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Malaysia Travel Guide aims to be the best, most user-friendly and most informative and entertaining travel guide website dedicated to the fascinating Malaysia.

Malaysia Travel Guide

What makes Malaysia Travel Guide special?

1. Unbiased Travel Guidance, not just information. There’s already way too much travel information, especially on the Internet. On Malaysia Travel Guide, we provide you with travel guidance; which is information and opinions designed for decision assistance, to help you make decisions about where to go, what to do, and how to spend your precious travel budget.

2. Easy navigation, no slick database, no tortured over-design. We’re not designed to impress you, but like a book. This is why Malaysia Travel Guide is so easy to navigate: we think through the links you might need and the pages you’ll want to read next, and set up the navigation accordingly, and trust me, it’s very difficult to do that optimally in a database.

3. Malaysia Travel Guide is designed for you, not advertisers. YOU and your trip are the only reason that Malaysia Travel Guide exists at all. We really love researching trips and presenting travel guide, and we love the responses we get from travelers we’ve helped.

4. Malaysia Travel Guide is innovative: We always try new and different ways of presenting this travel guide, and make finding that information easier and more fun for you.

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Who started Malaysia Travel Guide?

About PKTan
Being born in Malaysia I have lived and studied in several places around the world including Singapore, London and Paris. I started blogging about three years ago, and the experience completely changed the way I interact with the Internet. Along the road I realized that there is a internet revolution going on, and I wanted to be part of it. This led me to quit my job. Currently I am working on entrepreneurial projects, most of them related to the Internet and innovative media.

Alot of things have changed over the years, but but what hasn’t changed is my fascination with this beautiful, complicated country. I love advising travellers to Malaysia and have developed this Malaysia Travel Guide to share all my knowledge of Malaysia with everyone.

In short , I am just proud to be a Malaysian.

Feel free to email me: travelmalaysiaguide@gmail.com !

Come visit Malaysia!

Something Extra:

Recently, I got a couple of emails from people asking me where I have been to, so here’s a list of where I have been and where I hope to be at next:
Been to:
UK, France, Belgium, Australia, Czech, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Poland, Holland, New Zealand, Singapore, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam, HongKong

and … hopefully, Tibet will join this list soon.


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