought air asia’s advice on this.

    On return to Penang I duly complained about this discriminating behaviour towards temporarily disabled passengers & I received an apologetic reply that ultimately stated that the check in staff at Stansted had done no wrong.

    What really made me laugh was the penultimate line in their e.mail which said:

    “We truly understand your situation and has taken it positively. Although we cannot change your past experience with AirAsia, we value your patronage and trust this incident does deter you from flying with us.”

    Well, one thing is certain, that is I am in total agreement with the numbskull who wrote this e.mail as my experience HAS had their desired effect in deterring me from flying with air asia ever again.

  23. air asia travel is very bad experience, no time sense , no proper way scheduling , we
    carre extra 6kg they charged more then 300 rm its,very bad sevice not good, gus better travel other airlines,