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Aeroline Express Bus

Posted by on May 22nd, 2007
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Aeroline Express Bus

AEROLINE – It’s plane simple.

Aeroline Bus

Aeroline Malaysia Singapore Express Bus

Website: Singapore Aeroline / Malaysia Aeroline
Telephone: +65 67237222 (Singapore) | +603 62588800 (Malaysia)

KL/PJ – SIN: RM80 (one way) | RM160 (round trip)
SIN – KL/PJ: S$47 (one way) | S$94 (round trip)

The arrival/departure point of Aeroline Express Bus in KL is at Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang which is next to KLCC LRT and 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya (next to Giant entrance). The arrival/departure point in Singapore is at Harbour Front Centre (Car Park beside Singapore Cruise Centre).

Aeroline Malaysia Singapore Express Bus is highly recommended as it does not arrive/depart from the usual Puduraya Bus Terminal or Golden Mile Complex.

Updated (17th Aug): Aeroline SG no longer stop at Copthorne Waterfront, and they are opening soon at Sunway Pyramid (Malaysia) in November!

Remarks from AEROLINE: Hi,
Thanks for your suggestions about the PJ trips.
We do recieve suggestions from customers including you and we thank you for the suggestions you have.
As far as we can we would like to provide a non-stop door to door service and cannot afford to delay the trip times.
As you know the traffic at PJ may be unpredictable and will affect the trip timeliness.
We are working hard on the trip schedules by introducing 5 additional brand new buses by the end of the month and hope to increase even more trips by the end of the year and improving our service levels.
Please be rest assured that we to our customers. We do have to apologise to you and many other customers that we do not reply specifically to each suggestion as we recieve many emails every day and are not able to reply each and every email sent to us.
Please do continue to send your suggestions when you have any. It will really be helpful for us to keep improving in keeping the standards.
We do hope we can continue to serve you on board Aeroline again.
Yours respectfully,
Aeroline Administration

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39 Responses »

  1. Hi,

    please note that the tel number that you have given below is WRONG!

    Aeroline Malaysia Singapore Express Bus
    Website: Singapore Aeroline / Malaysia Aeroline
    Telephone: +65 67380002 (Singapore)

    Please help to change to the new number in order not to create further confusion.


  2. Anybody has bad experience with Aeroline, so far this seems to be rather decent and pleasant.

    I would really appreciate some genuine feedback soon.

    Thank you

  3. Aeroline is one of the more reliable services around. You shouldn’t have problems with them, I have personally used this bus service a couple of times

  4. I shuttle up and down KL-Singapore almost every week and I always use Aeroline because they are very good in all aspects. They use a “fresh” coach for each journey, this ensures the bus is well “rested” and most of all very clean. It does give a good feeling to know that the bus is fresh.

    Only occasionally I’ve encountered bad service from the cabin crew, but because I’ve traveled so often that I know that the particular cabin crew is having a bad day because on other trips that cabin crew is very efficient and good.

    I also like the fact that Aeroline refurbishes its older coaches with new seats. So the seats doesn’t feel lumpy and old like the other bus company who don’t bother about their seats at all. Aeroline is also slowly refurbishing their coaches to have plug points on every seat now instead of every alternate seats.

    Food is always pleasant on Aeroline and the toilets always functioning.

    I like the fact that Aeroline is very particular about being on time. If the bus is running too late, it will skip the rest stop just to ensure that the bus arrives in that stipulated 5 hours.

    Just one thing that Aeroline should consider since new express bus company Odyssey has done it, is to provide WiFi service. This would certainly make Aeroline complete since it already provide a lounge area to work at the lower deck.

  5. Very bad experience 1st time, encountered mosquito bites the whole way to Spore. On the return trip, the 7.00PM trip was delayed till 9.30PM. No Aeroline staff was there to inform the passengers. You can see all the worried faces among the passengers. Only until they started to group together, they knew probably the bus is delayed. No explanation was given for the delay, Dinner was served pasted 10.00PM.

    Worst disaster was they did not inform passengers on where the dropped off point will be and passengers have arranged family members to pick up. Already arriving late at 2.00AM in KL, when we arrive Mid Valley, they inform this is their last drop point and I was furious, I insisted to be sent to Sunway drop point bcos my family was waiting there. I was stated in my ticket!.

    If that is 5 STAR service….I think they have to review themselves & be CONSISTENT.

  6. How can this happened in a 5 stars company?? I chosen aeroline is because they are on time, although there were some delay (about 5 to mins), but we were still arrived on time.. but from the comment above from ayewmy, it seems like the quality is changing… soon people will make another choise..

    By the way, did you get on a right bus? I heard that there is no 7pm bus to Sunway, is only 6.30pm for evening coach from S’pore to Sunway… was it a mistake? But the delay is super terible!

  7. Hi, I need to travel to KL soon for the CNY and I’m still considering which bus company to travel from. From the feedback I read about Aeroline, I think it is quite a good choice, but I am most concern about the safety issue. May I know how fast does the Aeroline drivers drive? What is their speed on the road? Does the drivers drive few trips a day?

  8. Does Aeroline operate between KL & Arau or Alor Setar?

  9. I think ayewmy mistaken aeroline for airebus. Airebus has a 7pm bus leaving from Scotts Road Singapore and they are known for bus delays of up to 9:30pm and no staff will say anything. They just let passengers wait, wait wait and wait.

    Aeroline is very safe, never been on an Aeroline Bus that speeds all the way. In fact, I always see other busses overtaking Aeroline bus.. until sometimes I wish the bus driver can travel slightly faster although I know slow is safe..

  10. agree with laboriel…aeroline bus is safe coz bus was going slower than buses from other companies…

    good cabin crew service on board…
    nice food…
    pleasant journey to spore 🙂

    just wish the bus can travel abit faster….(really SLOW on road) 🙂

  11. Agree that the bus is very safe, in fact the steady speed is why I choose Aeroline, safety is still the first priority!Driver and crew are always smiling, nice food, and of course once again, the speed is perfect!THANKS for not speeding! Keep it up Aeroline!

  12. hi, 1st herad abt aero liner express and cheked with Telekom @ 103 given phone nbr as 5636 7888 with fax tonne. Please confirm and amend avoid further confusion. Bye …

  13. Aeroline is really safe to travel with, the bus is traveling at constant slow pace on the leftmost lane.

    The best part is KUL-SIN is still covered within 5 hours, as they don’t stop at the YongPeng filthy stop for 45 mins.

    The balancing skills of the CC while serving food and drinks is superb! They are not even using those usual push carts. But, taste of the food leaves much to be desired.

    The downside is the non-availability of IFE which other companies offer. However, power point installed at every seat makes up for it if you have a laptop.

    Oh ya, they add all the frills like boarding pass, hotel lounge, nice on-board announcements and frequent “flyer” program to make you feel as if you are on SQ/ MH.

    Let’s hope the standard doesn’t drop 🙂

  14. On the safety part, it is very important aspect that I look into for choosing the coach company. I must agree with quasar that aeroline does take safety as I have spoken to the staff when I travel with Aeroline. They have regular trainings and have recently won a driver competition for Singapore/malaysia region. search ” bus driver competition singapore malaysia” at to watch the competitions.

    Besides the safety, I find it really convenient that I can take Aeroline coaches at the 4 various stations nearest to me, when I am either travelling from home or office. They now have 4 stations in Klang valley at KL, PJ, 1U and sunway pyramid.

  15. Can we charter Aeroline for company trip …2 days 1 night …and how much is the chargers for double decker bus …

  16. Hey guys, I’m new in taking any coaches. It’s also my first time going to Singapore. And I’m planing to take aeroline from KL to SIN.
    I am just wondering whether it’s safe while doing all that immigration thingy in JB and stuff. Is it a hassle, crowed or anything?
    Thanks for any reply. (:

  17. I’m on Aeroline just about every weekend for the last year. Here are the positives and improvement opportunities on this busliner:
    Goods: Safe drivers, Bathroom, Power points, takes the new Putrajaya highway when Sg. Besi is jammed.
    Improvement Oppportunities: Slow (KL to SIN is almost never done in 5 hours, especially ones that leave between 3:30P and 6:45P, which are most popular departures). The slowness are due to 1) Immigration issues (Areoline check-in counter does not ensure proper travel documents), 2) the 20 minute rest stop is almost always 30 minutes, 3) Frequent late start (there’s no reason why a busliner should not leave on time). You add all these up and the usual traffic jam in KL and sometime SIN, expect a 6-hr KL to SIN ride…so bring some aspirins.

  18. I choose Aeroline when i go to KL. I totally recommend Aeroline as the bus is clean, safe and service is nice. So far I have not encounter any bad experience with the bus. One note to those who wish to try is that the bus stop at most convenience and safe place. Unlike some of the bus stop at Puduraya. One of the most dangerous bus hub in KL.

  19. I think that the departure times should be slightly earlier, so that time wont be wasted. Especially departing from One Utama to Penang as with the current departure time, half the day will be wasted. I think this should be taken into consideration. Yes, there is an earlier trip from Puduraya bus station. However, i have to agree with Mr.YC as it is one of the most dangerous bus terminals in KL and not many are keen to go to Puduraya as well.

  20. Very very dissatisfied with aeroline’s service. 1st time my daughter and I travelled fr PJ to Pg. by aeroline. Our bag was mistakenly taken by someone who was allowed to board the bus even tho’ she had no ticket for that particular trip. So we had no change of clothes n I was without my medication for almost 24 hrs. Imagine our predicament!
    I didn’t get any help fr the staff at the Pg counter. I thot the least they cld do was to arrange my bag to be sent fr Pj by the first available bus or had it delivered to my place when they received it the next day. No there was no such thing , not even an apology. I had to collect it myself the next day. Imagine I had no transport as I was on hol.
    Furthermore 4 of the lounge seats were occupied by the same passengers thro’out the whole trip. So the other passengers cannot enjoy these seats. As far as I can see there weren’t any empty seats on the upper deck for these 4 passengers. Does this mean that 4 of the longe seats were sold? I understand that aeroline can sell 2 of the seats to their VIP members if the bus is full. The other thing I am puzzled is can the same passengers monopolise the seats?

  21. Think of travel by aeroline…but after reading the comment…
    any other bus service to sg has similar class with aeroline?

  22. Hi Jessie,

    If you are looking for premium express bus services from KL-SG and vice versa, I think you can also try (not in order) Odyssey, Transtar First Class/Premium, Grassland and Nice. All of them are of similar class to Aeroline.

    You might want to read some of the customers’ comment in this website to help you to decide. There are some other factors you might want to consider as well:

    1) Safety records (All of them have good safety records)
    2) Departure/Arrival location (Not all buses depart/arrive at same place)
    3) Ticket price (eg. Aeroline RM80 vs Odyssey RM95)
    4) Facility onboard (eg. washroom, personal tv/headset,power point, writing desk, massage chair?)
    5) Punctuality of departure/arrival

    The main reason I choose Aeroline over the others is because the I can depart/arrive at PJ/Sunway/Bandar Utama instead of heart of KL.

  23. Hi Jessie,

    You can also try Odyssey,Grassland,Nice,or Transtar First Class/Premium.All of them are of similar class to Aeroline.

  24. Hi, one should try Odyssey, now they are also stopping at KLCC at Ave K and also Mont Kiara Damansara. Well its very convenient and I would say Odyssey provides promising services to its customers. Well Done Odyssey!!!. I heard they are going to Penang soon and cheers to Odyssey.

  25. Hi, I have just tried Odyssey last week, they’re cool. Very Good. Call – 18006397739

  26. I took Aeroline recently down from KL to Sg.. They left me without warning at the Tuas Checkpoint… I was being delayed at the checkpoint for reasons outside my control.. When I cleared custons.. They had left.. At the very least.. They could have informed me that they were leaving without me.. They had a checklist with all our contact numbers on board.. When I called their office.. They gave me an excuse that the customs officials will chase them off after 15 minutes when there were no customs officials outside the building.. I was at the checkpoint for 1 hour.. No officials came out to chase off the budget buses which had more passengers… I am incredibly disappointed at their service and treatment of me.. The bus wasn’t even half full.. Whats the use of paying for first class service when you get this kind of treatment.. I got better treatment by Transtar on the return journey.. They may be slightly more expensive but they definitely made the money spent worth it…

  27. im goin to singapore tml… but i have problem in choosing the transport to s’pore…
    is aeroline really that bad? what else is good then?
    how long it takes to get to spore?

  28. Hi all,

    I have some experience would like to share with yours. This is the real case from me, for those who are taking bus in Malaysia area from one state to another state or one city to another city, if there is multiple-choice; please DO NOT take Mayang Sari bus Service Company. They are sucks. What is experience I have is I went back to my hometown Muar at 28 February 2009. Normally, I preferred to take KKKL bus, but I would like to go back about half an hour earlier. KKKL offer 12.30pm and Mayang Sari offer 12.00pm. So, I purchased Mayang Sari from JB to Muar and I went to platform 43 to wait for the arrival of bus because the bus ticket stated that “please wait at platform 43”. I waited until 12.05pm the bus hasn’t arrive yet and suddenly I saw a bus pass by the road with wrote destination to Muar. I was curious and I ran to the service counter and asked what happen with it. But, service counter knew that they done mistake on it because they didn’t track, count number of passenger and left earlier. With cover their mistake, they happen that told me is my fault that and claim that I do not board the bus. What the hell, I was waiting at platform 43 and wait for the bus on time by 11.55am. The male at service counter attitude problem, while I was asking will the bus coming back, he just anyhow answer “the bus will come back on night time” without provide any customer support. As a customer, a basic expectation is reliable service. I just throw ticket to the floor in front of him and go to KKKL service counter to buy 12.30pm ticket. What is this experience I would like to bring with you all is MAYANG SARI IS SUCKS. It is because

    1. There is no standard operating procedure for their service. The bus service was not reliable, no tracking data for checking of passenger headcount and anyhow left earlier.

    2. Bad customer support, no any backup recovery plan for them to provide customer due to their mistake.

    3. The customer service attitude problem and not providing fulfillment to customer.

    It is because of greedy earlier than half an hour timeline, I need to pay more and back to square to take with the better service provider KKKL. Please do not repeat my mistake, you will regret. Overall conclusion, MAYANG SARI IS SUPER SUCKS.

  29. Aeroline is one of the most good services that i knew. recently i took aeroline from KL to s’pore., it seem this bus service satisfied me… and this is all the reason:-

    -Departure/Arrival location at same place.
    -Ticket price reasonable.
    -Facility onboard .
    -Punctuality of departure/arrival.

    *also the cabin crew is good, polite and always smile onboard .. until now i still remember this CC name is mazlina… hope all the CC in aeroline give good service like her then we all the passenger will enjoy this bus journey more comfortable..

    i give 4 star….

  30. hi tim, I agree with u.. on ur behalf.. my friend too had encountered that problem.. but fortunately he got the bus in a nick of time. i suggest u to try sri maju ekspress. they are not bad too. kkkl is ok as I hv seen their buses before in the body builder. on the other hand, Aeroline is the recommended service for singapore route.

  31. i was on board last month
    i reallized that one of my bags containing special things missing
    asked 4 help butthe crew said wait until somebody return it. if not means not my lucky day
    was that the answer i should get?

  32. Does Aeroline operate between Singapore to Melaka ??

  33. So I have travelled by Aeroline few times already and this company is pretty good. The BU terminal is the best for me.

    Must suggest to Aeroline to have WiFi on their service since I see that some other bus service already provide it.

  34. If you submit feedback or a complaint to Aeroline, either through their website or by filling in a form, don’t expect a reply. I have written three or four times over the years and even followed up by phone. Not once did they reply. This is one area of their service that is very poor. The other area is in customer service in certain ticketing offices, where some of the staff are not suited to the work and are just plain rude. On board, however, it is a different story — staff are polite, seats are comfortable and buses are always clean, so the bottom line is a plus.

  35. KKKL Express bus is suck.

    I was taking the bus 4.30pm and i was there waiting for bus since 4pm.
    4.25pm i went to counter ask for bus status and counter lady told me the bus is on the way come in to puduraya. i was standing at the platform staircase because of the crowd not allowed me to stand down floor. i keep waiting till 4.35pm and did not see the bus come in to the bus station and i decided to ask the counter again and replied was bus already departed. What the heck, i was waiting there and din see the bus or any ekor of their staff to calling for passenger.

    So becareful this stupid bus company if you want to take KKKL.

  36. All bus companies in Malaysia are like that. If not this problem, another one. You can never find all good. Sure got some bad points for all the companies.

    ’nuff said.

  37. biasa la……in BolehLand

    Malaysia. All problems are “”standard”” in companies of Malaysia. be it bus companies to big corporation. Even Proton. hahahahah….Remind me of my car being serviced at Proton service center. When I complained the sound of the dashboard and power window, the service staff said “”Biasa la Bang. Nie semue masalah standard””

    Imagine if Proton (a big player in Malaysia’s Automotive industry) can do this, what else do you expect from a bus company?

    The cause of the problem is the people mentality. I’m sure each company (including the bus company) has their own policy, standard procedure, rule and regulation, standards, etc. However, it’s up to the staffs to accept, enforce and implement it.

    Sad to say that these policy, procedure, etc only effective in black and white. Nothing more.

  38. Hi

    I’m from US for the first time I want to try their service but I’ve a bad experience about Aeroline …from Sunway to Penang… I’ve called them to wait for me about 5 minutes due to I’m stuck in terrible traffic jam unfortunately they didn’t wait for me at all and I told them that I could pay additional charges to seat for next bus but they refused to do so…for me is fine if I’m lost RM55 (USD 15) but at least I know it is bad service without waiting for customer even though a minute for them who’re called in and what they’ve promised…

    From my opinion, what’s the meaning of “The convenient way to Fly” and What’s the meaning of Aeroline? Even though the decoration of interior bus is almost same with airplane but service is still as low end bus service not high end as airplane….the name should change…

  39. May I know if the bus can stopover at JB to alight and which part of JB. Kindly reply.